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How Shopping for Accessories Can Bring the Unexpected Perk of Friendship

Read this before you go shopping for accessories! I think it might change the way you think about things. Not only that, but I’ll show you how shopping can bring you new friends — the best accessory of all! 

Honey Good wearing her favorite accessories -- blue tinted sunglasses

I never leave home without my favorite accessory — blue-tinted sunglasses!

It is June, the month to shop and I have had shopping on my mind. When the weather turns warm I want to be out and about shopping in the hustle and bustle. I do NOT want to be shopping online. And the main reason I prefer to shop in person, darling, is because I adore finding just the right person to help me! Finding just the right person is empowering, darling!

How Shopping Relates to Life

I know many of you may think this story would be boring because it is not aligned with your lifestyle (and by the way there is a difference between style and fashion). I find myself, at times, bored with a topic, but I read on or listen because I have a curious nature. Many times to my surprise I take away a worthwhile thought. Today’s story talks about your most important emotional accessory as well as material accessories. I am speaking about shopping.

You may think this story does not relate to you, but I beg to differ. 

The theme of this story is not about my ability to shop in boutiques; it is my ability to find the best-qualified person to help me with a purchase of any kind.

“Accessories are the spice in your look.” — Honey Good

Darling, whether you are looking to purchase a high-quality vitamin brand or the best car on the lot, your most important ‘find’ is the person with the best skills to make your shopping experience productive and enjoyable.

Shopping for many items takes skill. While we are skilled in many areas as women over 50, we do need guidance in others. My philosophy is… ask and you will receive. But remember, you are the picker so pick wisely.

You have to have one important quality…you must be a good picker. This is a skill you should have acquired over a lifetime of trial and error. Don’t be afraid to ask the salespeople questions such as: How long have you been in this industry? How long have you worked in this store? Do you love what you do? Don’t be afraid to ask because I know these people will respect you. And remember, you are the paying customer!

Honey good holding accessories - a handbag and also a skirt

When you know your style, having a shopping assistant makes it easy to shop for accessories!

Shopping on the Run

I love to shop till I drop. Unfortunately, with all my responsibilities, I find myself shopping on the run. 

My salesperson(s) start hyperventilating when she or he sees me rush into their small shop or their department in a large store. She knows I am going to rush out just as fast as I rushed in. 

She has a fitting room ready, waiting, and filled with goodies. A glass of sparkling Pellegrino with lime is a must, and a face mask so my red lipstick will not ruin any piece of clothing! She knows I will fly in like Mary Poppins or the Flying Nun and greet her with a smile and a hug.

I’ll apologize for being late. And she knows the drill. I will point and say either yes or no. And, then, ask her for her thoughts. After that, I’ll begin to try on ‘our’ choices in a terror.

The keyword in my last sentence is ‘our.’ 

My Secret to Shopping – My Emotional Accessory

Once again your salesperson is your most important emotional accessory.

Darling, my advice is to become friendly with a salesperson who has style. One who loves her profession and takes an interest in you and your needs. When you find that person, continue to visit her department or the shop where she works. Over time you will build up a relationship. This is key.

Though I am an experienced shopper over 50 who knows ‘her look,’ I admit I make blunders. Therefore, I believe the most important ingredient a woman needs in her shopping arsenal … is a salesperson who has style and who gets you, and wants to help you. You feel their desire. Someone you can relate to and who you can trust to give you sound advice. You want someone to say, “take it off!’ It shows they care!

A good salesperson is an investment in your look. Whether you are shopping for a new face cream, a new car, or anything for that matter, they know their inventory, they know when the sales will take place, and they know you.

It is your job to find the pro because some are not what they profess. Shopping is a very important part of your life. Even in the meat department of your market! You get what I mean! Remember, some salespeople are just talkers. 

Honey Good with her bracelets on

Accessories are the best way to dress up an outfit, or dress it down.

Material Accessories

I adore accessories. They are always at the top of my list. Why? Because accessories can change the look of one outfit from casual to empowered or dressy. 

And an accessory can become a hit with a simple scarf tied around the handle of your bag or wrapped around your wrist. Perhaps consider a broach on your hat or handbag; instead of on  a lapel. Or a great clip in your hair! Accessories are the spice in your look.

My Favorite Accessories


I think glasses are the cat’s meow. Dress yours up, darling, because your glasses tell a lot about the you in you. I dearly love and cherish my glasses. I tint all my glasses in different shades of blue. 

Glasses are probably the first accessory a person notices. And, even more so, they reflect one’s personality. I think of my glasses as jewelry. I visit certain shops because they have specialists who know their brands. They also know me. I choose the person with the most experience and the most years in the industry to be my glasses guru. I know what I like. They know the fit. Last season I added three to my collection. A pair of Chanel and  2 pairs of Christian Dior sunglasses.

Pink Chanel Bag

I love my pink Chanel bag!

Hand Bags

Each one of my handbags is a treasure. I do not have tons but what I have I love. I usually buy one or two a year. I adore my pink Chanel tote and Christian Dior tote.

Tennis Shoes

When I buy fun tennis shoes, I smile. I bought a green pair of Cariuma. They are made with organic cotton, raw natural rubber, organic Mamona oil and cork. The company is conscious-minded, and the shoe is comfy!

They come in all colors. I bought green because I think it is the most exquisite color on the color wheel and because I love nature. The first time I saw them was on Helen Mirren’s feet and I loved them.

(Read this post by style expert, What Your Shoes Say About You.)


I never adored small bracelets. I swoon over large cuffs because they make a statement. This summer after much deliberation I gave in to the small bracelet. I purchased several!  

My favorites are very different from one another. One is an Hermes reversible thin leather strap blue on one side and camel color on the other. And the other is also rather dainty. It is small with gold balls and a tiny diamond rondel. The designer is Sydney Evan. I wear them with my large watch. The others are fun and colorful and I am enjoying them.


I cannot forget earrings! I bought emerald green earrings in Santorini, Greece. They are Lucent earrings by Swarovski. While I was in the Swarovski shop, I also bought a necklace.

When I shop for  accessories, I try to be very diligent. I take my time. On trips, I usually don’t have a salesperson. I know what I like; therefore, I don’t need advice. But to be frank I make most of my errors on trips. I want my salespeople!!!!

3 pairs of sunglasses

3 of my favorite pairs of sunglasses, the top pair is Chanel and the bottom two are Christian Dior.

Take Your Time When Shopping for Accessories

Last month I bought my granddaughter a necklace. A salesperson I did not know, was behind the counter. She spent one hour taking out various pieces of jewelry for me to touch. I finally chose the gift. 

Politely but in kind desperation, she finally asked who I was shopping for!  “My granddaughter,” I replied. She smiled and said, “Now I understand why you took so much time. I like that you did. You chose the perfect present, the most loving piece of jewelry.”  Her tireless help without complaint that was accompanied by kind words earned her my respect. She became my new go-to salesperson that day. We are now friends! 

My Greatest Accessory

Therefore, sweet reader, shopping is not only about the relationship you have with your possessions. It is about the relationship you have with your salesperson — your greatest accessory — your best find. She or he is how you make your shopping an enlightening and positive experience. 

Shopping for Accessories Might Lead to a New Friendship!

Unfortunate but true, there are so many lonely women after the age of 50. There are several ways to combat momentary loneliness. One of the ways is shopping! Meet a salesperson. Ask for her help and advice. Don’t just wander through departments because I cannot tell you how many salespeople have become my friends because I asked for help. So, get dressed and go shopping! It can be a win-win. Promise!!!

Lastly, dear reader, share my advice with your friends! Women need women.

Would you agree that wonderful people are fabulous accessories? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Join the conversation in the comments below.

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June 9, 2024

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  1. Emily Markiewicz says:

    Good article, Susan. I agree shopping is a personal activity made more special if you can find that one salesperson who gets you. MAKING FRIENDS MAKES LIFE MORE INTERESTING AND BRINGS JOY INTO YOUR LIFE. We just had our home painted and the team became our friends because of their trust in us and our trust in them. Stay fabulous! Emily Markiewicz

    • Honey Good says:

      Wished we lived next door to one another. Even though we are miles apart I know you are there and you know I am there for you, too. Stay fabulous. xo

  2. These are some great shopping tips!

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