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Why I wear red lipstick, Honey Good

I’ve been a long-time lover of red lipstick. I’ve never given much thought as to why. So…

I have been thinking…

Why do I wear red lipstick? I came to the conclusion that I like it! Simple as that. I love a courageous and knowing red heart. I adore Chinese red lacquered walls. I stop and admire red accessories and my Ultimate Concierge wears red-framed glasses. I just love the different shades of reds.

I have been thinking…

To be fair to you, not all women love red lipstick or the color red. But, might it be fun to give the color a try? It may take time to get used to and it may not be a good fit, but trying something new is always a good idea.

I’ve been thinking…

Experimentation may be difficult for you and red lipstick may be considered to be avant-garde, too unfamiliar. On the other side of the coin, it may be an added look for you because it is fresh, imaginative, creative and modern, and … new.

I have been thinking…

Why do I love the color red? That is easy. Red is the warmest color on the color wheel. And I’m a warm woman who gets turned on to warm people, warm locations, and warm bubble baths.


I have been thinking…

Why do I feel alive wearing red lipstick? Because the color red is powerful and glamorous. An elegant woman wearing red lipstick is never invisible in a crowd!

I have been thinking…

Just a touch of red on my lips can change my mood. When I see my lips turn red, I come alive. I can be sitting at my dressing table with thoughts of all I have on my plate and I swear! The moment I put a dab of red on my lips I feel a positive surge of energy and … smile!

I have been thinking…

A woman who wears red lipstick appears to be an interesting and vital woman. She stands out in a crowd. I am not downplaying you if you prefer light or no lipstick. One color does not fit all.


Why not experiment with color? Splurge and buy a tube of red lipstick. Here are my go-to brands and favorite colors.

Guerlain # 21 (Cherry Red)
Guerlain # 23 (Deep Cherry)
Tom Ford Casablanca

Check out some of the gorgeous, refillable lipstick cases such as mine at Saks.

I have been thinking…

I sometimes soften my red lipstick with Tom Ford’s, Casablanca. It is one of my favorite staples. I know it is a Tom Ford customer’s favorite staple in their make-up routine because it has not been discontinued. I have been wearing this color for years. I never leave on a trip without a tube of Casablanca. It is a beautiful neutral with color.


I have been thinking…

The world I named Elsewhere, even without wearing a mask, is so grey. The color red on your lips will help chase the grey away.

I have been thinking…

Red lipstick is a grand accessory! It is a statement. It has personality.

I know women are afraid to wear red lipstick because they feel uncomfortable standing out in the crowd. Or they don’t want to bring attention to their wrinkles. There is nothing wrong with wrinkles.

Let’s face it, you can’t roll back the time, but you can roll in the good times!

I have been thinking…

There is nothing more telling about a woman’s style than her accessories. Red lipstick, in my opinion, is an accessory. Use your imagination darling. Look what Chanel and Steve Jobs created. Your face is a palate. Be creative. Color your lips with red lipstick.


I’ve been thinking…

About the word style. Fashion is here today. Gone tomorrow. Your style is with you every day. It is who you are. Therefore, you own it. Red lipstick is ‘lush.’ It’s got style.

Look in your mirror. Try on a light lipstick. How do you feel? I imagine your vibes are relaxed. Now, try on a ‘lush’ red. I know your body suddenly feels alive. Take it a step further. Wear it in a crowd. Notice their reaction. Notice yours.

I’ve been thinking…

To sum it up, red lipstick is empowering, dear reader of mine. It is a psychological upper. It is not just for the young. Anyway, who wants to copy the young?

I think about my age as a passing thought, not a daily dose. This is why I am living a very adventurous lifestyle. And, red is anything but boring!

Do you love a lush, red lipstick? How does it make you feel? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Join the conversation in the comments below.

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  1. Your so right Honey! Love Red Lipstick! My go to is Estée Lauder’s Unpredictable and Bobbi Brown’s Claret. Warm and wonderful brick Reds! Both make me feel empowered and Lively and enchanting! Always RED! Thanks Honey!

    1. You are so welcome, Cheryl. I jotted your colors down. Thank you for the Brand and the color. Warmly, Honey

  2. My signature lip color is fuschia. That cool, hot pink that shouts “I’m me”!!!! I think all ladies need MORE color in their lip dressings as they age. People often say I look “so healthy”…..and, I swear, it’s the hot pink lip, white teeth ( see your dentist for bleaching. It makes a world of difference.), and, ALWAYS, a smile. Lip dressing is required even if pulling weeds, doing aerobics, taking a walk to the mailbox, running errands, or date night with my man of 48 years. A smile is the basis for my style so I make sure it’s well dressed!!!!

  3. How funny. I just ordered a red raincoat! We’re getting ready for a trip to Alaska and my predictable pink raincoat arrived but did not fit. Very disappointed but when doing the return I noticed it came in red so I asked my husband what he thought. He said why not, the pink one looked just like my old raincoat. So I ordered a larger size and got the red. It actually pairs really well with the rest of the items on my packing list. Maybe I need a new red lipstick too!

    1. You absolutely do need a new RED lipstick to go with your new red raincoat. Go for it!!! And, have a great time. Warmly, Honey

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