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Why Turquoise Jewelry Never Goes Out of Style

The world of fashion is fickle. I prefer the word style and believe that a woman’s style transforms over time — it’s her biography! Trends come and go in the blink of an eye, leaving closets overflowing with what were once considered must-haves. But amidst the ever-churning cycle of fads, some classics transcend the whims […]

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How to Shop for Statement Accessories

Today, the great fashionista, Andrea Pflaumer talks about how to shop for timeless statement accessories, especially handbags and watches. Enjoy, darlings!  *Affiliate Disclosure It’s pretty much universally understood that the right statement accessories make the outfit. You can wear a pair of Target jeans, a simple tee, and Keds sneakers, but add a gorgeous bag, […]

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Easy Spirit Shoes Honey Good, shoes that every woman needs


Darlings, let’s talk about a brand of foot apparel every woman should have in their closet, shall we? With a heavy schedule, a love of walking, and, unfortunately, foot problems, my go-to shoe for all my needs, from formal to play and every occasion in between, is Easy Spirit. Sponsored Post Easy Spirit Understands That […]

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