Looking Back On A Year, With Style

Some say, “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.” Some say, “History repeats itself.” I say the truth is somewhere in the middle, actually. Today, I am reminiscing about my year in style with a roundup of my very favorite looks… the ones that made me smile. Plus, some thoughts about what my most favorite, fashionable ensembles have taught me about style after 50 and feeling confident at every age.

Style After 50 Navy

Love your body!

I am proud of my body. Are you proud of yours? I hope that you are. If you are not, I hope you’re on the road to loving the body you are in.

My body has done me well. It has given birth to my beautiful children, who have created my adored grandchildren, or, as I call them, my “grands.” It has battled cancer several times and won. I have used it to show love and I have used it stand tall.

I love my body. Do you love yours?

And so, I noticed as I reviewed my favorite looks from this year, I tend to pick pieces that are flattering, sophisticated, and while certainly not revealing, they are body-conscious. They hug my body —  which seems only fair… after all, it is loved.

I do believe that a well-tailored, body-conscious outfit can be one of the most flattering items that a woman of any age can wear. What say you?

Take (style) risks!

I’m not exactly conservative when it comes to fashion. I take calculated risks because I know who I am and I know who I want to be. I can have a little fun and think outside the box when it comes to style. Do you enjoy the adventure of fashion, too? 

When it comes to style outside of the box, sometimes I stumble, typically I soar.

This feminine tuxedo, above, felt a little risky, but it turned out to be one of my favorite ensembles. As many of you know, it is by Giorgio Armani, a man whose clothing is the epitome of sexy and sophisticated.

And I believe, dear readers, that this chic little tuxedo of mine proves that one doesn’t need to show skin to be sexy!

Speaking of which, some days I feel downright sexy. Do you?

Style Over 50

Fill your life – and style – with color!

As I often say, I walk on the sunny side of the street! After all, this is the side where flowers grow… and I don’t mean wallflowers!

As I look at the outfits I felt most beautiful in over the last year, color is a recurring theme. From the cheerful stripes on this colorful cape, pictured above, to the boldness of my signature lip color, I don’t shy away from vibrancy. Do you?

The clothes may not make the woman, but they certainly can make an impact on how we feel about ourselves.

I think that one of the reasons that I embrace color is that it’s a choice that reflects who I am on any given day. From fiery scarlet to cool charcoal, I’m no one color, I’m a complicated kaleidoscope of hues.

My favorite looks of 2017 illustrate who I am and who I am becoming in 2018. I am growing, changing, experimenting and doing it all with happiness, confidence and kindness.

What does 2018 have in store for you and what will you wear to this party we call life?

Please join the conversation by commenting below or heading to my Facebook page to share your opinion. It matters!

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  1. You are inspiring me to try more color, I am such a black and neutral girl having more fun with accessories. Now my husband loves color and wears a lot of it in his shirts, ties and pocket squares????.

  2. I love your outfits. I also love your vitality and love of life.
    I am 64 and just retired from the Corporate World.
    I have always dressed in what I love at the moment.
    Most all of my clothes come from one of my favorite stores “Chicos”.
    Very contemporary and fun for a woman like myself who is very young in Spirit.
    I also love jeans and a eye popping top with wedges for casual look….then some days, a beautiful gauze outfit.
    I love getting older and experimenting. The next thing for me is letting my hair go its natural color. That’s HUGE for me……

  3. You inspire me to be the best me. My gray hair says to me I am doing it my way and I feel confident and at peace with myself. Your articles help me to continue this journey with confidence. Thank you and keep writing about personal issues we all encounter and about fashion and where to find specific pieces. I am still in search of a choker necklace like yours.

  4. Hurray for us Chico ladies! When you purchase an item you can be sure that it will make a new outfit with things already in your closet. I love a store that puts much thought into dressing us older babes with comfort and flair. I can and do wear their clothes everywhere!

  5. You have always looked very chic and creative in you choice of outfits. Admire your ability and taste. Love., Theresa

  6. I love the outfit with the colorful pants and fedora! I love your bold outfits which are never too sophisticated. You have a very approachable playful style, which is very inspiring.

  7. “I want to be like you when I grow up!” I have to admire from afar because osteoporosis and the accompanying body and posture changes prevent my wearing the trim, fitted outfits that you wear so beautifully. The trim waistline I took pride in is no more. Although we may be a small number, we still like being somewhat fashionably dressed even in looser attire. Could you help us with this issue? I am still wonderfully blessed. Thank you!

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