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Darlings, let’s talk about a brand of foot apparel every woman should have in their closet, shall we? With a heavy schedule, a love of walking, and, unfortunately, foot problems, my go-to shoe for all my needs, from formal to play and every occasion in between, is Easy Spirit.

Easy Spirit Shoes Honey Good, shoes that every woman needs

When I think of shoes that every woman should have, I think of two things: style and comfort. With Easy Spirit, you can have it all!

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Easy Spirit Understands That the Way to a Woman’s Heart is Through Her Soles

Take it from a woman who has had her fair share of foot surgeries and injuries.  I have spent hours studying ways to combine my love of wearing stylish shoes with my need for a comfortable set of feet! Making a wise decision in comfortable footwear does not mean sacrificing style for comfort. You know that I never would! I am awarding the Easy Spirit brand as the most comfortable shoe I own in my shoe collection.

Easy Spirit is a 35-year-old brand that understands being comfortable in your own skin makes life pleasant. The company is known for its innovative thinking — and I can attest to that. The brand stands for comfort, but goes far beyond that. It goes out of its way to understand a woman’s psyche. Her demand is uppermost in their mind.

“Easy Spirit, I thank you for designing the perfect shoe for me and other women worldwide.” — Honey Good

Today’s woman demands versatility, ingenuity, value, and truthfulness. Easy Spirit goes out of its way to deliver and is known for specializing in hard-to-find sizes, widths, and other features. As a company, they have reached their goal of creating a ‘comfort’ community for women.

The Perfect Shoe for Women Who Embrace Joie de Vivre

In my Easy Spirit shoes, my feet can handle walking blocks and blocks, standing in line for theater tickets, perusing the market, or heading to my favorite coffee shop. They are the shoes I pack on a trip to Europe, New York, or anywhere else. I can attest that I have introduced the Easy Spirit brand to many members of my family and friends.

I purchased my first pair of Easy Spirit Shoes five years ago. (They survived the Great Closet Organization of 2022) Honestly, I felt like I was walking barefoot across a room. I felt as though I was gliding. My body fell into a relaxed state, and I breathed a sigh of relief as I said to myself, “I finally found my go-to line of shoes, Easy Spirit!”

The brand meets all my requirements — the line is beyond comfy and stylish and the price point is also beyond fair. “Easy Spirit, I thank you for designing the perfect shoe for me and other women worldwide.”

“A shoe can make or break the look of the little black dress and a shoe can also make or break a woman’s comfort level!” — Honey Good

The new fall collection 2023 has eFlex Technology engineered to move like a person moves.  I can attest that the Easy Spirit shoe keeps its promise. As I mentioned above, I feel as comfortable in my shoes as I do walking barefoot. I am not exaggerating.

What does eFlex Technology mean? In layman’s terms, an Easy Spirit shoe has comfort cushioning, arch support, flexible soles, and extended widths. The line of shoes has a wide toe box that provides women like myself with bunion relief. Women with  hammertoes, neuropathy and neuroma will also breathe a sigh of relief. The shoes come in a range of widths from super slim to extra wide and even come in half sizes! Easy Spirit is a perfect recipe for all women; even those women without problematic feet. 

The entire line of shoes is very hip and comes in a variety of colors. One pair of my Easy Spirit shoes is the Kinndle. I chose the loafer in blue because I love to wear a blue shoe with a  black outfit. I also love textures and the shoe is navy suede and patten with a buckle to add to its look. When you know how to edit and shop your own wardrobe, you’ll know that you have to have versatile shoes that are comfortable. They stand the test of time, darlings!

Easy Spirit is the Go-To for Women on the Go

I am a woman on the go, go, go. I need a line of shoes for all occasions; a dress, black tie, booties, loafers, and tennis shoes. You name it. I need it. Easy Spirit, thank you for designing the perfect line of shoes for me. If my feet could talk and show emotion, they would give you a big kiss and thank you a million times over!

I love accessories. In my opinion an accessory is an adornment. It embellishes a woman’s outfit. I can turn a little black dress from daytime ware into a gorgeous evening ensemble with the right accessorizing. Wearing an Easy Spirit Camber bootie with my little black dress during the day and switching to the elegant, sexy Emila at night.

I consider a shoe an important  accessory in a woman’s wardrobe. A shoe can make or break the look of the little black dress and a shoe can also make or break a woman’s comfort level! That is the reason I have chosen Easy Spirit. I am a woman who … wants it all.Thank you Easy Spirit.  I am smiling.  

 Below you will find shoes I love in the line. I wish I had room to add more. Please take your time and visit the Easy Spirit site. Your feet will thank you!!

Easy Spirit Emila Ankle Strap Pumps $99


Consider the glamorous and comfortable Emila for day and evening wear. Mix and match this sexy, feminine, chic, and modern shoe with skirts, dresses, and pants or with a cocktail dress for semi-formal and Black Tie. The Emila Pumps are patent with a croc look — gorgeous!

Shop Easy Spirit’s Emila Ankle Strap Pumps, here.

Use code HONEYGOOD20 for 20% off!


Easy Spirit Kinndle Lug Sole Casual Loafers Brown | Navy | Black $129

A stunning loafer is the new classic. This comfortable shoe can be worn in all seasons and with any manner of apparel. All of the seasons illustrate the work-horse-like prowess of the loafer. 

Pair your favorite loafer with rolled-up jeans, leggings, and even cuffed trousers. Or wear them with a maxi dress or skirt and sweater. The Kinndle loafer comes in three colors — brown, navy, and black. The shoe is a dramatic combination of suede and patten leather.


Shop Easy Spirit’s Kinndle Lug Sole Loafer, here

Use code HONEYGOOD20 for 20% off!


Easy Spirit Mckay Lug Sole Dress Pumps $79

Introducing the Mckay dress pumps, a true game-changer for elevating your style game. Imagine a lug sole platform exuding confidence, a high block heel adding sophistication, and the cutting-edge eFlex Ultimate technology ensuring unparalleled comfort. Plus, they feature heel cushion pillow pods, making every step a dream.

The removable foodbed, for stability and traction, ensures these pumps will be your trusty companions, seamlessly blending style and comfort, just like the beloved Easy Spirit shoes I adore.

What’s as sexy as a high heel and practically seasonless? A chunky platform-style heel, of course. This comfortable Easy Spirit shoe offers the best of both worlds, providing a safe and practical design for confident walking.


Shop McKay Mckay Lug Sole Dress Pumps here! 

Use code HONEYGOOD20 for 20% off!


Easy Spirit Camber Lug Sole Dress Booties $169.00

A bootie is simply a must for every woman. Perfect for traveling and unbelievably comfortable. This shoe will be your go-to shoe. It’s the shoe that truly goes with everything in your wardrobe. To be really dramatic, pair the Camber booties with a very dressy outfit. I adore wearing booties with long, flowing A-line skirts and dresses! Let it become an eye-catching accessory.

Shop Camber Lug Sole Dress Booties here!

Use code HONEYGOOD20 for 20% off!

Easy Spirit Morgan Lug Sole Casual Booties $169.00 

These booties are slightly more casual than the Cambers which opens them up to all the possibilities, darlings! I adore the texture of suede and these would be perfect as we head for cooler weather, yet still want to be stylish. One fabulous thing about these boots, and Easy Spirit in general, is that you know they are stable and will keep you secure and safe as you step out on the town. Which, of course, you simply must do, darlings!

Shop Morgan Lug Sole Casual Booties here!

Use code HONEYGOOD20 for 20% off!

I would love to hear what shoes you swear by and how you like to wear them. Do share all the details in the comments, darlings!



October 27, 2023

Fashion, Shopping, Style

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  1. Pat Fisher says:

    Shoes! I love shoes!! Like yourself, I am partial to Easy Spirit. My other favorite brands are Naturalizer and Sketchers for athletic wear. At 72, I no longer feel safe or comfortable wearing stilettos.

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