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Honoring Our Stories, Women’s History Month

Women's History Month

“You are the one who possesses the keys to your being. You carry the passport to your own happiness.” – Diane von Furstenberg

This is women’s history month. “2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the passage of a law making March, Women’s History Month in the United States.”

Honoring your personal life stories is celebrating and highlighting the contributions you have made to your family and community. To the women at Honey Good who are better after 50, please take the time to note your past accomplishments and pat yourself on the back.

Now I would like you to turn to the present and ask yourself, “What purpose or a passion can I to add to my personal life story?”

The Importance of Taking a Bow

First, I imagine you may think to yourself:  “I wish I had done this or why didn’t I think of that. Why didn’t I listen to the vibes of my heart, the most honest of my messengers?” I know you understand, darlings, that part of the process of life is a learning curve. How boring our life would be if we had no mountains to climb.

It is very important that you appreciate yourself.  So, honor your achievements large and small and forgive your mistakes (hopefully learned) and move your positive thoughts and energy into ‘the now.’

I want you to think of your desires, desires you have shelved for various reasons. Then after great thought, I want you to write a self-imposed, Vision Statement.

A Self-Imposed Vision Statement?

A self-imposed vision statement is writing a positive life change.

Here is mine.

“I have been remiss and fumbled in taking care of my personal needs. I will honor that which I have dishonored… the  freedom to make time for myself.”

Now my darlings, your turn. Please, don’t put off what you can do today… for tomorrow.

My Self-Imposed Problem

Now my darlings, unless you are perfect, please sit down and write out a self-imposed situation that bothers you followed by how you intend to solve the problem. You should feel a slight jolt, an awakening and a flutter of joy when you commit yourself to a plan.

This is my self-imposed problem:

“I have lost all sense of discipline when it comes to carving out time in my day to take care of my personal needs and desires. I have put my personal needs on a shelf. The excuse of not having the time to wait on myself in a disciplined fashion is unfair and unjust to my emotional and physical well-being.”

My Self-Imposed Take Action Formula

This is my take action formula:

“I will schedule time for my needs and force myself to be disciplined by putting together a calendar blocking out ‘stretches’ of time for my personal needs. I will work out on my treadmill every other day for 30 minutes. I will sign up for a group stretching and weight bearing class three days a week. I will walk my pooch, America, for 30 minutes on the days I do not go on my treadmill. I will schedule a weekly manicure, a monthly pedicure, a facial and a body scrub a few times a year. I will have my hair cut professionally and possibly stop cutting my hair with a kitchen shears that takes less than five minutes! I will have my legs and eyebrows waxed once a month. I will find time to shop on the run! I will never forget to spritz myself with my favorite perfume. I will always wear lipstick and for emotional reasons, I will love my friends, unconditionally, especially my best friend, my ultimate concierge.”


Now my darlings,  your turn to write your self-imposed- take action, formula.

Honor Yourself

We know when a woman continues to aspire to reach for the stars she continues ‘her bloom.’ As women get better after 50 it is important to pat yourself on the back for your past accomplishments and move forward with passion and purpose into the future. You have the tools. Now work on making your desire a reality.

I know your heart and mind will help you produce a vision statement. You know exactly what makes your heart sing. And, you know you have the ability to make a dream or dreams come true.

You have to add a bit of tenacity, a spirited attitude, a controlled discipline and optimism laced with positivity to your recipe and then cook it up like a storm.  In other words, you must have a strong craving. That is the real formula. I call it… true grit.

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