Honey Good answering questions from Ask Honey about feeling lonely and estrangement

Alienation of an Adult Child & Grandparent Estrangement

My hope is that if you, too, have experienced the heartbreak of the estrangement of an adult child or grandparent estrangement, you will understand that you are not alone. In fact, good mother, you will find that many others share in your grief. We need not be silent. Nor should we be ashamed. Though it […]

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Exploring the Language of Love

What is Love? Valentine’s Day, which just passed, is the one day of the year dedicated to love. But I think every day in some small way should be dedicated to love. I can honestly tell you that I say or think about love several times a day. I realize that people come packaged with […]

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Honey with computer showing why she isn't feeling lonely

Finding Strength After 50: Exploring Challenges and Building Community

Several online websites and social media channels on lifestyle appeal to women after 50 in beauty, fashion, entertainment, food, and travel. I frequent some of these sites. As a woman over 50, I have earned my Ph.D. So, I decided to discuss topics outside the limelight. My site,, and my three private FaceBook groups […]

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How to Handle Your Children's Disapproval

How to Handle Your Adult Children’s Disapproval of You

  “Honor thy father and thy mother,” -The Ten Commandments How to handle your adult children’s disapproval is a tough area to discuss. Estranged relationships between an adult child and parent are almost always skewed but if I were to pick one reason for an adult child’s disapproval of their parent(s), I would use the […]

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Honey Good writing her thoughts with a melancholy look, musing on why her daughters are estranged from her family estrangement

How to Say Goodbye to an Estranged Child

As a good mother, you can never truly say goodbye to your estranged adult child, but you can shift your focus to yourself and your life’s passions in order to live your best life possible. That is what I have done, and though my heart aches, I no longer dwell on what I cannot change. […]

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