Sunday Stories

Read Honey’s most personal stories, often looking back at a life lived to the fullest, embracing joys and sorrows in equal manner and never backing down. Along the way, Honey ponders the lessons learned, reflecting on what matters most, how to let go of certain things as we grow older, and how we can continue to take chances and “make lemonade out of lemons” as confident women at 50 and beyond.

The Secrets Of My Family Tree

As a young girl I was shocked to discover that my family tree was not what I thought it was…or was it?


Inner peace

Are You Ready To Bloom?

The secret to feeling visible, relevant and fulfilled!


Neiman Marcus Event

What To Do When Your Spouse Feels Neglected

What to do when balance feels out of reach and the people you love most feel neglected…

Opportunity That Changed My Life

An Opportunity That Changed My Life

It is Memorial Day weekend and Honolulu, where I lived for over ten years, flashes into my mind…

how to walk on the sunny side of the street

My Secret To Walking On The Sunny Side Of The Street

Here is how I tackled a few unexpected trials that came my way. My hope is that my unpleasant situations may give you some positive insight on how to roll with the punches, stay grounded and walk on the sunny side of the street.


Sayings Passed Down From Mothers to Daughters

It is in the wee hours of the morning and the saying,  “Like mother, Like daughter” is on my mind.


Gift From the Sea: A Book That Changed My Life

When I was in my 20s, my girlfriend, Carolyn, dropped a little paperback book off at my home. It was “Gift from the Sea” by Anne Morrow. It wasn’t my birthday; the gift was purely a gift of friendship.


The Story of Passover… And How Faith Changes Everything

I have faith. I stare up at the stars and greet the sun and gaze at the mountains and love the Sea and smile at the flowers and love the color green, natures color green. There is a God. In this, I have ultimate faith. And that changes everything.


How to Bloom After 50

It is so important not to get stuck because you are an empty nester, a divorcee, a widow, retired, or living with a retired husband that changes your lifestyle. Now, because of your age and wisdom, you have tools to continue to bloom. Here’s how…


How To Learn To Count Your Blessings

How does one focus on the good — so that it may grow — and minimize the negative?


Honey Good is an Authority on the Art of Travel

Experience is the best teacher and I have traveled to over sixty countries around the world…


In Honor Of Orchid: Life Ends, But Love Goes On

She died in my arms, with her huge black eyes looking into mine, kissing my hand as the doctor ended her life, in our home on April 20, 2018. There are no words to describe our grief.


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