When life gives us lemons, we just have to make ourselves some sweet lemonade. Here you’ll find our musings, pearls of wisdom, and personal stories to guide you through life’s passages. Explore how to embrace your beauty with style, discover new adventures, navigate the nuances of relationships, pull back the curtain to deal with life changes, and resonate with the reflections of other women. 

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  Navigating widowhood is a painful and aching experience. I understand this firsthand, having walked this path myself. It’s been more than three decades since I received the phone call and received the news of my first husband’s passing, and the feeling is still palpable. My story and experiences will hopefully enlighten you with the answers […]

The Tools I Used to Survive Widowhood


honey good surviving widowhood

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*Affiliate Disclosure The holidays are a time for getting together and that means holiday parties! Not to mention an endless list of things to do. (Are you making your list and checking it twice?) Get ready for shopping dates, long phone calls with friends and family, nights spent chatting and wrapping gifts, dinners with those […]

How to Dress for a Holiday Party After 50


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Do you have trouble meditating? If so, know that you aren’t alone. Many women, myself included, are so busy we are dizzy! And that makes it very tough to quiet the chattering mind enough to meditate. Women over 50 should always be setting and achieving wellness goals. I hope that when you are planning yours, […]

Have Trouble Meditating? Read This


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Beauty expert Cora Gold wrote today’s post breaking down what’s what on popular skincare ingredients. I added my picks based on what I use in real life, and also based on Cora’s expert advice. Enjoy, darlings! Skincare products and ingredients can be a minefield. With a constant flow of new product launches and ever-changing beauty […]

Are These Popular Skincare Ingredients Good for Mature Skin?

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image of graphic with mature skincare ingredients

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Darling, as a cancer survivor, and skin care enthusiast, I am excited to introduce you to Lisa Cooper. As a visible woman over 50, she makes her mark as a beauty and lifestyle blogger, and like me, she is a cancer survivor. You can read more about my favorite sunscreens in this article. Enjoy. -Honey […]

Winter Sunscreen: A Necessity for Women over 50


best moisturizers fall for aging skin

Many women over 50 do. I have found, the key to feeling relevant, important, and VISIBLE lies within you. I hope my free eBook will help you rediscover your purpose, and see the value that I so clearly see in you. 

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