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How to Mother Yourself This Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day. Today, I celebrate you because you spent years of your life holding your children close, stroking their heads, helping them solve their problems, tucking them into bed, and telling them that all would be well. You asked for nothing in return except their love and respect. You were unselfish in your devotion. […]

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Honey and Shelly

A Valentine’s Day Love Story: Honey Good Interviews Shelly Good!

Our Valentine’s Day Love Story Happy day of love my dearest readers. I hope that you woke up this morning feeling loved, blessed and happy. Repeat after me, “I am loved. I deserve love. I am love!” Now, go look in the mirror and say it again and again and again. No matter who you […]

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holiday shopping guide

Through the Eyes of a Little Jewish Girl – A Christmas Tree Story

Do I have a true Christmas tree story for you! But first, I love the winter holiday season and that means Hanukkah and Christmas. In my beautiful Chicago, branches and tree trunks are covered with sparkling, white lights. High rises are decorated in their finery, and the storefronts are a marvel. You cannot help but […]

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hanukkiah menorah celebrate Hanukkah

The Celebration of Hanukkah Traditions

Every family celebrating Hanukkah has their own special traditions. I love the word “tradition” because it is an accounting of long, established customs and beliefs passed on from generation to generation. Typically, our entire belief system and core values are based on family teachings. Our parents and grandparents passed their wisdom down to us, and […]

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black friday 2022

The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals – What I’m Buying 2023

Darlings, today is the day — BLACK FRIDAY 2023! See everything I’m shopping for (plus my favorite brands to check out!) *Affiliate Disclosure You know, I can remember the craze of Black Friday’s past where people would line up outside stores on Thanksgiving morning to get the deal. And honestly, I’m glad that is now […]

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