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What I Learned This Month, Specifying My Intentions & My Red String

The month of July was very positive and magical. As a wife, mother, grandmother and friend to others,  I learned over the years, like you, to be specific in my intentions. I learned through experience to trust my instincts. I learned to combine my instincts with my intellect and be specific with my intentions. As most of you know, began as a hobby because I was bored with all that I was busy doing. As it grew from a hobby into what it is today, my lack of knowledge in technology prevented me from being specific in my intentions because my understanding of tech is limited. After all, how many grandmothers do we know who started an internet company in their 60s?

My red stringMy instincts have always told me when things are right and wrong because I listen to my heart; it knows. However my lack of intellectual knowledge in the technology arena weighed me down. This month, the unexpected happened. A combination of my instinct and my intellect said yes to a proposal that came out of left field. I was able to be very specific in my intentions because I knew what I needed.

It happened by chance or did it? Did my red string play a role in guarding and protecting me? Did my karma? Of course you know, darlings, I think it did. There has to be some magic in our lives, doesn’t there?


The Early Stages of Honey Good

At the end of 2018, I decided to put together a business plan for Honey Good. Over the next few months, I worked with a business planner. His expertise stemmed from helping tech companies formulate plans. We learned about one another’s character and over time, he learned the inner workings of  Honey Good. While we set a time limit on our plan, I did not meet the date and he continued to extend that date, never completing the last phase. Our verbal agreement was that I would email him when I was prepared. That happened two weeks ago. I finally sent out the email.

I received a reply back from him noting, “I want to help your business grow and come on board as your business advisor.” Did this happen by chance? After all, I could have chosen one of a million business planners. I could have completed the plan in a few weeks and we would have said our goodbyes. Darlings, nothing happens by chance.

What is even more intriguing about this story–I had been openly discussing bringing on a business person with tech knowledge for the past few months, but I did not know where to start.

Specifying My Intentions

Is it karma, the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, that determines our fate in future existences? Is it the red string I wear on my left wrist that always seems to guard and protect me? Perhaps it is fate that I met Pete? Or maybe it’s all of the above, combined with my ability to be specific in this arena because I definitely know what I want?

I want to believe it is a combination of the magical through one’s ability to believe, instinctive through one’s ability to feel and, specific through ones ability to state what they want and need, that makes things happen.

I have found that in business and in life, it takes a lot of courage to be specific, to let yourself and others know under no circumstances will you settle for less than you need.  It takes confidence, decisiveness and true grit to be precise in your intentions.

What I Learned This Month

This reinforced lesson is what I learned this month. I know exactly what Honey Good needs at this point: a tech and professional business persona. That I can say it with clarity and certainty.

I know who I am: the creative side of Honey Good. Writing my stories in addition to sharing myself and my life experiences with you has always been a passion of mine. I derive great joy out of answering your emails and recognizing your names. I am your friend and you are mine; that is the part of Honey Good that adds a sparkle to my life.

I am proud of my choice of team members at Honey Good. They have great personal character and make my website come alive with their social, editing knowledge and organizational skills. They are incredibly intelligent.

The Team That Makes This All Happen

Collectively as a team, there is Ines, Julia, Kayla, Susan and now Pete. We are a scattered team. Julia and Kayla live in Los Angeles. Ines and Susan live in the Chicago burbs and Pete lives in LA six months of the year and Sweden for the other six months. That we are a cohesive team is amazing, but that is the internet, darlings!

With a lot of of luck, my ability to be specific in acknowledging what Honey Good needs and some help from my red string, July has been a wonderful month.

August 1 is right around the corner. Make it a point to be specific about something you desire for the month of August as I did this past month for July. I promise that a certain peace will come over you. I say that because it has come over me.


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  1. I truly believe that if we are clear about what we truly want and proceed as if it’s already happened, it will come to fruition. Coupled with gratitude, it is a surefire way to live the life we want. We need only be clear about what we truly want and aware of the consequences that may result from our desires. Knowing all of this, sometimes I am most content to accept God’s plan.

  2. Love this article! I got laid off for the 3rd time last Sept and have been doing part time work trying to figure out what to do. My passion now is nutritional counseling but I’ve been told I can’t make a living at it! Plus I”m 62 , single and need the income! Trying to figure all this out and sometimes I lose sight of my intuition. Wish me luck and any ideas you have are welcome!

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