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Reflections on Starting a Business After 50

Reflecting on my past, which I do not often do because I am a firm believer in living in the present, I see a pattern. Through all of my adversities, I always eventually landed on my feet. It was not because I wore a lucky charm, but because through my trials and tribulations, I walk on the sunny side of the street and make sweet lemonade out of my lemons with true-grit.

By the time I was a teenager, I had realized anything worthwhile was not easy. I grew up in a small town where I was challenged. I learned to adapt to circumstances positively and acquired fortitude, and an inner spirit of positivity and hope.

Fast forward several years… so many trials and so many joys. 

Widowed in my forties, defeated cancer twice, moved across the ocean to Honolulu, remarried, traveled the world, created a new family — and that is just the beginning of my story. I survived my trials and expressed gratitude for my joys. I believe I am a happy person because I am grateful for everything.

We should not stop blooming because we are 60 and beyond.

This is not the time in our lives to feel invisible. This is the time in our lives to feel relevant. We are finally at a stage of life where we have the freedom to fulfill our desires, renew friendships, finish college, travel the world, involve ourselves in charities or join a gym. Even with the trials we all face, the world can be our oyster.

What am I going to do with this thing called life?

In my sixties, I began to feel restless. My daily routine was not exciting me, and I knew I needed a new purpose, a passion. I did not know where to turn. Then one day out of the blue and when I least expected it, a new journey carried me to heights I never anticipated. That was this community we have all built at It is my passion project… to connect us.

You have to be open to a new journey and when one appears, say to yourself, “If I do not try, I will never know.” Forget the worry of failing, what if you fly?

My Story

I met a woman writer and told her I was bored and looking for a new purpose. She said, “Keep a journal for three months.”

I replied, “I am not a writer.”

She retorted, “You will find your voice.”

The words, “you will find your voice,” did it for me. It was so dramatic; I decided to tackle the challenge.

Success happens because of the person not because of luck. 

The next day I began journaling and for three months never missed one day. During that time my husband and I planned a trip to Europe. I journaled on airplanes, in hotel rooms, in cars, and different countries. The minute my fingers touched the keyboard of my laptop, I felt a peacefulness come over me. I realized not only did I find my purpose, but I also found a new passion.

Three months went by, and I finished my journal. I decided I would continue with my newfound hobby of writing. I was happy, and I was grateful for serendipity, meeting that writer. I was also wise enough to know that I was given some luck, but I had to take my luck and make it happen.

I remember being in the park with my beloved Orchid when my iPhone rang. It was my best friend, and she immediately asked me what I was going to do with my nine million written words — we laughed. She did not give me time to answer before saying, “I have read your little stories. I think you should write a blog for women over 50. You are so open and wise, so share your experiences. Other women will relate to your musings because you have earned a PhD…in life!” The seed was planted for the idea that would BLOOM into

“I don’t know the internet.” 

I knew nothing about the internet, passwords, links, downloading, URLs, DropBox or emojis. I was not an educated writer.

Darlings that did not stop me. Within one month I had a domain and an internet site, and I was blogging. Before long I was writing for the Huffington Post and the Sun-Times Network, sharing my life experiences with other women younger and older than myself who had entered the passage of life over 50. And now, I am beyond excited to have my own book — a journal about YOU really — called Stories for My Grandchild, being published in February 2019.

This is my message to those of you who are searching to stay visible and relevant: Don’t let anything stop you. Do not give up when frustration mounts. If you want to learn to play cards, do it. If you want to return to college or take one course, do it. If you want to downsize your home, do it. You will be fulfilled. You will be happy. You will have a charmed life after 50.

Are you ready to embrace the next chapter in your life after 50? How so? Do tell! Please share your thoughts with me via TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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