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Things You Need To Know: Cruise Essentials

Why I Love Cruises

My darlings, I am so excited because I am en route to our European cruise with my ultimate concierge and some of our closest friends. What I love about cruises is they are a wonderful way to enjoy time with friends or with your family while traveling the world. All of your needs are taken care of and you can see multiple destinations at once. It’s truly wonderful.

Another great part about cruises is they are perfect for people who have anxiety about travel planning. Once you choose a cruise and a location, you can pick day excursions at each location you visit. Those excursions may cost you a little extra here and there, but they allow you to relax so you don’t have to figure out things to do. Instead, you can rely on the cruise line to do everything for you. Just pick an adventure you enjoy, sign up and have fun. And did I mention that all your food is included? No more meal planning or trying to decide what to eat at every moment.

Stress-Free Travel

For all the above reasons, cruising can be a very stress-free way to travel. However, one element of cruises that can be difficult is packing for your excursions. Now, I can’t tell you what to pack for clothing because I do not know where you are traveling or what kind of weather you will encounter. However, I can give you tips on things that you will want to pack no matter where you set sail. Below you will find a list of travel must haves, my darlings.

Travel Must-Haves on Cruises


My number one will always be sunscreen! No matter where you are traveling, you will need to protect your beautiful skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Always pack your favorite sunscreen because you don’t want to be stuck without it or paying extra money for an unhealthy sunscreen at the shop on the ship. Make sure to purchase a sunblock that is at least SPF 15+ or higher. I always like to purchase at least SPF 30 or more to protect my face and body. Two of my favorites that I suggest are Clinique’s City Block and Neutrogena’s Sunblock 50 with Zinc.

Bug spray

I know that when I travel, it’s usually to a warmer climate and with that warmer climate comes bugs. If you go on a day excursion to an exotic location, you will be glad to have bug spray or these mosquito repellent bracelets to protect you from getting bitten, my readers!

Travel Hangers

Regardless of the cruise ship you’re on, oftentimes there are not enough hangers in your room for all of your clothes. Trust me, these will come in handy when you don’t want your clothes to be wrinkled. Find some great portable ones HERE.

Along with the sunscreen, you don’t want to forget sunglasses or a hat to protect you from the sun. I know it might seem silly to remind you to bring sunglasses, but you’d be shocked by how often they are forgotten if you don’t put them on your list. Visit my accessory post for some perfect sunnies HERE.

A Sewing Kit

If you get a little hole in one of your clothing items, or you need a pair of scissors to cut off tags from your purchases, a sewing kit will be essential. It may just come in handy when you are in a pickle. I love this cute one HERE. It says for brides, but it has everything a lady might need- even a few extras! For a regular sewing kit, try this one HERE.


Weather can change depending on your location or where you are on the high seas! Always pack a jacket for those times you find yourself cold or even in an air-conditioned room. I like to carry a light cardigan with me in case I get cold. You never know when you might need it.

Over-The-Door Shoe Holder

One item of great use is an over-the-door shoe holder instead of a regular toiletry bag! They are easily compressed into your suitcase and are perfect for holding all of your toiletry items (and shoes) on your cruise. Keep everything for you and your partner nice and easily organized. You will be happy you have this so that there is more space on your bathroom counter. Such an easy to solution to avoid clutter and create organization. Find them HERE.

Comfortable Shoes

Always remember to pack comfortable shoes for any adventures you have on or off your ship. Whether you’re walking along the cruise deck, exercising or on a long day trip at one of your port stops, you will want shoes that feel good and keep your feet happy.


Just in case you get motion sick, my darlings, make sure you pack Dramamine or another method to help your tummy and head stay nice and calm. Motion sickness preventatives are always good to have on hand in case someone else in your travel party gets sick as well. You will be their savior!

Have Fun and Be Prepared

These are just some of the ideas I came up with for you to bring on your cruise. I hope they help you with your packing or maybe they even encourage you to book your next adventure on a cruise.

And remember, only bring what you need and try not to overpack! I know it can be hard sometimes, but you will be thankful once you start your adventure.

What do you pack on your cruise adventures? Join the conversation in the comments below or on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Going on a 8 days Mediterranean cruise in September. What should I pack? I’m 63 and this is my 3rd cruise in 5 years. Thank you.

    1. I think you are more experienced than I am. This was my first cruise.I did pack light colored clothes and only one pair of black slacks. I wore tights with long shirts for daily tours. I was very comfortable and I did not wrinkle. Where are you going on the Mediterranean? What ship? Warmly, Honey

    1. Yeah!!!!! I know you are home now from your trip. Hope it was ‘just the best!!!” Warmly, Honey

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