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Weekend Musings: The Moon, Working After 50 & More!

Cooling Off After a Hot Week!

Happy weekend, my darlings. The heat keeps coming and I do hope you are staying cool wherever you are. Take time to stay hydrated and remember to always look at the weather before planning any activities. Stay safe wherever you are. If it’s not hot where you are, we hope you are enjoying the summer weather!

Man on the Moon

50 years ago this month, man walked on the moon for the first time! But, my readers, do you know the history of our first lunar landing?

This lovely article I found provided so much information about why we went to the moon and all the missions before and after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first walked on the moon in 1969. It is so fascinating to learn about Apollo 11’s mission and all the mishaps they had along the way before finally completing a successful mission.

Did you remember where you were on July 20, 1969 when man took his first steps on the moon? Tell me about it in the comments.

Read more facts about Apollo 11 HERE.

Working After 50+

If you have yet to retire, or are looking for a new job in the workforce after 50, this article I discovered is for you. While many of us reading this blog have most likely retired or are looking to retire soon, many are not.

Forbes published an article this week that will help many of you looking to find a new job or hiring new employees for your business. The author stresses the benefits of hiring and retaining workers over 50+ and why it’s great for the economy. Some of these benefits include loyalty, stability of employees, cognitive capacity and attitude.

Read more HERE.

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