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Weekend Musings: Happy New Year, Yellowstone Documentary & More!

Weekend Musings: Happy New Year, Yellowstone Documentary & More!

Happy Winter, darlings, and Happy 2021! Did you see the Great Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction before Christmas? It was so cloudy in Chicago, but the pictures were just amazing! If you saw it, make sure you include some pictures you took in the comments at the bottom of this page. I would love to see them!

As we have entered the year 2021, I’m sure you are all hoping for a better year than 2020, just as I am. I hope you take this weekend to journal, reflect, and truly love on yourself. Remember all the little things we can be grateful for, and go from there!

I love you all! I am smiling.

Yellowstone | America’s National Parks

I love watching shows on the beauty of our great nation… especially our National Parks. Did you know that YouTube has full episodes from the National Geographic Channel? Well, they do! And this one is over 40 minutes all about the beautiful Yellowstone! So, grab a hot drink and enjoy.

How to make a DIY 2021 CALENDAR | WATERCOLOR

I love starting brand new calendars and planners in the New Year. So, I thought it would be really fun to post a DIY watercolor calendar that you can make for yourself or with your Grands if you’re able to spend time with them. This could be a fun Zoom activity to do with them as well! Have fun.

The Best Books of 2020

Weekend Musings: Happy New Year, Yellowstone Documentary, Best Books of 2020& More!

If you love to read books as I do, then I’m sure you’re always looking for something new to read. I love Town & Country’s lists, as they give me an eye on what new books are coming down the pipeline. If you missed a great book in 2020, this comprehensive list is a great place to check (Click Here for the List)!

Happy reading, and let me know what books you enjoyed in 2020 in the comments at the bottom of this page!


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