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Give a boost to your workouts with these good carbs


No one wants to feel lethargic in the middle of a workout regime. Most of the time people blame bad sleep or stress levels, but have you thought about what you had to eat before you started your workout?

What you consume as pre-workout nutrition plays a large role in your energy levels to accomplish the tasks. You need carbs in your diet for your muscles to get the necessary energy. If your diet lacks good carbohydrates for workouts after 50 it will be hard to have the energy.

How carbohydrates work

When you consume food rich in carbohydrates, it gets broken down into glucose molecules. The glucose molecules are then passed to the muscles. There it is converted into energy and stored at the cell level. According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, if you consume food high in carbs a few hours before a workout, you will be able to increase the glycogen level by 42%. However, this does not mean you can eat anything. You must find the right carbs to keep you going throughout your cool down period.

Good and bad carbs

The good carbs are the unrefined ones, such as those found in whole wheat bread, milk, fruit, starchy vegetables and yogurt. They release energy slowly so that you have a constant supply for a longer time. On the other hand, refined ones do not have a good number of nutrients present in them. They are easy to absorb and give an instant boost of energy to the body.

Whether you want to go for the refined or unrefined ones, it completely depends on the kind of energy your body needs.

The right carbohydrates for workouts depends on the time

How much time you have to hit the gym clearly defines what you should eat. If you have a few hours on your hands, you should go for unrefined carbohydrates like quinoa, sweet potatoes or beans in a one-third proportion of your meal. On the contrary, if you have merely an hour or so and you have not eaten anything for the last few hours, go for food loaded with carbs like a bowl of cereal or a bagel with a spoon of peanut butter.

Need good carbohydrates for workouts after 50 fast? No worries, just grab a banana and have it with a spoonful of peanut butter for some easy to digest carbs before you leave home. Moreover, according to the studies, there have been many positive effects of consuming meals rich in carbs within an hour of hitting the gym.

Know the good carbohydrates for workouts after 50

Whether you need refined or unrefined carbs totally depends on your body. You have to try and see what works better for you. For some people, eating a bowl of oatmeal can keep them full and provide enough energy to power through a workout. For others, this may not be the case.

It is not necessary that you consume carbs only in the form of solids. Health drinks are a great option, as well. Taking such drinks at regular intervals has proved to increase the endurance power of the body.

However you consume these carbs, be sure to add a little bit of protein to them. This will help get the necessary energy to the body while building muscles.

Krima Flint is a fitness and healthy diet addict who blogs at TheDietSuggestions. She likes Nutrisystem diet plans because it delivers portion-controlled food to your home with a percentage off Nutrisystem discount code and deals. In its 150+ menu choices, nuts and fish have a prominent place.

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