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It’s All About Attitude and Gratitude in 2021

Wisdom Is Flowing With the Current

I have been struggling for months with a lack of human contact. I miss the sound of outdoor laughter, I miss seeing a face, I miss seeing the bounce in the steps of others when I am out and about. And, I miss my family and occasions and card games, and lunches out with friends, and going to museums and to the movies and sharing popcorn with my Ultimate Concierge. The day in and day out of a bland lifestyle is not intoxicating. I miss feeling intoxicated, and I feel life in Elsewhere is colorless. Like a woman without her red lipstick and the scent of her delicious perfume.

The Bewitching Witch

Around the last week of March, I began to feel a catastrophe looming in the air. I tried to brush them away but they persisted in staying. So, I finally shared them with my Ultimate Concierge. Everything that has happened so far I predicted. My Ultimate Concierge nicknamed me a bewitching good witch afterward.

I don’t have special powers but I do study all aspects of the global situation; COVID-19 and its repercussions, politics and its repercussions, monetary repercussions, and social repercussions. From so much reading along with a little witchcraft, I have learned to discern the difference between fairytales (fake news), and what is reality.

Confront Reality with a Positive Goal

Honestly, I have worn myself out with worry over the global situation in Elsewhere. It has been dramatically hard on me because I am not used to dealing with situations that I have little or no control over. Living in Elsewhere feels like a constant nightmare; Though life in my apartment in the sky with my Ultimate Concierge, and America (my pooch) is more often than not a pleasant dream. Thank goodness I am married to a man who tells me, “Be grateful for all your blessings.”

My goal in 2021 is to focus on a positive approach on how to ease and reduce my fears of the outside world. I can do this by studying. For example, should I take the vaccine? I will study the pros and cons. Am I responsible for signing up for the vaccine and if so when and where? How can I satisfy my curiosity? How can I protect my family if it should come to that? And how can I share my feminine feelings with friends I can no longer spend time with because of COVID-19?

I am longing to hear the laughter and chatter in restaurants, look into the eyes of my daughter, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, and all of my Grands. Darling, I will race with all my might with my Ultimate Concierge and friends to catch a flight to somewhere over the rainbow!

The Joy of Using One’s Mind

I say this to myself, “I have no control over the joyless world, Elsewhere. But, I do have control over the windows in my mind.” With 2021 around the corner, I have decided on my New Year’s Resolution:

“I have limitations and barriers beyond my control in Elsewhere that I will stand above with a positive attitude.” 

Now darling, can I do it? I am not going to kid myself. I can only say, “I will try try try!”

How to Stand Above the Fray

Darling, my method of standing above the fray: I will count my blessings. I will try and face stress with patience and hope. And, I will try and come to terms with life in Elsewhere by constantly activating my intellectual awareness over emotion. I will concentrate on projects, family relationships, and friendships. As well, I will concentrate on my husband and pooch and not let’s not forget to take care of myself and my needs. I know these actions will bring me happiness and joy. However, I am fully aware that perfect solutions usually do not exist. And, I will take it one step further; I will learn to be at peace.

The Happiest Man in America

I’m a friend of Alvin Wong, chosen by Gallup in 2011 as, ‘The Happiest Man in America!’ I was not a bit surprised when I heard the news because Alvin just is.

We were family friends when I lived in Honolulu. Alvin is Chinese American and a kosher observing Jew! He married my girlfriend, Trudy an orthodox Jewish woman from Atlanta. They have three children. He is 6 feet tall, he owns his own health care management business and his income is just over $100,000. These facts were important to Gallop.

Darling, Alvin had a constant little smile on his face, he never hurried, he was introspective and pleasing, he worked hard and adored his family; two daughters and a son. He was humble. When I was in Alvin’s company I was happy. He reminded me of the Dalai Lama.

It’s All About Attitude and Gratitude

After he was chosen ‘The Happiest Man in America,’  he began taking his title very seriously because many people were calling him to ask, “Alvin, how can I be happy?”

He became an authority and layman advisor because he wanted to help and give back to those in need. Alvin conveyed to them with a smiling face and twinkling eyes that happiness can be summed up in one word: ATTITUDE!

I am filled with gratitude that I know so many fascinating, passionate, smart, funny, alluring, intriguing, and above all, happy people. These people have all brightened my life and taught me so much. I miss them very much.

How will you enter the new year of 2021? Will it be with attitude and gratitude? Let me know your thoughts and feelings in the comments at the bottom of this page. 

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  1. I’ve always expressed gratitude and have been very aware of all the blessings in my life. I get it. But this year has taken a toll on me like no other. Inside I want to scream. There is no outlet for me. I survive by talking to myself frequently, telling myself over and over that it’s going to be okay. As a coping mechanism this works except the reality is that none of us can be sure any of this will be okay.

    1. I must confess, I feel as you feel. I cannot hide my feelings. How do you cope with reality, a reality we never thought existed? I am searching for an answer as are you. I know we are not alone. Millions of others feel as we feel. It is a normal reaction to what all decent people are being exposed to. We are living in a hateful time and it is ugly. I am trying to decide what actions I can take in Elsewhere. What is taking place has nothing to do with being a grateful person(s). You are grateful and appreciate your blessings and you are a realist who knows the score. Chin up. Mine, too! Warmly, Honey

  2. I have also told my children and friends that it is always about attitude. I believe that this is something you can control. There is alway a beginning, a middle, and an end.

    1. Our well being hinges on our attitude. It also hinges on our realities. We have to forgive ourselves when we feel less positive due to outside sources in Elsewhere that are beyond our control and search for a way of handling the adversity. In other words we should not pretend. Warmly, Honey

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