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How To Distinguish Between Wants and Needs In The New Year (2021)

How To Distinguish Between Wants and Needs In The New Year (2021)

Darling, I was talking to a close friend about our relationships with our children. We discussed the times we have wanted to express our feelings with a member of our family but didn’t because we did not want to create a tsunami wave! This led to a broader discussion because it’s the New Year of the many promises we made to ourselves that we did not keep and left unresolved in our hearts and mind.

We then discussed our 2021 New Year’s resolutions that led to laughter because I said, “I think I am doing well with my mindful journey, my needs to a happy inner lifestyle. It’s my ‘outer journey,’ my wants to feel happier with my outer lifestyle,” and I expounded with the following, in one breath, “I need an Ophthalmologist for my eyesight, a Pediatrist for my bad feet, a Bra Specialist for my boobs, and a Plastic Surgeon for my neck!”

She started to laugh and so did I and it felt so good because laughter is difficult in our life these days in Elsewhere.

Actions Speak Loud

When we got off of the phone, I made an appointment with the Ophthalmologist, the Pediatrist, and a Bra Specialist. I felt relieved and was happy. “Three down and one to go,” I said out loud.

Now for the tough call because of indecision…

My neck! I have been toying with this problem for over three years because I don’t want a facelift with a neck-lift. I have visited one doctor three times but fear is holding me back. What fear? Well, the fear of being disappointed. I don’t want to change my face. I don’t want to look younger.

Darling, I just want to clean up my neck that is damaged from the sun, scar tissue, thyroid surgery, and from age! I can’t make a fourth appointment! I can’t go to a New York surgeon or an L.A. plastic surgeon (who I also visited a year ago) because of COVID-19. My gut tells me to trust the L.A. surgeon. The timing is off so I am in a quandary. But, I am going to call the L.A. doctor. Now I have made a partial decision. “That is better than no decision at all,” I think to myself.

What Is It You Truly Need In 2021

The most important words in this story are the words want and need. Personally, I think both have value but it’s very important to have the clarity to be able to distinguish between your wants and your needs.

I believe we all want to find inner peace in 2021. So, try to acknowledge you cannot have everything you ‘want’ especially while we live in Elsewhere. Darling, it is far more important to work on what you ‘need’ for personal contentment. 

Ask yourself what you need that will bring you contentment and joy in 2021.

My Needs and My Wish For You

I am going to create space in our home to nurture an Olive Tree, create a plan for two trips by the sea (because life cannot stop), create a long-overdue letter, create a dazzling foyer to welcome those I love, take care of my health, shower love on my Ultimate Concierge, my pooch America and my family, nurture true friendships, listen to music instead of the news and… simply be.

Sending love, warmth, and friendship to you. May the year 2021 bless you and your families and may you also, simply be.

What are your needs, wants, and wishes for this New Year’s Eve? Let me know in the comments at the bottom of this page, I want to hear from you!

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  1. The first time I heard the “wants vs needs” discussion was at the shoe sales rack in Neiman Marcus. A shopper said, “I need these shoes,” when she saw a certain pair. Her friend said “No, you want them. You do not need them.”

    Today, decades later, I still replay the scene at the shoe racks and hear those two shoppers discern wants from needs. And I’ve told that story hundreds of times.

    1. Needs count for a fulfilling life. Wants count for a fulfilling closet! I just thought that up. Part of wants is being a woman. We are gatherers from the beginning of time. It is fun to want. It is important to know what we need. Warmly, Honey

    1. MM really needs a fix. Shame on him. In my world, loyalty, counts big time. As far as my neck ( I am smiling) it sure does tell my life story and it should. Thank you for your wise words and Happy Happy New Year. To our necks and to loyalty. Warmly, Honey

  2. Happy 2021 to you and yours….Honey, I love your idea of having an olive tree! And… planning two trips is right down my alley.

    As I think of my own WANTS, I’m actually quite content. As far as NEED for personal contentment, I want to be able to travel to see my family and friends. I have two daughters and five grandchildren. One daughter living in Hawaii and one in Georgia (I’m in FL). Normally I see them 2-3 times a year, but haven’t traveled at all in 2020 which has been very hard for me. I know that I’m not alone in this, so I’m looking forward to a better 2021 for us all.

  3. Love your ‘new year needs and wants’ Honey. The olive tree is a lovely idea. The long overdue letter is intriguing.
    The neck issue, I get it. All PS’s say we should only have “work” done for what bothers us, (not for others) please keep us updated on your choice.
    Buon Anno a tutti

    1. I love olive trees and I think every home should have foliage of some king for added oxygen and warmth. I will keep you updated on my choice. Happy New Year. God Bless. Warmly, Honey

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