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Best Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients For Pain Relief in 2021

Best Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients For Pain Relief in 2021

Whether it’s from exercising or simply aging, no one likes feeling pain. Luckily, nature has blessed us with some ingredients that can ease our troubles… anti-inflammatory ingredients to the rescue!

Did you know that oxidation and inflammation are intertwined? That’s because oxidation leads to forming free radicals that can damage the cells and thus lead to inflammation.

Some nutrients, however, can stop this in various ways, including by boosting proteins that fight inflammation as well as modulating the gut biome. Is this Greek to you? Not to worry, what matters is that there are certain ingredients you can use to relieve your pain, and today we are sharing some of the best ones.


Best Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients For Pain Relief in 2021 Cherries

Besides their taste, chemicals called anthocyanins are the best thing you can find in a bowl of cherries. That’s what gives them their characteristic deep red color and a much more important feature, akin to a pain-killer. Anthocyanins have similar anti-inflammatory properties as those found in aspirin. It works by neutralizing the free radicals and stopping tissue inflammation at the same time. Other red berries, such as strawberries and raspberries also contain anthocyanins but to a lesser extent so they’re not as effective against inflammation as cherries are.


Best Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients For Pain Relief in 2021 Ginger

A sore throat, muscle pain, aches, or post-workout pain – all of that was solved with ginger for centuries and it’s completely understandable why. Ginger contains potent antioxidants that fight free radicals and so, ginger helps the pain go away! Use it in cooking or just put fresh ginger directly on your painful joints. Ginger has been proven to be particularly good at fighting osteoarthritic pain so if that’s what’s bothering you – ginger to the rescue. A note: be sure you use fresh ginger or properly stored ginger powder!

Cayenne Pepper

Best Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients For Pain Relief in 2021

As a general rule, the hotter the pepper, the more benefit it brings. This is all because of the compound called capsaicin which is responsible for depleting nerve cells of chemicals that transmit pain signals to the brain. That’s why cayenne pepper is commonly used for pain relief creams and ointments. As it is with ginger, quality storage is a must because it has a high amount of mold toxins in it. Cayenne is also packed with flavonoids and carotenoids that destroy free radicals and thus lower the cellular damage. Finally, cayenne’s hotness can raise core body and skin temperature and thus literally spice up your weight loss.


Best Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients For Pain Relief in 2021 tumeric

Used for centuries in Asian cuisine and medicine, turmeric is one of those herbs that can cure so many things. Studies attest to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, and many other characteristics thus confirming turmeric as a superhero among anti-inflammatory foods. This all is possible thanks to curcumin, turmeric’s powerful compound that reduces inflammation but has one major flaw. Namely, its bioavailability level is low meaning that it must be combined with some other ingredients to boosts its absorption. That’s why natural supplements with curcumin and phospholipids are so effective for pain relief.


Best Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients For Pain Relief in 2021 rosemary

This precious herb acts by increasing the activity of the enzyme called superoxide dismutase which is responsible for removing free radicals. This applies to cooked rosemary specifically, but that doesn’t mean fresh rosemary is not useful. Fresh rosemary inhibits the synthesis of some proteins that can trigger inflammation. So, besides its heavenly taste and smell, rosemary can work as a painkiller as well. Moreover, it can save cooking oil from oxidation and thus enhance the health benefits of every meal you prepare with oil. A miraculous herb, indeed.

Mother Nature has given us all-natural painkillers so why not make the most out of them? Get into the kitchen, enrich your next meal with anti-inflammatory ingredients, and do all that can be done to eradicate pain from your life so that you can savor every moment, in good health.

Do you eat anti-inflammatory foods? Let us know which ones in the comments at the bottom of this page! We want to hear from you. 

This article was written by Nicole Noel, a Guest Contributor


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  1. Thanks for the info, Honey.
    As you know I live in Grenada where turmeric is abundant, I grow it in my garden. Because it needs to be combined with something else, I add ginger to a drink I make, Put ginger, turmeric & honey in the blender, add water & blend until it forms a runny past. Strain it & add more water. I drink a 4 oz glass full every day.

  2. I use all of those foods. I drink Tart Cherry Juice mixed with a fizzy water daily. It helps with sleep also.

    I do a Golden Milk with my coffee and a pat of butter (instead of MCT oil) plus chocolate powder. I do this instead of breakfast.

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