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As Clouds Clear (The New Year 2021)

As Clouds Clear (The New Year 2021)

Darling, late yesterday I opened an envelope from our Colorado friends. It was their New Year’s card written in their words. As I read the words in the card I became more and more absorbed in their message and felt compelled to share it with you and hope you will think on it as I have.

I read the card to my Ultimate Concierge and then read the words again to myself, silently. And, I took note of how Barry’s photography blended so well with the title.

I am a Yankee Doodle Dandy. Since childhood, I have been a proud American and on my world travels in Syria and Iran I never held back saying, with a broad smile, “I am an American.”

I am so grateful to both of my grandfathers who had the courage to leave countries that had taken away their freedom and liberties and the wisdom to know to flee to the Greatest Country in the World, the United States of America.

Therefore, I dedicate the words in Barry’s and Arlene’s card to my grandfathers.

As Clouds Clear (The New Year 2021)

As Clouds Clear

Let’s refer to 2020 as, “the year that was”. It could not come to a close soon enough! We’ve been experiencing a war; the first invasion of America. This is the first time a menace has crossed our borders to inflict bodily harm by upending our daily lives. By rocking our sense of safety and confidence causing a real social and spiritual crisis. This has tested our patience, tolerance, resistance, resilience, and, our lifestyle. Is it possible to find some good in all this bad? Probably not, except for the realization that even a pandemic can’t keep us down.

We Must Work Together

It is time we call on discipline and teamwork to pull us through, as together we’ll sing in harmony from the same songbook, listening intently to the chorus and never trying to be a soloist. From fragility and vulnerability, a fierce sense of solidarity and fraternity will emerge.

Let’s shift our energies away from what we can’t control to what we can create. With “Georgia on our minds,” may our imagination transition us to recognize the goodness for which we stand. In the New Year, may hope, the comforting light in all of us, shine brightly as clouds clear.

My Ultimate Concierge and I hope the clouds clear for you and your family in Elsewhere. Let’s compare the New Year 2021 to a new chapter in our life and set one goal we know will make us happy.

Wishing you a healthy and sweet year in 2021.

Sending friendship and love from our home to your home,

Shelly, America, and Honey

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  1. Another lovely post and as usual thought provoking which is why I routinely check in on your site. I find myself “tagging” numerous articles and wondering if there is a way to tag within your site so I can have my own list of articles I wish to reread. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with all of us it’s a testament to your generous spirit. And best wishes to you and your family in the upcoming year!

    1. Thank you for checking in often. You might want to join my private FB group, GRANDwomen with Moxie. There is a constant exchange of ideas and we meet virtually one day a week on Zoom. I am with the group on Zoom. It is a small Zoom group. I will ask if you can tag within my site. Warmly, Honey

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