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Traveling to Bali cemented my belief in karma and serendipity. Come along and I’ll tell you why.

Honey's trip to Bali

I believe learning never stops. Thank goodness!” – Honey Good
My Ultimate Concierge asked me if I would like to travel to Bali, Indonesia. “Would I like to! I would love to!” I felt my heart go pitter-patter.
Shelly had a real estate convention. Afterward, he suggested we spend some quality time together, connecting and discovering Bali.
“Let’s stay a week after and spend alone time together,” he said.
I smiled and went to work with my well-traveled, travel agent. Darling, I have learned to use only a well-traveled agent who works in a large company. Just my advice. Anyway, I charged her with finding a perfect spot, away from the roaring crowd. She found a Shangri-La in the middle of a rice patty!


First I would love to tell you about the magical island of Bali. One thinks of Bali as an enchanting island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. A romantic paradise with fragrant flowers and lush foliage. And a community of citizens who have earned the well-deserved reputation of being the kindest human beings on earth.
That is why my heart will always beat with pleasure when I think of Bali. Thankfully, I have captured its essence forever. Along with some insight from three women I had the pleasure of meeting.
Looking back, I believe 3 women in Bali were meant to pass through my life because of circumstances beyond our control. Though I do believe in serendipity; that we make things happen. When you will it, chances are you will get it. I try try try to always see my glass as half full.
Instead of enlightening you about the geography and culture of Bali, I prefer to tell you three stories. Of three women and the emotional effect they had on me. Hopefully, they will affect your thinking, too.


The first special woman I will introduce you to is Parmini. She is a 30-year-old Balinese woman, married with a 6-month-old daughter. Parmini works as a private concierge at the resort where we stayed on Bali. Her lessons enhanced my belief in myself. She was the first greeter I met at our resort.
Sue is an American woman in her 80s who lived in Tokyo for several years. She was invited by the Prime Minister of Japan to work on his think tank. She speaks a multitude of languages and has lived on the island of Bali for over 20 years. Why did she move to Bali? Stay tuned, darlings, as I share her story and the impact she had on me.
Maya is from Romania and now resides outside Chicago with her husband and two little ones. Serendipity, my darlings. She is under 30-years-old, an attorney by degree. She’s the owner of a tea company that produces luxurious and natural teas. So, what drew me to her? Her purpose and passion.
Each of these women is exceptional. And, I think good karma had a hand in our meeting in Bali. Serendipity in some form!

Three Women Who Impacted My Life On Bali


“Hinduism teaches us to be emotionally disciplined.” – Parmini
At our resort, in Ubud, Bali, guests are assigned a concierge for their stays. Out of several concierges, Parmini was assigned to be ours. I said to my husband, “Now I have two concierges in my life,”
Parmini asked me why I had two. I explained to Parmini why I call Shelly my “Ultimate Concierge.” We all laughed good-naturedly at my good luck!
Parmini was the first person to greet us at our hotel. Her wide smile, her twinkling eyes and warm personality put me on an immediate high. Around my wrist, she tied the meaningful Balinese string to guard and protect me. Parmini and I bonded instantly. And, I felt that our connection was meant to be. Serendipity.
We spent almost one week together at the resort. She drove for us and made our dinner reservations. She came to our little home in the rice paddy to regulate the air conditioning or adjust the television.
Her assistance didn’t end there. Parmini also helped me with my iPhone or arranged for a driver for us to go into the town of Ubud, known for its culture. I was drawn to her and she was drawn to me. She told me several times, “Honey, I feel your strong energy.” I told her how fond I was of her and quizzed her about her family and customs. We drew close. When we left one another it was with a hug.


Next, Parmini explained to me that the Balinese people are of the Hindu faith. They believe that the sum of their actions in this life and past lives will determine their fate in future lives. This has a profound effect on their actions. THEY THINK TWICE BEFORE THE TALK ONCE.
Parmani said, “Who knows when you might need that neighbor! We always do unto others as they would want others to do unto them.”
The Hindu faith has produced a community of people on Bali. These people I can best describe as being emotionally disciplined. Because they know every action has a reaction.
The emotional attitude of a Balinese woman is not simple at all. She is mentally strong and knowing. She is disciplined.


On our last day together, Parmini told me that she followed me on Instagram and wanted to email me little stories of Hindu life on Bali.
You understand darling, one can have friendships that are multigenerational. It is healthy. We teach. We learn. They teach. They learn.
On our last day together before we said our goodbyes, I felt this young woman of 30 could give me sound advice. I told her of my three-year ongoing problem. I did not mention how I have been handling the situation, nor did she ask.
She told me that if she were in my shoes she would hold her thoughts private and remain silent. I asked her, “why?”
“Because,” she responded, ” I believe one should not lower themselves to the other person’s level. We believe in the end the truth will be known. It is a person’s karma.”
I told her I have taken the high road and kept my silence for three years. But that I question if I should continue to do that. With her laughing eyes and a marvelous big smile, she nodded, yes, and then took my hand and squeezed it. This young woman reinforced my decision.
I had no idea I was basing my actions on the Hindu faith… emotional discipline. Our meeting was meant to be. It was our karma. Our fate. Serendipity.

Three Women Who Impacted My Life On Bali


“I moved to Bali because I wanted a community.” – Sue
There are hundreds of towns, cities, and villages on Bali where Sue could have settled twenty-some years ago. As fate would have it she built her home twenty minutes away from the resort where we were staying. I know our meeting was meant to be. It was our karma.
Our parents had been friends and Sue is the cousin of my best friend, Gail. I met her a few times when we were children. So, I thought it would be very interesting to spend time with an American who made her home in Bali. I had heard over the years she led a very interesting life and it proved to be really outside the box.
We met a few times, at our resort, over dinner, and in a very special shop, Threads of Life, Indonesian Textile Arts Center. Sue had lived all over the world. London. Paris. Chicago. New York, Spain, and Japan. She is fluent in several languages. She still travels and her love for Bali only grows.
Sue moved to Bali because of the need for a community, her community.
Our conversation at our first meeting started with a question of mine. “Why did you leave the thriving city of Tokyo for the tiny town of Ubud?“
She answered me with one word: community. Bali’s culture is based entirely on community. On common interest, social values, and kindness to its citizens. Personal responsibility is the backbone of the community.


I got it right away. People need people. People thrive where there is common interest and common social values. And, a community made up of multigenerational groups of people who interact and bond with one another. She told me she has Balinese friends, ex-pat friends, young friends, and old friends. And friends in Bali from all parts of the world.
Sue’s happiness comes from the lifestyle that revolves around the community in Bali. Our quiet talks convinced me further that women need groups that will afford them the opportunity to bond. In my mind, serendipity and karma led us back to one another.
We parted after dinner. I told her when she came to the States I would love her to stay with us in Chicago. Hopefully, she will. We were destined to meet.
She reinforced my strong belief that women are happiest when they belong. Good karma came from our meeting.

Three Women Who Impacted My Life On Bali


 “I wish you a Zen day.” – Maya
When it comes down to it, I know meeting Maya was meant to be. Out of the blue our general contractor, Peter, stopped by our condo-in-the-sky and asked me a question. “Can I bring over some Maya Luxurious Tea for you to sample?”
I would never turn him down, so I said, “Sure.” Peter’s wife reads my musings and Peter is also the general contractor and friend of Maya and her husband.
Peter told Maya about HoneyGood.com. Maya liked my site because she felt we were ‘authentic’ women. Women who took pride in our work and believed in what we were doing. She felt our values were similar.
And, she saw a connection between my community of women and her luxurious, organic, natural teas. She wanted us to meet with the thought in mind that I might love her tea and give her tea a 5-star rating.
Peter brought over the product. I liked it very much. He wanted to set up a meeting between us.
I told Peter we were leaving for Bali. He texted me when he got home, writing, “Maya will be in Bali when you are there!”
If that isn’t good karma, darlings, I don’t know what is.
We met at our hotel. It turns out our hotels were five minutes away from each other.


Maya and I bonded. We have a multigenerational friendship. We spoke about her tea. I learned so much. She traveled to China with her husband to see the tea fields where the flowers of tea are grown. Her love for her product is total.
And, her story is like my story. We are passionate about what we do. We have purpose and know that ‘purpose takes years of germination.’ Good things take time and that is fine by us.
My young friend and I, along with our husbands, have plans for dinner in Chicago in the Spring. This is one of the quotes she recently sent to me: “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” –Budda


This is the story of the three women impacted my life in Bali. Isn’t it interesting how the twists and turns of life bring different people together? And how each of their beliefs and lifestyles can influence you. I think it is karma. Do you?

Who are the women that serendipity has brought into your life? Let me know if the comments at the bottom of this page! 

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*This post was updated on June 5, 2022

June 8, 2022

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  1. Sharron Gisler says:

    Dear Honey… I absolutely loved reading this! Your experience with these three exceptional women gave me much to think about. I even read parts of it to my husband. Thank you!

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      What parts did you read to your husband! I am so curious and I am smiling.I am thrilled you loved my story. Warmly, Honey

  2. Margaret O’Brien aka Gretta says:

    I read all of your musings Honey. I love them all, however, this special reading moved me to joyful tears. The sisterhood of women is a powerful gift. Thank you for sharing. It holds a five star status in my heart. Blessings to all of us ❤️❤️👠👠

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Dear Gretta, Thank you for your special words. Blessings and hearts and high heels back to you!!!! Warmly, Honey

  3. Susan says:

    Dear Honey,
    This is one of your most inspirational stories. You are first of all so open. Open to life and experiences that most of us don’t realize could be there for us if we are open.
    Second, you are welcoming to everyone. Always learning and sharing.
    Lastly, you are kind and thoughtful. You personally practice the same Hindi philosophy and perhaps never realized it. “For every action there is a reaction “, powerful, yet simple.
    I will try to practice this myself. You have shared a wonderful story. Thank you🙏

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Hi! How sweet of you to take the time to message me. I am smiling. We are home in California, safe and sound. I am so glad you are in my life. Friendship and love…Susan

  4. joni says:

    This was a joy to read. One of the things I love most in life is synchronicity. I think it tells us we’re on the right path in life.

  5. Sara Cass says:

    What a beautiful story. What was the name of your hotel in Bali? It sounds like a magical experience and I love the idea of a concierge.

  6. Diane says:

    I loved reading your article this morning, I enjoyed reading about the three women you wrote about. So interesting and inspirational.
    Thank you from Indio California.🌵🎄❤️

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      We are neighbors. I am in Rancho Mirage for the winter. I am so glad you enjoyed my musing. Warmly, Honey

  7. Susan "Honey" Good says:

    I am smiling!!!!! Warmly, Honey

  8. Laura Hart says:

    Hey ! Honey! Thank you for such a beautiful story , of 3 special ladies … I loved reading this so much… now I can start my day with these happy thoughts !! And am sharing with my daughter! It’s so interesting how other people live, and by making friends we’re ever u go is definitely a super good Karma thing. You could hav just gone to Bali and kept to yourself sat on a beach chair shopped alone ect… but you choose friendship! And that’s a wonderful story to share..

    • Honey Good says:

      It comes naturally to me. I live outside the box. I am glad I touched you. Your life will open up. All good! Warmly, Honey

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