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My Private Network, MOXIE! Goes Live This Week


Good morning, darlings. I have had an exceptionally challenging time setting up the MOXIE! private network. I survived ‘on my feet’ with a smile on my face because of dedicated help and I am, through and through, a woman with MOXIE!

I must compliment, congratulate and thank the 115 women who have signed up for the free MOXIE! Private Network because of their tenacity to try and understand and tackle its technology. Thank you, darlings and do stay involved. The best is yet to come, this week.

I realized after MOXIE! went live in BETA testing that some parts of the tech were too hard for me to master. I reached out to Susan Berman Hammer, a honey bee, and Akaisha, a Honey Good contributor, to help write a new set of more precise instructions. I also added a new page with the mission statement, a live welcome video, and other surprises. I want to thank Birdie de Quay and Ines Grzeslo for everything from A to Z, including content, technology, production, patience, podcasting, love, caring, and high performance.


As mentioned, there are 115 women (oh have they shown MOXIE!) who have joined MOXIE!, my free private network group for Honey Good women and their friends. My dream, which I hope will be become my reality, is for MOXIE! to grow into a private and massive network of better than 50 women who will join groups of their choosing or start their own group and meet their MOXIE! sisters through conversation. Groups work! Women need women.

Introducing MOXIE!

Introducing a community for women after 50, MOXIE! Moxie is a slang word for attitude. Attitude is a viewpoint, a feeling, a stance. Every woman has MOXIE! It is her spirit, her courage, her energy, her backbone, her skill, her pride and her daring. She may have a quiet strength to face difficulty or a smile that lights up a room. Every woman has her own personal moxie running through her veins.

That is why I named our new community for women after 50,  MOXIE! It is a feel-good word and that is what we women should aspire to from 50 years of age to 100 and beyond, God-willing.

I have not met a woman who does not want to share her insights, her skills, her trials, and tribulations, with other women, strangers included. Two women sitting next to one another on a flight usually know each other’s life history by the time the flight lands! My pooch, America, would not be snuggled next to me if a woman I had never laid eyes on hadn’t asked me overhearing a conversation on a flight to Chicago, “What breed of dog did you have?” Our discussion led me to her friend who wound up helping me find my new pooch, named America. Darlings, we are connectors because we have MOXIE!


This tiger originally belonged to my Grandmother, clearly, she too had MOXIE!

A Community for Women After 50: The MOXIE! Meet Ups

From experience, I know that meet up groups of women work. My last meet up was in our home. I invited women from the ages of 28 to 97. There were nine of us, and most of the women had never met. After five minutes there was non-stop chatter for the next 2 1/2 hours! Age did not matter. Conversation mattered.

I know many of you by name, and I have a sense of many of your personalities because I so enjoy replying to your comments.

I would love to know about your careers, hobbies, and interests. What group(s) would you like to join?

I do not know how many of you are career women. I do not know your professions. Would you share?

I do not know if you are committed gardeners, world travelers, foodies, artists, readers and moviegoers, family psychologists, involved in wellness, understand the financial questions women over 50 wonder about and are afraid to ask. In short, I would love to hear more about what gives you MOXIE!

Would You Like To Participate in A Community for Women After 50?

I am curious if you might be interested in becoming a leader of a group on MOXIE!? You would choose your area of expertise and short volunteer periods of time. I do not know if you are looking for a new endeavor to fill a little bit of your time. Are you skilled in technology? These things and more, I would love to know. Please, do tell!

MOXIE! works like Facebook but this community for women after 50 will be private to the site. As a group leader, you would set up your own group page within the MOXIE! community, select a topic and title and then invite others who are interested in your topic to engage with you about your topic on your own group page within Honey Good.

What Will Our Community For Women After 50 Be Like?

It will be organic engagement, and you will be the leader and catalyst for member engagement. You can post photos, too, just like Facebook and it won’t be difficult.

I love being the leader of a group. A good leader is warm, open, interested, dedicated and loves bringing women together to ‘talk.’ Talking creates sharing. Sharing allows women to grow and solve and learn through interaction with a community of women after 50. It is a win-win for all. And, it is so special because sometimes a woman is a helper and sometimes she needs the help and advice of the other women in the group.

Are you interested in leading your own group on MOXIE! or perhaps you just want to become a member? Please share your thoughts either in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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  1. What a great idea. It should be very enriching. However, I will not be joining a Moxie Group for several reasons.

    I am rather isolated from you base in location. I live in SW Florida year round. But, how I love reading your musings each day. I love the Chicago references. And Kankakee By the Sea was my wonderful growing up place, too. KHS Class of 60 binds us together.

    I am blessedly surrounded by family here. Two daughters, 2 sons-in-love, 5 grands and 2 great grands are all within a short drive. So each week is full of love filled occasions.

    I am actively involved in my community and in a wonderful church. I have no lack of women in my life for meaningful conversation and relaxing times together. From Book Club, Bridge Games, Church Choir, and my daily exercise regime, I feel totally fulfilled.

    My spouse is my best friend and though he suffers from many health issues, we share a lot of meaningful time with family, church and each other.

    I am wishing you well in this exciting new outreach. Looking forward to your book release, too. Keep up the good work!!

  2. I love reading your posts! Please give more insight into how to adapt to an aging body…whats the best kind of bra to wear so I look good in my stylish clothes? I will be 59 in Dec and things dont fit the same on my body. I love to dress fashionable but I want it to look good. You have given good fashion advice, but what about the foundations, the “unmentionables”?

  3. Hi Honey, Moxie – love it, have it, share it, surround myself with other women who definitely have it! I am 66 and my passion for the last 8 years has been tap dancing! I am one of the “youngsters” in my group of dancers. I tap for 2 fabulous instructor who are 83, formerly professional dancers, and they could be on the poster for the “moxie club” for amazing senior women! They are not the oldest of the dancers – that would be the amazing 94 year old that teaches all of us to keep on keeping on with joy and spunk!

    Our group is 60 strong and we learn new dances yearly in 6 classes, and will then perform in the spring and fall for our local retirement homes and rehab facilities in our area. We add bling, sparkle and pizzazz and entertain to bring smiles and encouragement! Two particular highlights to our year are performing in the amazing
    St. Louis Senior Olympics Tap Exhibition and at the Missouri History Museum.

    But wait — there’s more! Did you know that there is a Ms. Senior America organization? Many states participate in this non profit organization that celebrates women over 60 – The Age of Elegance. I was the First Runner-Up in the 2016 Ms Missouri Senior America pageant in St. Louis. Yes – complete with a panel of judges, gown presentation, solo talent (tap dancing) and stating our philosophy of life!! It was amazing and now I am part of a sisterhood of ladies who perform throughout our area and any monies earned we return to local charities. The winner of our local pageant in 2016 went on to become Ms. Senior America after participating in the National pageant in Atlantic City.

    Moxie Moxie Moxie – I adore it and am so blessed to be surrounded by amazing, supportive women who exhibit it everyday. Your topic today obviously unleashed a strong reaction in me to share something with you. After all, you have shared so much with me for the past few years that I have been enjoying your blog.

    And by the way, I loved your sharing about your experience with Orchid and welcoming your new puppy. Guess what – we pick up our new Havanese puppy in less than 2 weeks. I must say, reading your blog made me realize I missed having a little fur ball around to enjoy and spoil. So thanks for that and for all your encouragement and joy you spread!

    Know I will continue to spread my moxie to those around me, but I really do not have the extra time to do it “officially” in your group.

    1. Would love to have you, Marta. Go to, my website, and scroll down to the sign up on the homepage. Sign up and voila, you are a joiner!!! Warmly, Honey

  4. Sounds fun! I wish I was creative enough to start a group similar to MOXIE. I live in the mountains of North Carolina. I am 60 and still work as a Business Office Manager/Bookkeeper/CSR. I am single and I have one daughter but no grandchildren😞 I enjoy being outdoors enjoying nature. I like to read. I also enjoy very much your emails.

    1. Join our MOXIE! online family. Go to and on the homepage, you will see the sign-up. Warmly, Honey

  5. NYT 11/11/18 article so resonated with me!! I moved recently to a place where unfortunately I do not feel a connection. Friends and family not close so your opportunity feels freshly welcoming…but would likely start as an out of town group…almost like a weekly «chat room ». Any precedents for that model?

    1. Please join our online MOXIE!group on Go to the home page and follow the prompts. There will be all type of group meetups. It will be our own private FaceBook. You might want to be an Ambassador, a leader of a group. Maybe name it “the out of town group. I will send your email address to Susan Berman Hammer. She is part of the Honey Good team. If you are not interested in being a group leader you can just join, if you wish. It is free. Warmly, Honey

  6. I would like to be a group leader. I live in Manhattan and am trained as a family therapist. I am looking for my next chapter and this might be a wonderful addition.

    1. How wonderful. I will send your name to Susan Berman Hammer who is on the Honey Good team. She will contact you. So wonderful to have you. Warmly, Honey

  7. I would like to join a Moxie group in Chicago/Evanston area. I’m a recently retired attorney and moved back to the Midwest a few months ago. My passions are travel, art, and reading. Any group out here?

  8. Honey, I loved the NY times article. I am very interested in starting something similar here in the DC metro area. While I am 65, and still working full time, one of my good friends is 24. We share, support and learn from each other. I would love to create a group where women young and old can build relationships.
    I would love to hear from you.

    1. Groups are wonderful. Please sign up for our online MOXIE! groups. It is private and will work like facebook but there will be different groups to get involved in. Go to and sign up for MOXIE! Follow the prompts. It is free.

    2. Karen Reiner, would like to be in your Moxie! group, especially if you’ve found a way to get a mix of young women and retired and active people like me. I live in Fairfax County. See details below on my reply of 02/04/19.

  9. I feel as if I’ve fallen down the most delightful rabbit hole and been invited to tea with the the Queen and all her ladies in waiting.

    I am 57 years old and live in Kansas City, MO. I have felt invisible the three years as my career has stalled due to changing degree requirements. Lack of finances keep me from pursuing the additional education I would need. As a result, I find myself having to learn to identify myself separate from my career. I also have to figure out a future with less earning potential.

    I need the wisdom of older women. I would also like to connect with younger women to find out how I might respond to their concerns.

    I am excited about Moxie. I am a newbie to the group and need some time to learn what I may have to offer. Perhaps, in time, as I build confidence, I could lead a group. I am a social gerontologist by training and have become very interested in the concept and process of generativity. I’d love it learn how other older woman support younger people.

    Thanks so much for this site, your enthusiasm and your dedication to bringing together the generations.

    1. You are so special. I adore your quote. I sent your quote and name and email to Ines. She is in charge of MOXIE! She will answer your questions. I think you should consider leading a group. You have so much to offer us. Just leap in, feet first. I have done that all my life and that is why I am visible and vital. Thank you so much for writing to me. Warmly, Honey

  10. Hi Honey,
    Thanks for your great insights and organization. I live in LA (Studio City) and would love to lead or participate in a Moxie group. I have signed up for Moxie so just let me know how I can help to get this organized for the LA area.

  11. I’m looking forward to Moxie! My life has been interesting, and like many women, at times extremely challenging. I raised myself from the age of 13, and failed too many times to mention; but I’m happy that I listened to life, worked through the pain it can bring, and ultimately grew into the always changing “me”. I raised two children and found true love at age 62. I’ve owned several businesses and was a Interior Designer, traveled, lived and worked in Europe, passionate about good healthy food and cooking, involved in being my own health advocate and found that many problems have been due to food here in the U.S. I retired and moved to central Florida on the gulf coast and redefine my life daily. I’ve learned that boundaries in life are where you place them. As I get older my thought that life isn’t a dress rehearsal becomes truer with each new day. I’m excited to hear about other women’s journeys and some day would love to meet you.

    1. Your life sounds like mine though I did not raise myself. I would like to meet you someday, too. One never knows. I am so glad you are looking forward to MOXIE! It is going to happen almost immediately. Warmly, Honey

  12. I’m interested in becoming a group member. I’m 68, live in south Florida and I’m a Wellness Coach. I’m active on Instagram @coachmaggy and love seeing women thrive!

    1. I would love to have you! Please go to and you will see a prompt on the home page that asks you to sign up or you will see in the navigation bar, bemoxienow. Follow the prompts. If you have a problem write to me at Welcome to our group. After you sign up and log in you can join group(s) or start your own group. You may also invite your friends to join. Please wait a few days because we are in the process of making bemoxienow more tech-friendly. It will be up and running by the end of this week. You can try now, if you wish. Warmly, Honey

    1. I would love to have you be the leader of a group! You can invite your friends and others to join your group and you can join other groups. Just sign up and log in and follow the prompts. Please wait until the end of the week because we are making bemoxienow more tech-friendly. Warmly, Honey

  13. I am retired and live in Northern Virginia. Am active in my church, community service projects, Toastmasters, a financial book club, and Life with Cancer. In my spare time I look after pets in people’s homes mostly while they travel – more for fun than for profit. Everyone loves talking about their pets and I have lots of pet stories. I will be 73 soon.

    In my former life I worked in the corporate headquarters of MCI and General Dynamics as an executive assistant to corporate officers.

    I’m interested in being an attendee or participant, not a leader. However, if Moxie! is Facebook based, I will not participate. I closed my FB account last year. My friends call it MeanBook and talk about the nasty posts they see all the time. So I wiped it out of my life.

    I saw a response here from someone in the DMV area who offers to be a leader. Happy to be introduced and work with her.

    1. I would love to have you join, MOXIE! It is like facebook, but it is PRIVATE so it is just honey good women and their friends who are allowed to sign up on MOXIE! Please wait until the end of the week because we are making MOXIE more tech-friendly. Warmly, Honey

    1. I would love to have you. Go to and look for the sign-up on the home page. Please wait until the end of this week because we are making MOXIE more tech-friendly. I am thrilled to have you!!! Warmly, Honey

  14. Would I start a group in the MILW area? That is where I live. Only on FB or where?
    My other concerns are keeping it upbeat. Do not want to listen to Downer Debbies..those that want sympathy but never seek solutions to problems. Support, yes. Listening, yes. But……..
    You probably have met people like that

  15. I would love to join a MOXIE group but not be a leader. I moved to Chicago/Evanston area 2 years ago after spending my life in NYC. I have adjusted but it took time! I see there is someone else who wants to join the MOXIE community from Evanston/Chicago area.

    1. Join MOXIE online on Monday. You will receive an email to join Moxie in your inbox. Welcome. Keep in touch with me and let me know it all worked out. If you have a problem I will get help for you. Warmly, Honey

    1. If you have signed up for and I am sure you are sighed up, on Monday you will get an email from Honeygood on how to sign up for MOXIE! Welcome. Warmly, Honey

    1. If you are signed up for and I think you are, you will receive an email in your inbox on Monday to sign up. If you have already signed up go to and look at the top of the home page. You will see bemoxienow. Click on it and you will be in the site. Go to the how-to on the left side and follow what you are supposed to do. I hope this helps. Warmly, Honey

    2. go to or go to my site and you will see the sign-up. If you have a problem write to for help. Her name is Susan. Thank you for joining or wanting to join. Warmly, Honey

  16. Hi Honey, I live in NYC and would love to part of a ‘moxie’ group but don’t think I would like to leave one. I would help organize!

    1. You will receive an email from honey good to register for Moxie. Follow the prompts when you receive the email to join Moxie. Let me know if it all works out. Warmly, Honey

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