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Honey Good in Home, KonMarie organization

Creating a semblance of order from within is the key to eliminating chaos in your life. I wanted to discuss this because spring is the time for bringing order into your home. 

It is wise to start from within. This is something I have learned from personal experience. And also my own inner tumult from my business.

I suggest you consider doing what I did. I confronted my ‘mental closet’ for clarity and Marie Kondo for her organizing skills. Because there are often moments when I pray for lucidity. My mind is abuzz with the accumulation of a variety of ‘things. It needs a spring cleaning! 

There will always be the ‘things’ to get done and the projects that need me. There are life’s problems to deal with, remembering a birthday,  staying in touch with family and close friends. Also, work in the community, bills to be paid, plants to be watered, the disposal needs fixing. There are trips to plan, shopping, and of course the unexpected. 

I tell my Ultimate Concierge that I am busier now than I have ever been. And though I am glad, I decided it was the right time for mental introspection.


A few months ago, quite by accident, I came across the Marie Kondo method. She is a Japanese organization specialist. I highly recommend her book, which is a best seller. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I hurried and bought mine and it has been a lifesaver.

Her philosophy is to keep only those things that speak to your heart and discard items that no longer spark joy. She also says you should tidy by category, not location. She has four categories and makes a checklist for each. 

As I read about the Marie Kondo method I also took note that she had an app. It did not speak to my mental closet but it spurred me on to look for others. I did and downloaded two apps for decluttering. 

Under My Roof – record all the details and important records about your home and what’s in it. 

FlyLadyPlus – breaks the home down into zones and gives you cleaning lists. Also, a fun daily mission for 1 zone to focus on each week. 

They speak to my style. 


My home is now almost organized. I am still in the throws of my clothes and my papers but am getting a handle on them. I bought color-coordinated folders and files for my papers. I decided on my categories: yellow for family, green for finances, blue for household, etc., and a label maker. (My label maker is so cute!) Little by little I am tossing and organizing. 

For my clothes, I rehired the same woman from California Closets. She did our storage room and our entertainment center to do a new design for my tiny closet. She arrived in our condo-in-the-sky and took inventory of everything. My shoes, handbags, blouses, dresses, slacks, and so on. Then went to her drawing board and designed an upgraded closet. 

It is not a dream closet due to the space. But I am going to make it glamorous with a wallpapered ceiling and a french chandelier! They’re installing it on June 7and 8th. At that time I will show you the before and after photos. 

I have been working on organizing and simplifying our home for months because it is my refuge. I know that part of a joyful life is to have my home and my mind co-exist with orderliness. “Tidy by category and not by location,” is one of the best lessons Marie Kondo taught me. I followed her advice on this to a tee!


Honey Good's California Closets pantry


A favorite word of mine is simplify. Cleansing our home and my cluttered mind was like going on an archeological dig in the holy lands! 

I found my first pair of bronzed baby shoes alongside of my daughters! 

Treasures I found: 

  • Copies of letters I wrote to my grandmother
  • Saved cards and letters from my children, grandchildren, parents
  • The first letter my late husband, Michael wrote to me
  • My ultimate concierge’s notes and cards and letters 
  • Gifts from girlfriends
  • Letters from my father
  • Little gifts tucked away that mean only something to me.  

On and on I dug and truly loved every minute of the experience. 

As I dug and dug I have found there is no better way to live in one’s home than to … Simplify! Simplify! And Simplifly! By category, of course.


My mental closet is another matter! I am working on creating an orderly plan. I am not entirely there and never will be completely. But I am using a  personal system that works for me. 

You see my outside world is filled with so many passions. That is why I say “I am so busy I am dizzy” or “I am so frazzled but dazzled.” 

My passions are authentic. They infuse my life with energy. My passions are often subtle and quiet but deep. Whether it’s walking my pooch, America, or planting a water garden. Or taking my time to write loving messages on birthday cards. Learning, trip planning, politics, reading, and writing. Alone time with my thoughts, pilates, and lots of laughter.

Honey Good's notebook that she travels with


I have tried many ways to establish a manageable  process of ‘mind orderliness!’ Everyone has to figure out what works best for them. 

I use my Apple and iPhone calendar. I have three computers and they all sync to one another. I no longer use a handwritten one.

I keep a  notepad by my side and write down at the spur of the moment whatever comes to my mind that I feel is pertinent.  I scribble it all down and cross through it when I complete the task. This easy plan is ideal for me because it works!

I bought my notebook at a boutique, but here is a pretty one I found.

When I am away from home, I carry a little notebook with me to jot down thoughts. It is my little bible and I highly recommend everyone carry one. The amount of short tidbits I take in a day is amazing and proves fruitful. I assume some of you use notes on your iPhone. I do use the note App for other things and highly recommend it but I prefer writing down my thoughts in my little notebook. 

I hope you all live passionate, and not passive lives. I find it is so important to give outward expression to your passions. If you don’t you will feel joyless. 

And I hope you will join me in gaining simplicity and order. Not only in your home, but in your life and mind.

Do you feel your life, mind, and home are organized? What methods do you use? Please share in the comments.

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May 15, 2022

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