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The summer is nearly upon us and I trust some of you are traveling somewhere fabulous and will likely end up in an airport.

However, if you are flying to your stunning destination, it is easy to arrive looking — and feeling — less than stunning yourself. You know the look: The puffy-eyed, flat-haired, dry-skinned mess that looks back at you in the mirror after a long flight.

A few key accessories are all you need to get that fresh-faced look anywhere you go. You can satisfy your wanderlust while looking and feeling wanderful. Here’s how to master airport chic…


Forget primping your hair for air travel. The time spent blow-drying, straightening, or curling your locks could be better spent catching extra Zs before your long flight.

Instead, do yourself a favor and throw on a stylish hat. Trust me, after hours of fidgeting for comfort in less-than-spacious seats on the plane, your ‘do will quickly turn into a don’t.

A hat is just the thing to wear for your travels. You can strut through the airport with confidence.

I adore this feminine, floppy-brim fedora.  Even tousled, airplane hair can look chic when kept under wraps.

RAG & BONE Floppy Brim Fedora


Flight cabins aren’t exactly designed with spa-level comfort in mind. Recycled air, cramped spaces, and fluctuating temperatures work against efforts to remain fresh.

I don’t love poor air circulation and cabin pressure, but I do love getting the chance to visit places I’ve never seen and meet people with fresh perspectives on life!

A smile and a pair of dark aviator sunglasses keep things in perspective if you ask me.

A chic pair of “sunnies” — as my Grands call them — impart a cool, no-nonsense look while doing double duty as a tired-eye cover-up.

kate spade new york Dalia Aviator Sunglasses - airport chic


When it comes to airport style, the goal is comfort, darlings!

Did you know that mile-high air pressure causes the body to swell?

Try opting for casual, simple-colored pieces that add an element of elegance to any ensemble.

And, prepare to feel good by wearing clothes that you feel good in! This is the true secret to effortless style. Airplanes can be cold (or hot) so donning layers is a must.

For example, combine dark leggings that allow some wiggle room with a loose blouse. And then layer it with something like this double-breasted cashmere cardigan. Talk about a relaxed yet elegant look.



Your simple ensemble calls for a pop of color to keep things interesting.

A statement tote in a vibrant color is a must for stylish travelers. Not only does this type of roomy bag store the essentials you’ll need at the airport, it also provides a centerpiece for your entire look.

This gorgeous tote is only $I05 and adore it! What do you think?

airport chic - Kate Spade tote bag

What are your favorite tips for traveling in style? Let me know in the comments at the bottom of this page! 

**Honey Good may receive a small commission for items purchased through links on this site. This helps us with the costs of maintaining this site.

June 14, 2022


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  1. Madeleine Costello says:

    The best thing I wear when exiting a long plane ride from Florida to California is the biggest smile when I see my grandchildren. I can only think how fast I can get through the crowds until I see them. Ohhh that feeling. At this stage in my life that’s my best look. A great big smile! I’m

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