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Pondering The Month of January 

The first week of January, I pondered. And, it felt good. I cleansed my mind of the unnecessary. I also cleaned my closet and my social life of “no longer wants.” And it was as refreshing as knowing, age is just a number. That is the attitude of a GRANDWoman with moxie. If you have not done your pondering, there is the month of February, the month of relationships and love.

Week two of the month of January, I was on a high because I just knew in my heart and soul I had to take a stand on the principles my father and grandfather passed down to me. In the end, the result made me feel as happy as a clam because the decisions made others happy. Age brings the gift of freedom of the tongue! That is a GRANDWoman with moxie.

Age Is Just a Number

In the third week of January, age was really just a number! It was a whirlwind of physical traveling and emotional stimulation. Of course, I had my Ultimate Concierge with me for support and safety and he had me, his elixir. We flew, with our pooch America, from California to Chicago for a day to see my mom and a few friends. A day later we flew to New York for two days. I was hired to do my first national commercial as an Ambassador and influencer for a wonderful company. To undertake this new experience at this stage of life, alone on a set with professional videographers and photographers and makeup artists, learning lines and on and on, gave credence that age is just a number. 

At our age, Darlings, go for it. Don’t live in the box. Let your heart sing and let it take you where you dream of going. Dreams become reality if you want it and you…try, try, try. A GRANDWoman with moxie tries to make dreams a reality.

My Ultimate Concierge renewed his United Nation’s Pass at the UN. How is that for a man of his age?  

Back To Chicago 

After our whirlwind trip to New York, we flew back to Chicago for one more day because I had my dreaded six-month Cat Scan and a visit with my surgeon for results.

A GRANDWoman must be proactive about her health. I admit, I am filled with fear that begins days before the dreaded Cat Scan, but fear does not win over wisdom. I look past my fear and know… if I am proactive about my situation my devoted husband will have his wife, my children and grandchildren will have their mom and grandma, my mother will have her daughter, and last but not least my daughter law Jami will have me. A GRANDWoman with moxie does not let fear run her life… she lets wisdom drive her decisions.  


During my time in Chicago, I spent as much time as possible with my mother. We had dinner one evening and on the eve before we left for Rancho Mirage I spent a few hours with my mom in her apartment, late into the evening. She looked so small sitting up in her bed. I felt a heaviness in my heart, a sadness until… her smallness vanished as soon as we began our conversation. Her laugh was exuberant, filled with lively energy and excitement. Her thoughts were in the present. She was involved in the conversation. This woman, this mother of mine was 98 years young!

I left her with a hug and a kiss and the same last comment. “Wait for me to come back. Promise?” She smiles and says, “So long.” She never says, goodbye.

Outside her apartment in front of the bank of elevators sits two chairs. I sat down on one of the chairs and thought about my mother and the gifts she left me in my head.

Her jewels of wisdom and love of visiting the unknown. Her taste and dedication to marriage and her love of life… to take a big bite out of it and of course… age is just a number. 

If you are fortunate to have a mother, find time out of your busy life to spend with her. A mother is a gift.  


I think about my daughters and all of my grands in our blended family. I hope I have left something in their heads especially to see their glass half full, to watch their backside, to work hard and to be curious about everything.  

That is our role as GRANDWomen with moxie, Darlings. To leave our children and grandchildren with our lessons in their heads. That is the greatest gift we can leave them. Never stop until your last breath.


I am the author of the book Stories For My Grandchild. It is a keepsake journal for you and me to leave the history of our family tree and our personal story about our lives written down for eternity. It is a treasure and if you choose to buy one for your grands, your goal is not to candy coat your life story but to share the real you. You will be able to tell them about the importance of good values. Your struggles, your big disappointments, and accomplishments during the stages of life. Your first kiss and your dreams for them. It is a book not only to record your family life over the generations but to leave your wisdom in their heads.

A GRANDWoman with moxie shares her life with her grands.


The following day we flew back to Rancho Mirage to settle into a quiet lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of my beloved Chicago. 

The past week was filled with love, newness, fear, excitement, gratitude and the proof that as far as my Ultimate Concierge and I are concerned and let’s not leave out my mother: Age is just a number. That is how a GRANDWoman with moxie should feel.

The 4th week of the month of January is now upon me. What will it bring? Who knows. I will enjoy dancing to my own drummer; enjoying life on my terms, dealing with #13, my computer and Andrew, my teacher. I will spend time with my Ultimate Concierge and America, talk to my children and my mom and text my grands, write my musings and spend time working with my Honey Bees. And, I will look forward to more whatever it is.

A GRANDWoman with moxie is always ready for more! Are you? That is my message thus far for the month of January, Darlings.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Please think about the month of January, week by week.

What were your thoughts?

Did you do what you enjoy? What did you do that you don’t have to do and did not enjoy? Did you feel calm or restless? What is your dream for February? Can you think of one thing you would like to add to your life? Is there a relationship you want to end? What about a relationship you want to explore? How about travel? Are you living outside the box or is fear stopping you? Lot’s to consider, Darlings. Reach into your thoughts and dance to your own drummer. Amen.



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January 26, 2020

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  1. L says:

    Happy Sunday Honey

    Your mother is a beautifull person I can tell in that picture by her kind eyes like yours !!!

    It brought me to tears thinking of my mother that passed away 3 years ago 😇

    I do the same every january I clean my closets drawers start fresh get a new hairstyle 🙂 refresh my makeup wardrobe it’s like therapy and a new outlook on things 🙂
    Enjoy your day with your pooch and hubby
    Xo L

  2. Bonnie says:

    Your visit with your mother brought a tear of my own memory. My mother lived in Florida and I was living in Hawaii. She’d had a severe heart attack and was in the intensive care unit of the hospital (she was 84 years old). The fear of losing her and not being able to be with her was overwhelming. I sold my Hawaii condo (that I’d lived in for 22 years), shipped my belongings and my car, and flew to Florida. When I arrived at the hospital, straight from the airport, she was sitting in a chair by her bed, she too looked so small to me. We talked and I reassured her that I was there to stay. The next morning she was moved to a regular hospital room. A few days later she was released and we enjoyed our time together for the next year and a half. I was able to say my final goodbye, then care for my dad who lived to be 92 years old.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      You are the most wonderful daughter. I hope you are enjoying your life in Florida. You deserve the best because you gave the best of yourself. I applaud your caring ways. More people should be like you,Bonnie. The world would be a kinder and more loving place. Aloha, Honey

  3. Carlene says:

    Awesome article!!! I’ve been saying “age is just a number” for years. I delight in people doing things that defy some people’s expectations of “acting out age.” I feel life is too short; do whatever you want!

  4. Catherine says:

    My five year old grand says she is going to ride her Power Wheels to heaven to pick me up someday!

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