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Why GRANDWOMEN With Moxie Need Casual Friendships

 A GRANDWOMEN with Moxie needs casual acquaintances in her life. The more acquaintances she has the more information she will gather and the more interesting her life will become. When a woman expands her connections she will also feel a sense of belonging instead of feeling lonely.

I know casual attachments are considered low hanging fruit to many, but not to me. My casual friendships have added a wealth of joy to my life. I have had hundreds of interesting conversations with new acquaintances of all ages and some eventually become old acquaintances and a few have become close friends.


A casual meeting with a stranger changed my life.

“If you keep a journal for three months and never miss a day writing, you will find your voice,” said Gail on our first meeting.

I took her advice and my life changed forever. She was not a close friend or a casual friend; she was a low hanging fruit on the tree of friendship and her advice changed my life. Would I have become a writer? I doubt it. Would I author a book? No. Would I own an Internet Company? Not a chance, Darlings.

Several years ago a new neighbor moved in across the hall. Today she is like the sister I never had and a blessing in my life. 

I could share several more of these stories. And, I know most of you know what I am talking about and could share your stories with me. So, please don’t shy away from this type of connection at this stage of your life.

As well, I can’t even tell you how much I have learned! And oh how I have laughed and talked and listened to topics I knew little or nothing about; some having a great effect on me, peaking my fancy in all directions.

Darlings, this will happen to you as well at this stage in your life.  


There are those of us who choose to connect ourselves to a group; they are called clicks. You, too, should do some floating because you see, Darlings, people we are close to, know the same things we know. They do the same things we do, so we don’t expand our information.

GRANDWOMEN with Moxie realize the importance of casual friendships. In order to lead a more exhilarating existence, we have to learn from people we don’t know because acquaintances can open up the pathway to exciting rewards.


When we approach the time in our lives when we downsize and move away from familiar communities we have to restart our lives or loneliness will invade your new life. That restart could be your church, a sports group, a volunteer group, or you might consider becoming a docent at a museum or stopping at the dog park with your pooch.

People need people so you are not alone. There are plenty of people who are lonely and looking for stimulating conversation. New acquaintances will be eager to exchange conversations. Seek out places where you know you fit and look around for women who mirror you. 

Start your new endeavor having one or two acquaintances. They will probably connect you with a larger circle of people and voila! You are on your way. I am smiling!


I know some of you are widowed or divorced or retired. Others of you have adult children and grandchildren who moved away. Or you have moved to start a new beginning.  But remember Darlings, you are not alone. 

I realize that many of you may be shy and fear the fear of the unknown. You know my saying, “If you don’t try you will never know.” Please take a deep breath and don’t let fear stand in the way of taking your first step. You are women filled with wisdom and you are interesting. You have a lot to offer so put on your smile, hold your shoulders back and walk tall, put a smile on your face and say, “Hi!”

I know your first step will become a second and third step and new experiences will brighten your daily life. 

A GRANDWOMAN with Moxie dares herself to dare. Her power is her authenticity, the ability to show her vulnerability. Make a plan to add other GRANDWOMEN and oh how grand it might be!


Join a group you will enjoy and that has a member or two you know. This will ease your fear.

I know meeting new women can be intimidating. Remember that other women feel as you do and they are eagerly waiting for someone like you to take the first step and say hi. 

When we are younger, our casual acquaintances are 60%, and our close friends are 10%. After age 50 the 60% becomes 75% and close friends are 5%. So, Darlings, there are several GRANDWOMEN looking for casual friendships. 

As well, accept an invitation even if you rarely go out and prefer your solitude. Step out of your comfort zones!

Join an online community. Did you think about that? You may find some women in your community who are just your cup of tea. This type of meeting can let you test the waters from afar. Stay tuned for my new Facebook Group next month, this may help you. 


I hope I have wet your appetite to venture into the casual friendship arena.

Everything new is a bit scary but everything new has the potential to be very nice and even very exciting.

Think positive, Darlings, and go out there and meet other GRANDWOMEN like you.

Where do you like to meet friends? 

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