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How To Buy the Best Calendars for 2020

It is hard to know how to buy the best calendars for 2020. Purchasing the right calendar is harder than buying a house! This is my personal opinion.

Think about it. For starters, there are two main categories of calendars: digital and paper (printed). A calendar records 12 months of your life! You purchase it with 365 blank squares that ultimately will turn into your 2020 life story. This is a big deal! There are what seem to be endless types of handwritten calendars you can order, and there are several online digital calendars and apps. You must take your time to investigate many calendars, or place your trust in me!

We all have various appointments, birthdays and anniversaries, trips and social engagements, and ya-de-da’s to record in such small spaces! Not only does our chosen calendar have to fit our daily needs, but it also needs to be attractive, and have extra space for notes.

Best Calendars for 2020

My Current Digital Calendar

Currently, I use the free digital calendar from Apple to record all my personal, social activities. I categorize my personal items as: Girly Stuff, Social Evening Events, Travel, Family Birthdays, Friend’s Birthdays, Doctors Appointments and Family. Each category is color-coded, and my dates sync to all my computers, my iPhone and my Apple Watch.

But, am I happy with my calendar system?

Yes, and no. Yes, because I have my iPhone with me at all times to record dates, appointments and phone numbers when I am away from home. This calendar works very well for me. I am relieved not to have written notes to record on slips of paper when I arrive home. The double delight is that every appointment automatically records to my computers at home. This helps keep my day flowing smoothly. I also like the option to receive notifications of upcoming events.

Therefore, if you are computer savvy (at least a little bit) I would suggest using a digital calendar mainly for the convenience.

The negative aspect of a digital calendar, for yours truly, and possibly for you, is that my Apple calendar does not provide me with total organization. My needs require two digital calendars: one for family and my private life, and one for business. I also need a paper notebook because I love, love, love to write down my notes. I carry a little notebook with me to record thoughts in the moment, but I also need a larger paper notebook for my desk.

Define Your Needs

As I muse about how to buy the best calendars for 2020, my needs become clearer and clearer. The first step of this new adventure is completed. I will continue to use my free Apple calendar for my personal life, and I will continue my search for a new calendar for my business needs. Perhaps it will be a combination of a digital calendar and a large, printed calendar where I can record my notes and lists by hand. I think that I’m getting closer. Here’s what I’ve found:

Focus On Your Options


I mentioned above that the calendar system I choose had to be attractive and function well. This, my Darlings, is an individual decision that has to do with your personality. I am a visual person and like a full picture of the month to visualize at a glance, so I want a month-at-a-glance. I also want my calendar to be pleasing to my eye. Personality matters when you are choosing how to buy the best calendar for 2020!


I like to have my calendar with me at all times. That means a mobile, digital phone with a calendar. Last night we flew into Chicago from Palm Springs. I ran into a friend who wanted to make a lunch date when we returned to Palm Springs. I had my iPhone, so I knew it would sync to my computers. This eliminated my need to write a handwritten message, to later search for that scrap of paper, that knowing me, I may misplace, and could ultimately elevate my stress. You obviously must ask yourself what is most desirable in a calendar for your needs.


I know the features that I want and need. I want a month-at-a-glance calendar, and pop-up notifications to remind me of upcoming events. The ability to set recurring events is a must, and I like to share my calendar for meetings and travel. I also just learned of a track list that will let me track a project for a week. This means that I like mobile and online calendar systems. Ask yourself, “Do you prefer only a mobile and digital calendar system, a daily paper planner, or perhaps, both? Do you need a book to record handwritten notes to yourself?” You will have a lot to consider before you leap.


Commit to a calendar system and stick with it. Before committing, however, you must write down all your needs.

After writing this story I am committed to what my lifestyle needs.

My Options for the Best Digital Calendar in 2020

I know that I need a calendar that is easy to use and requires minimal clicking, yet it must also be intuitive. I have definitely determined that I will no longer co-mingle business with social. Therefore, for my needs I require two digital calendar systems. My free Apple digital calendar will continue to be my “go to” for all social activities. I will use the free Google digital calendar for my business. Exploring my options and committing to my system is now determined! While these are my personal choices, there are numerous other digital calendar apps available. Here are a few that I came across in my research.

  1. Any.do: (Android, iOS, Web) Best calendar for staying organized.
  2. Apple Calendar: (iOS, macOS, Web) Best calendar for storing data on Apple.
  3. Cozi: (Android, iOS, Web, Windows) Best calendar app for managing large families.
  4. Google Calendar (Android, iOS, Web) Best free calendar app for all purpose use.
  5. Microsoft Outlook Calendar (Android, iOS, macOS. Windows) Best business calendar app.
  6. Thunderbird Lighting Calendar (Linux, macOS, Windows) Best personal calendar app for combining with email and tasks.

It was a fun and interesting learning experience studying the above calendar apps. I am now committed to the free Google calendar for Honeygood.com and I will keep my free Apple calendar for my private life. This has left me refreshed and stressless! I have given you some homework, Darlings. Now it is your time to research! That is the most important part of the learning process. You owe it to yourself to find your own best calendar for 2020!

My Options for the Best Printed Calendar and Notebook

I recently saw a survey that businesswomen like handwritten calendars. So, I asked myself, “Am I doing the right thing using digital calendars?” My answer is, “Yes! I am doing the right thing because I am the expert on my own life!” But I want to continue exploring for you.


By far the best paper notebook, in my opinion, is Traveler’s Company. It is a comprehensive guide with several notebooks that can be added as your needs change. You carry it with you. It is beautiful and elegant for work or travel. You can use it as a personal diary in one refill, or as a professional agenda in another, eliminating the need for separate notebooks of varying sizes. Traveler’s Company notebooks comes in two sizes, passport cover size and regular size. They have a compartment to carry business cards and a pen. Additionally, you can make up your own, customized notebook when you order. I will use this notebook at home, as well as carry it in my handbag to record my notes, lists, and thoughts. This will allow me to keep separate books: for lists, journals, travel, calendars. The Traveler’s Company notebook will fit all my needs. I am committed. Whew!!!

POROMO also makes a notebook that is handmade leather, and comes with a nifty spot to hold your pen or pencil. It’s a bit bulkier, so personally, I like the size of the Traveler’s Company notebook.


With so many calendar choices available, you could lose your mind, make a mistake and purchase the wrong paper calendar! I will try and save you a little aggravation with the overwhelming stuff out there.

Your first decision is fairly easy. Do you want a daily, weekly or monthly planner? Make up your mind and commit. I like a month-at-a-glance digital calendar and a daily paper notebook. What do you like and need?

Secondly, choose the calendar size. This is a major consideration, Darlings. I have my digital and mobile calendars (large on my computers, small on my mobile) and my new Traveler’s paper notebook that I am going to order to carry with me or to use at home. I am committed!

Brands to consider:

  1. Ban.do: Large 12-month Annual Planner
  2. Erin Condren Kaleidoscope Softbound Hourly Life Planner
  3. Daily Panda Planner
  4. Kikki-K
  5. The 100 Day Happiness Planner

I found these calendars here: Best Planners for 2020 Organization to Meet your Goals – Refinery29. I often used Refinery29 because it has good reviews. If you prefer to look for other brands, just type in Google: “Best paper calendars for 2020.”

Do your homework and commit, my Darlings, commit! I am smiling because we women can be so fickle with our shopping needs. So, at least, try, try, try and rest assured YOU will find YOUR best calendar for 2020!

Just for some relaxation, check out last week’s post where I discussed my feelings about what each month means. Scroll down and you’ll see the last section titled, “IMAGINING THE MONTHS OF THE YEAR FROM MY INNER CHILD.”

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December 3, 2019


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