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When life gives us lemons, we just have to make ourselves some sweet lemonade. Here you’ll find our musings, pearls of wisdom, and personal stories to guide you through life’s passages. Explore how to embrace your beauty with style, discover new adventures, navigate the nuances of relationships, pull back the curtain to deal with life changes, and resonate with the reflections of other women. 

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Passages After 50


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Ooh la la, fall is a great time to change up your beauty routine — why not try some French beauty products? They're simply just the thing right now. I recently visited Paris, which happens to be one of my favorite cities in the world. You could say I'm something of a francophile. French women [...]

5 Fabulous french beauty products for women over 50


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Happy Saturday! I can’t believe it’s already so late in November, can you? Soon we will be decorating for Christmas–maybe you have already! We all need more Holiday cheer this year I think. This week I learned a lot of valuable lessons, and I didn’t even leave my house. Now, you might be thinking, “Honey, […]

Weekend Musings: Anti-Aging Products, Workouts & More!

Passages After 50

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My darling, I hope you are ready for another beauty post! With fall here, before you know it winter will be too. One problem that I see women talk a lot of is red or irritated skin. Oftentimes changes in weather—such as wind or dry air—can contribute to this or you might suffer from rosacea, […]

Beauty Products to Reduce Skin Redness Resulting From Fall


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The Dreaded Dark Circles & Baggy Under Eye Conundrum Skincare, skin health, and beauty are a few of my passions, darling. I don’t know about you, but under our eyes can become a big problem area as we get older. Sometimes, these problems can even start when we are younger, especially if you are prone […]

9 Anti-Aging Eye Creams That Take On Fall + Winter Dryness


Beauty Routine

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4 Great Looks with One Eyeshadow Palette For those of us who are over 50, eyeshadow application can get tricky for several reasons.  First, for many of us, the skin around our eyes has changed—making it more challenging to easily blend in eyeshadows. Second, the way we used to apply eyeshadow may not work as […]

Four Great Looks for Older Women with One Eyeshadow Palette


French Beauty Products

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