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Weekend Musings: Anti-Aging Skincare, Books & More!

My darling, another weekend has come and gone. My how fast the weeks go! Now with the Holiday’s coming, time seems to go by even faster.

I hope you all are taking care of one another. That you wake up grateful and smile for all that you have, and all that you’ve been given.

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Now, on to my Weekend Musings…

Top 5 Holy Grail Anti-Aging Skincare Products!

I know you all love anti-aging skincare products, so when I saw this video on YouTube I knew I had to share it with you. This beauty blogger, ‘HotandFlassy’ shares her top 5 holy grail anti-aging skincare products. Some are very affordable!

One of Jupiter’s Icy Moons May Glow in the Dark

I love reading about the many wonders of the world, and if you subscribe to National Geographic like me, you learn so many things you wouldn’t have otherwise by reading their articles.

In one of their recent articles, they talk about the great planet Jupiter and how it may have a moon that glows in the dark! It reads, “It would be a nice fairytale-like thing to stand on Europa and see,” says Murthy Gudipati, an astrophysicist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and lead author of the new study, published today in Nature Astronomy.”

How amazing! Read the full article HERE

The Must-Read Books of Fall 2020

Not only is it a great time of year to cozy up to classic films, but it’s a great time to cozy up to a great book. Both new and old. My Ultimate Concierge and I love reading in bed after a long day. Town and Country put together a great list of “explosive novels, revealing memoirs, brilliant biographies, and everything in between” just for you to read and enjoy! Read their 39 Must-Read Books of Fall 2020.

This Week’s Roundup of Blog Posts Include:

How to Adjust to Life in Elsewhere…

Living the Dream: Moving Abroad Later in Life

9 Anti-Aging Eye Creams That Take On Fall + Winter Dryness

Declare Your Visibility Beautifully This Fall

Ask Honey – How to Self-Nurture in Elsewhere

5 Classic Movies to Cozy Up With This Fall

Products & Services I’m Loving Right Now!

Happy Socks! – Shelly and I just love our Happy Socks. And, starting November 8th, they are having a Singles’ Day Sale: 30% Off + Free Shipping on Orders Over $10. How great is that? Write down a reminder, and make sure you take advantage of this deal.

Join Honey today for Savings while shopping online! Honey is your new best girlfriend, download her as a chrome or safari extension on your computer to start saving now. CLICK HERE to learn more. And yes… we have the same name! 😉

Home Sale at Bloomingdales! Take $50 on every $200 you spend on a great selection of home items at Ends 11/15.

Enjoy, Darling!

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