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Weekend Musings: Anti-Aging Products, Workouts & More!

Weekend Musings: Anti-Aging Products, Workouts & More!

Happy Saturday! I can’t believe it’s already so late in November, can you? Soon we will be decorating for Christmas–maybe you have already! We all need more Holiday cheer this year I think.

This week I learned a lot of valuable lessons, and I didn’t even leave my house. Now, you might be thinking, “Honey, how can that be?” Well, I look for lessons in everyday life, even if it’s something as small as how to organize my junk drawer or a new yoga position.

I encourage you to find the lessons in the little things. It will enrich your life–I guarantee it!

Now, on to my Weekend Musings…

5 Minute Toned Arm workout For Mature Women Over 50

Do you want toned arms like how you had even 5 years ago?

You don’t need to go to the gym or do a bunch of push-ups to get the results that you desire. In this video, that is only 5 minutes long, you will get a great and effective arm workout for you to try!

I hope it works for you. What are some of your favorite workout videos?

How to Do Makeup on Mature Skin

Have you ever wondered how to do makeup on your mature skin? You can see just by the before and after on the video below what a difference a little makeup can make on a face!

This lovely makeup artist, Hindash, walks us through how to do this look in a two-part video. Make sure to stick around till the end to see the final product.

10 Skincare Products I Don’t Use… & What to Use Instead!

Last week you loved ‘HotandFlashy’s’ video I posted on my Weekend Musings, so when I saw her post this, I knew I had to share it as well. Such great information and I know you will just love it as much as I did!

What are some skincare products you don’t/will not use?

This Week’s Roundup of Blog Posts Include:

An Autumn Tune-Up of the Feng Shui in Your Home

The Power of the Right Lipstick for Older Women

Beauty Products to Reduce Skin Redness Resulting From Fall

The Perfect Jewelry For Every Occasion

Ask Honey: The Dos and Don’ts of Flaunting Your Sex Appeal After 50

The Perfect Moisturizers for All Skin Types to Combat Fall Weather

Products & Services I’m Loving Right Now!

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Enjoy, Darling!

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