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Prioritize to Spring Clean Your Mind

Spring Cleaning

Hello, March!  March is the month of the Oscars, Spring Break, Day Light Savings Time, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter and the first day of Spring is even on March 20th.  March is a time of awakening and rebirth, and there is always that feeling of lightheartedness as the flowers begin to bloom and the tree branches spout new buds.

Spring Cleaning is a Must

My motivation also perks up because March is a verb, so each year I have a strong desire to take action, such as removing unnecessary clutter from an often overcrowded area, my head. Instead of my closet or make-up drawers needing a spring cleaning, my problem is the overabundance of information stored in my head after the long winter months.

You may ask, “how do you declutter your head of so many thoughts?”

I have to make a conscious effort to reorganize what is going on in my daily lifestyle after 50 to spring clean my mind.

Darlings, a great deal more ‘clutter’ is housed inside heads than inside homes! The head is cluttered with a wide-range of interests and at times, unease. I honestly wish it were your homes that needed a declutter job because it would be far easier to declutter one large home then one small head.

Learning to Prioritize

You may have to learn to prioritize, so let’s start by disposing of negative feelings. That begins to solve the problem of clutter. Too much worry creates a negative and cluttered mind, so let’s practice getting rid of negativity. Of course, I have learned there is no elixir to anything, but that certainly never stopped me, and I don’t want it to stop you.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed with too much negative clutter as we start this fresh season, here is a quote for you:

“We should start choosing our thoughts like we choose our clothes for the day.” — Farnoosh Brock

On the other hand, positive clutter in your mind is a good sign because it confirms you are living an interesting life. Your cup is full; you are doing and going, you are creative, you are curious and learning.

I have an idea.

We all have negative and positive thoughts in our cluttered heads, but let’s try to keep our positive clutter and get rid of as much negative clutter as we can. It is not easy, especially for worriers. It is a process, my dears, a process. But it is still a start. Just think, you will begin to make room for more positivity, joy, optimism, serenity, and ultimately, happiness. And what’s more, a quiet and peaceful clutter-free mind will allow you to think about all the positive things in live you can partake in. Spring to it!

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  1. Dear Honey,
    You are speaking to the ultimate worrier and I so appreciate this article. It’s an excellent reminder to keep on the positive path.

    Thank You!

  2. Such good advice! This could work any time of the year, but March is a good place to start. I’m trying to rid my bedroom closet of clutter, so why not find what’s cluttering my mind and give that a cleaning too. Thanks Honey!

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