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5 Hidden Travel Gems In U.S. You Need To Visit

Discover hidden travel gems to spark your wanderlust. Please let me know of any hidden gems that you’ve visited in the comments section, and why they’re so special.

Image of honey good holding an American flag and a travel book describing hidden travel gems

America is full of hidden travel gems. Get out there and explore, darling!

Traveling after 50 is life-changing but it can also be complicated. Not to mention, during peak season, most popular State Parks and U.S. attractions are overflowing with visitors. The lines to get into Yellowstone have been massive, which got me thinking…what are some places we could visit that won’t have as many lines?

By the way, along with Collette, a world-class travel agency that has been helping people take their dream adventures for over 100 years, I’ve planned a group trip for this fall. It’s just out of peak season in September, which means the weather will be incredible. Not only that, the kiddos have gone back to school, which cuts down a lot on the crowds. Learn how you can travel with me on this trip of a lifetime to our nation’s beautiful (and underrated!) national parks, here. Spots are limited and the deadline is Thursday, March 21st!

Before you hit the road, be sure to see my important tips, too. Without further ado, here is a list of 5 hidden travel gems that I found for you and your family to visit this summer and all of the summers after!

Explore the Hidden Gem of Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, New Mexico

Image of a interesting rock formation in New Mexico, a hidden travel gem

These incredible volcanic rock formation are a must-see hidden travel gem! image source

If you’re into history, you must step back in time at Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument in New Mexico. This otherworldly landscape is dominated by cone-shaped volcanic rock formations called “tent rocks,” used by ancestral Puebloan people for centuries. Hike through the otherworldly landscape, imagining the lives of those who lived here centuries ago. Explore ancient petroglyphs etched into the rocks, silent testaments to a bygone era. Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks offers a unique blend of stunning scenery and rich history, making it a true hidden gem of the American Southwest.

While it holds significant cultural and historical value, Kasha-Katuwe has not been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but if you ask me, it should be.

Learn more about this breathtaking hidden gem, here.

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Discover Mackinac Island, Michigan

Image of aerial view of Mackinac Island, Michigan, a hidden gem of the midwest.

Located in Michigan’s U.P., Mackinac Island is deserving of the sparkling title of “hidden gem”

You may have heard of Mackinac Island, or even heard of the world-famous Mackinac Island Fudge! This beautiful hidden gem destination island is considered a jewel of the Great Lakes and is located in Upper Michigan. The water is beautiful, the weather is great, and the utterly charming town is quite historic.

Mackinac Island is a unique vacation spot because it has no cars, no chain hotels and is also a national landmark. Spend your days riding bikes, eating great food, and watching beautiful sunsets. Or just enjoying the unspoiled natural beauty of the beach, a great spot to skip rocks (they host an annual stone skipping contest every 4th of July!) . Arrive via the longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere (5 miles!) or a quick ferry ride. Visit this Top 10 U.S. Island for your summer vacation this year or next!

Find out more information, HERE.

Why I Named My Pooch, America Good!

Pismo Beach, California

Pismo Beach, California

I’m sure you’ve heard of Malibu, CA, but have you heard of Pismo Beach? This classic beach town is placed along California’s famous central coast, halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Pismo Beach is exactly what you imagine when you think of a California beach, with long golden sand beaches and spectacular sunsets.

Pismo Beach also has fantastic weather, delicious wineries, and great restaurants. If you like golf, they also have great golf courses, or if you enjoy horseback riding or surfing, they have that as well. Pismo also is home to an award-winning boardwalk adjacent to the Pismo Pier. If you are a shopper, make sure to check out the Pismo Beach Premium Outlets, and be sure to visit the California Welcome Center as well.

My favorite hidden gem hiding in this hidden gem? Dinosaur Caves Park. If you have little grands with you, this is a don’t miss. However, even if you’re on a child-free trip, it’s worth exploring, given the short path to the shore with incredible epic views of the coastal bluffs. While there’s no beach access (the cliffs are high!) the views are breathtaking.

For more information on your trip to Pismo Beach, click HERE.

Garden Valley, Idaho

Garden Valley, Idaho

Several years ago, I took a wonderful trip to Garden Valley in Idaho. Garden Valley is a true hidden gem. I’m sure that most of you have never even heard of it.

When my daughter-in-law, Jami, told me she and her beau were moving to Garden Valley, I smiled. I fell in love with the name even before I laid eyes on the small community nestled in the mountains of the “Gem State.”

When we eventually traveled to Garden Valley, it was an idyllic four days. As you can see from the above picture, it’s full of beautiful scenery. As their website promises:

“Garden Valley Idaho is home to world-class recreation, an unparalleled opportunity
for relaxation, and a chance to get back to the best things in life. Truly a gateway
to the most beautiful places in Idaho.”

Plan your trip to Garden Valley, HERE.

Valley of Fire, Nevada

Valley of Fire, Nevada

Valley of Fire can be compared to places like Arizona and New Mexico. It’s perfect for lovers of the outdoors since the Valley of Fire is known for its beautiful hikes and camping spots.

Valley of Fire is a Nevada State Park, and it’s famous for the red sandstone rock formations which light up the valley (especially at sunset) making it appear as though the valley is on fire. You can also find prehistoric bones buried there!

Ditch the crowds and the well-trodden tourist trails for a taste of the Valley of Fire’s hidden magic. Sure, the iconic Fire Wave is a must-see, but for the adventurous soul, there’s a whole other side to this fiery landscape waiting to be explored.

Head towards Mouse Tank Road, the scenic route that winds through the heart of the park. Keep your eyes peeled for a secret slot canyon tucked away just off the main road. This narrow passage, carved by millennia of wind and water, feels like stepping back in time. Sunlight filters through the red rock walls, casting an ethereal glow on the sandy floor below. It’s a photographer’s dream and a peaceful escape from the usual park bustle.

Feeling a little more ambitious? Hike the Rainbow Vista Trail. This moderate climb rewards you with breathtaking panoramic views unlike any other. Gaze out over a sea of red sandstone mesas and buttes, all bathed in the golden hues of sunset. As the last rays of light dance across the rocks, you might just feel like you’ve stumbled onto a scene straight out of a movie. It’s an experience that will stay with you long after you leave the park.

Plan your visit, HERE.

What are your favorite hidden travel gems in the United States? I would love to have you share them with us! 

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March 19, 2024


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  1. Darnell Hilbert says:

    I’ve been in new mexico 35 years…so much I still need to see. Here’s a few….Sante Fe is a visitors delight( art, food, history) , south is Carlsbad caverns, west is the Gila wilderness with ancient cliff dwellings outside of Silver City, north of Santa Fe is Chama with steam engine train ride into Colorado, Enchanted circle loop from angel fire to red river and down to taos, Albuquerque hot air balloon fiesta in early oct, tram ride to top of Sandia mts. Amazing new Mexican food ( red or green…Chile that is!) happy travelling!

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