Ageless Fashion

Aug 28, 2019

Guest Contributor Nena Ivon shares her thoughts on the “age issue” in fashion and the ways you can achieve classic looks at any price point.


Haircare and Haircuts After 50+

Aug 14, 2019

Unsure how to care for and style your hair after 50? Here are the products that keep my hair shiny and smooth as well as the haircut styles I adore.


Swimsuit Fashion After 50+

Jul 10, 2019

A guide for any woman over 50 searching for the right style and size of her fabulous new swimsuit this summer. As long as you feel confident, you’ll shine!


How I Gained My Sense of City Style

Jun 27, 2019

The ways my parents’ tastes, the city’s zest and my edgy yet casual approach influence my personal style. Use these suggestions to define your own sense of city style.


5 MORE Timeless Accessories for Your Summer Wardrobe

Jun 26, 2019

Summer is on my mind, sweet readers, and with that comes fun and fashionable ideas for your summer looks. A few weeks ago, I posted about 5 timeless accessories for the summer. Everyone absolutely loved this article and I promised I would give you more. So here it is, darlings. 5 MORE summer accessories you need to have in your wardrobe.


Fashionable Fitness Attire for 50+ Ladies

May 15, 2019

Like me, America enjoys moments of pampering and little pleasures (bully sticks are a favorite). But aside from treats, our pets deserve indulgences just for their pleasure and remind them to live in the moment.


Weekend Musings: The Royal Baby, Staycations, Mother’s Day & More

May 11, 2019

Weekend Musings: For My Southern Darlings, Travel Inspiration, A Foolproof Way To Communicate With Daughters, A Letter of Gratitude to My Sisterhood of Women Over 50, Girl Talk at 3 AM, Baking–Loaves of Love For Me and For Future Generations & The Best Mother’s Day Gift Is From The Heart

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