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Honey and Shelly

Valentine’s Day Encore Presentation: Honey Good Interviews Shelly Good!

                Happy Valentine’s Day Darlings Happy day of love my dearest readers. I hope that you woke up this morning feeling loved, blessed and happy. Repeat after me, “I am loved. I deserve love. I am love!” Now, go look in the mirror and say it again and […]

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If I Could Wish Upon a Star

Darlings, I have often written that December is my favorite month of the year. It is the month of giving and sharing and loving. December is also the month my ultimate concierge and I were married, 28 years ago. We celebrated our anniversary a few days ago, on December 22nd. My ultimate concierge, Sheldon F. […]

Passages After 50, Podcast

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Honey GOOD Interviews: Rachel Braun Scherl

Meet Rachel Braun Scherl! Welcome to another episode of The Honey GOOD Interviews! My goal is to inform and spark interesting discussions on all facets of relevant issues for women better after 50. If you are just tuning in, start at the first episode. If you are all caught up, welcome back my listeners. In […]

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New Year's Theme

Honey GOOD Interviews: Meet Shelly Good

Meet My Darling Husband, Shelly Good!  Welcome back to my podcast, darlings. If you are just tuning in, start at the first episode. If you’re all caught up, get ready for a real treat. In this new episode, my darlings, I had a wonderful time interviewing my ultimate concierge of over 20+ years, Shelly Good. It […]

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Weekend Musings: Memorial Day, Mentoring, Chef AJ & More

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, My Darlings! I hope you all have perfect plans for your Memorial Day weekend, my darlings. If you’re spending it with family or friends, let us all give thanks and remembrance to the men and women who died serving our country. We owe them a great debt of gratitude. If you […]

Passages After 50, Podcast

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Passages After 50


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