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Honey GOOD Interviews: Rachel Braun Scherl

Honey Good Podcast

Meet Rachel Braun Scherl!

Welcome to another episode of The Honey GOOD Interviews! My goal is to inform and spark interesting discussions on all facets of relevant issues for women better after 50. If you are just tuning in, start at the first episode. If you are all caught up, welcome back my listeners. In today’s episode, I interview my new friend, Rachel Braun Scherl.

Rachel is a renowned female sexuality and wellness expert who has speaking engagements around the world. As well, she consults companies and recently authored a book.

A nationally-known Vagipreneur, Rachel works on growth strategy, operations and business development for women’s health and wellness. As the Co-Founder and Principal of SPARK Solutions for Growth, Rachel counsels a global client base including Johnson & Johnson, Allergan, Pfizer, and Bayer. She has been interviewed on major national broadcasting stations. Rachel is also featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Inc and The Huffington Post, where she writes a monthly blog.

My darlings, Rachel is a truly impressive woman and definitely has what I call MOXIE!

A “Female Disruptor”

Rachel and l dug right into our conversation. We covered why she receives the “female disruptor” distinction. Her explanation is fabulous and I think you will agree with me, darlings.

Rachel says:

“When I started my career, I graduated from Stanford Business school and I went to Johnson & Johnson. I was there for a period of time, but those relationships have been fundamental and foundational to everything that I’ve done since.  When I had the opportunity to disrupt something, which was quite a number of years later, I felt like I had the skill set that I needed. So in terms of the space where I feel like I’ve been disruptive, it’s in the space that you talked about, female sexual and reproductive health that effects a woman from menstruation through menopause. Essentially every body change, life change and emotional change that a woman goes through and the problems and joys that come along with all those.

About 11 years ago, I was handed a business plan by a venture capitalist that said, “Here’s this business. There is a product that improves arousal, desire and satisfaction for women of all ages and life stages.” So, when we started this opportunity, it was because it looked like a perfect storm from a marketing standpoint . . . There wasn’t a real language around that (women’s sexual desires and health) . . . so being part of the movement behind a business to create a dialogue and a vocabulary to give women and men the words to use to speak openly and honestly in that category was really something that was critical and remains critical.” 

Sexuality For Women After 50

Rachel is such an experienced speaker and woman. The work she has done to improve the sexual lives and health of women of all ages is fascinating. She explained how she became the “female disruptor” she is today. We then dove into how she navigates the topic for women over 50. Sex is already a shunned topic, but sexuality and sexual health after 50 is even more taboo. It’s not often that you hear women 50+ discussing their sexual lives.

She tells me:

“It’s interesting. When you get into this space, and I want to just be very clear, I approach all of this from the business perspective. I see business opportunities that are solving unmet needs . . . as a result of that, I end up having conversations with women of all ages on a personal level as well as doing research on a personal level (for myself). So I feel like by having these conversations and being a voice and talking loudly and often about this, it creates an opportunity to have the important conversations.

My greatest success for women 50+ specifically, is we would get calls all the time (from customers) and women would say, ‘You saved my marriage. I haven’t had an orgasm in 22 years. My husbands finally smiling or I’m finally smiling.’ Things that reflected how important a vibrant, satisfying sex life was to women and men . . . I don’t think we give women 50+, and that’s why I’m thrilled there are people like you (Honey) to have these conversations to ask the questions (about sex and sexual health).”

So Much Wisdom, So Little Time

I had such a wonderful time talking to Rachel Braun Scherl. We women over 50 need to have a safe space and dialogue about sexual health. It is not something we should hide or be afraid to discuss. As women, we need to embrace each other and learn from one another.

I want to thank Rachel for taking time out of her busy life to talk to us. I’m grateful for her “disrupting” the world in the way she has. She inspires me to be more like her.

I do not want to give up all of the golden nuggets on this podcast, my listeners. You will have to listen to the whole thing. I want to know what you think. Is the topic of sex is something you’d like to know more about? Please join the conversation in the comments below or on Facebook and Instagram. I’m looking forward to hearing from you all.

Listen to my podcast with Rachel here or anywhere you listen to your podcasts, darlings.

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June 21, 2019

Advice, Podcast

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  1. Ines says:

    Rachel Braun Scherl’s interview was so enlightening!

    Thank you for bringing a conversation on a topic like women’s sexual wellness, to the air. Often this topic can be difficult to discuss due to the taboo around it. You are always breaking the glass ceiling on difficult discussions to have.

    When Rachel shared her inspirational relationship with her father it warmed my heart. Even more so when Rachel enlightened us with her mother’s quote “Every time something got hard… look outside yourself and do something for someone else…give of yourself …and in that, you will experience some joy and gratitude…” I was reminded of how it is so important to show gratitude. As well as how important it is to find time for oneself to stop and smell the roses and feel pure joy!


    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Ines, You gave 10 fold of yourself. I hope your giving to others brings you as much joy as it brings me and the many other people you touch. Love, Honey

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