Surviving widowhood is a painful, aching journey. I know. I have traveled its path and though it has been 28 years, I can still feel the emotional road I traveled from the day I learned of my late husband’s death to the months it took to survive the loss of a love. Below I’ve linked to a podcast where I recount my journey in my words and I hope you will take some time to hear them. My story,  will hopefully enlighten you with the answers you are seeking or will seek in your future. I pulled myself out from under the depths of despair and back into the living world by going through the process of mourning. There is a definite path one should follow. I know. I took it.

How did my spoken story come to light?

A few months ago, I was approached by Helen Mitternight, a journalist and interviewer, who read my story on the Huffington Post, “How to Survive: Widowhood.” She was enlightened by my words and approached me to share my story with her listeners on her podcast, “Keep it Juicy,” that offers people aspirational and actionable lessons. Her podcast features interviews with women she feels are experts in certain fields of life, after 50.

The interview was not rehearsed and after listening to it a few days ago I knew I wanted to share it with you, darlings, who are going through the healing process of widowhood and for you who have been widows and even for those of you who are blessed to be married to your main squeeze.

My husband, who also was a widower, listened intently and helped me find answers to long-held questions and feelings.

Click here to listen to the podcast.