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Darlings, I have a secret to tell you.

I’ve been sneaking around. Earlier this year I started a brand-new project, I started recording a podcast. I never would have ever imagined starting a podcast, I mean think about it, when I was 50, podcasts didn’t even exist. What a fascinating world we live in.

Recording a podcast is new territory for me. I’ve been interviewed, but I’ve never been an interviewer.  If you can imagine me walking into a sound booth, the walls are all padded and sitting down in front of a huge microphone with big, over-the-ear headphones. There are lights flashing and sound experts. Maybe you’ve been inside a radio booth, but it’s not a particularly natural atmosphere for me.

I knew nothing about the technology or even how I should prepare. Well, I’m very fortunate to have a wonderful team and a brilliant producer who not only helped me prepare but also did all the work to make the podcasts easy and enjoyable to listen to. And believe me, the editing process is not so easy. Everyone flubs up once in a while. Sometimes there’s an external noise that needs to be removed and then there’s adding the music and intro to every podcast; sound editing is a real art form. Believe me, this project is a labor of love for my entire team. I’m really so fortunate to have them guide me through this exciting and unexpected process.

As you know, I’m much more comfortable in my home hosting dear friends or writing on my computer.

But this journey is all about doing new things and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Surely, you can think of the opportunities you have on a daily basis to try something new – do it! I’ve found a whole new set of interests and I feel so strong and resourceful as I learn all these new things about podcasting and blogging and social media. I thought to myself, “this is the domain of the young, and yet, here I am!” Sometimes I just want to pinch myself. Also on my mind is the example I’m setting for my children and their children. Hopefully, as they age, they too will continue to stay engaged and inspired. I hope they too will find new interests and extend themselves to fascinating people they want to meet.

What I didn’t know when I agreed to start a podcast is what goes into it. It’s truly fascinating.

It’s a lot like producing a radio show, we secure guests and recording location and date. Both the guest and I prepare individually and collaboratively so we’re ready for the actual recording. It’s easy to think the interviewer has the easy job, Oprah makes it look so easy. But that’s all a facade because the interviewer, me, really need to become a little bit of a subject matter expert too, so they know what questions to ask. There are hours of research before I complete the 7 or 8 questions I will ask. I never realized that before. But it’s very exciting for me to learn all these new things and better yet, to share them with you, my fabulous friends. I hope you’ll take these podcasts and make them your opportunity to become a subject matter expert too – we cover a lot in our time during the podcasts, but there’s always more to learn.

I ADORE that I get to share these guests with you.

Each of them has resources you can use whether it’s a website or a book or a program, there’s always another resource for you to explore on the topic. We have secured such a distinguished and interesting lineup of guests. Each one of them has fascinated me and enlightened me unexpectedly. And believe me, they all understand us, women over 50. Every single one of them has a great perspective on aging and health and wellness and really enjoying life after 50.  When you listen to the podcasts, you can hear the excitement in my voice. I’m going on the learning journey too, these experts have so much to teach us and aren’t it wonderful that they’re willing to share their considerable insights with us?

Want to hear the podcasts?

If you want a sneak peek at the podcasts, I’ve been slowly releasing these podcasts to my community on BeMoxieNow; they’ve gotten a sneak peek at this new project!

BeMoxieNow is a place for us – women over 50. I’m sure you’ve felt like an outsider on Facebook before, I know I have. That’s why I created BeMoxieNow, it’s a haven on the internet for us to be with one another without all the noise and distraction on today’s social networks. One of my favorite things about the BeMoxieNow community is that it’s open to everyone, but it’s the place to find like-minded ladies to talk to while, discovering all the topics and conversations, around the blog posts and now, the podcasts. So if you can’t wait for me to release the podcasts on the blog (and who can blame you?!) then head over to BeMoxie now and you’ll see them there and can listen immediately.Honey Good Signature

April 3, 2019

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  1. Jeanne Sniwa says:

    I have tried several times to subscribe to the Be moxie group and have not been successful. Please help me do this.
    Thank you

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Hi Jeanne, Please email pr@www.honeygood.com. Susan will reach out to you and get you involved, I promise. She is great in assisting others like yourself. Keep me posted. I welcome you!!! Warmly, Honey

  2. Jeanne Snowa says:

    I sent an email that I could not subscribe to Be Moxie. I did subscribe but would like to change my username. Please help

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