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Falling Madly in Love With Feeling Good

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We’re all well aware that it’s hard to get to this age without incurring bumps and bruises along the way.

Also, while many of us imagined a relaxed, easy pace for life after 50, many of us find it’s not as stress-free as we’d imagined. Sound familiar? That’s why I was so excited to sit down with Hilary Morse of The H. Hemp Company for my podcast. Wait until you listen to Hilary, she’s just full of life, optimism, and energy or as I like to say, MOXIE!

Hilary Morse

Like so many of us, Hilary is a busy woman – she’s a mom and Hilary’s mom is over 90. Over the years, she developed tension and anxiety.

So much so she became addicted to anti-anxiety medications. This happened to Hilary way before there was all this talk about how so many pharmaceutical drugs are being over-prescribed, so she didn’t have a lot of resources. But once Hilary was off the anti-anxiety medications, she still felt that old crone, tension and anxiety, creeping up on her. So Hilary did what we women do–she asked her friends for advice. Many of them suggested natural non-narcotic treatments for anxiety. Although it was new to her, Hilary went to her local natural foods store and tried melatonin, kava, and even valerian root, but none of them seemed to work for her tension and anxiety. Finally, someone suggested she try CBD, and she describes it as falling “madly in love.” After Hilary used CBD, she worked at one of the country’s best known CBD brands, and her love of CBD oil was cemented. Hilary knows her CBD stuff (Listen to Hilary’s great insights on the podcast now).

Hilary described 2014 as a watershed moment for CBD, she said people have been talking about it ever since Sanjay Gupta covered it on his show.

I had so many questions for Hilary about her CBD journey. She talked candidly about what she experienced and how long it took for her to feel the effects and what she felt. Hilary described the effects of CBD as fast-acting but subtle.  What about productivity? Hilary explained that she feels great on CBD and uses it throughout the day. We also discussed different ways to use CBD from oils to minty-breath sprays and topical, they all sounded easy to use and incorporate; in particular, I loved the breath spray because that’s so easy to throw into a purse or a pocket. And her hints about using CBD topical really got my attention – especially for those of us who wear high heels.

Like many of us, I’ve felt reluctant to try CBD, but, my friends are using it and raving about it, one even called it miraculous.

I wanted to know if she was nervous about taking CBD and she explained that once she understood the difference between hemp and marijuana, she wasn’t nervous at all. As Hilary explained, hemp is naturally low in THC – which is the compound that creates a high.  As she described, hemp-derived CBD contains only trace amounts of THC and sometimes none, but never enough to create that “high” feeling. Hilary’s mom is suffering from leukemia & lymphoma; it was very emotional to hear Hilary describe her mom’s initial reluctance to CBD (Hear Hilary’s story on the podcast now by clicking this link).

During my time with Hilary, I pressed her to share with us what is CBD used for? Hilary got into further detail on the podcast but listening to her describe the anti-inflammatory properties, I realized, inflammation is at the source of so many conditions, that there’s a whole wide world of CBD possibilities out there. Hilary also gave us some great advice about how to start using CBD, including how much to take, which is a question I’ve never been quite clear on until now.

Because all this is so new to me, it was also important for me to ask her what I should look for when buying a CBD product.

Hilary gave me and you, dear listener, some great tips on what to look for when buying CBD. Her company, The H. Hemp Company makes it possible to use your phone and see what the testing results so you know it’s a product that’s been tested – I was impressed by this, I can’t think of another food or vitamin company that does that.

It’s difficult being an entrepreneur, but Hilary sure makes it look easy. After our very in-depth and insightful conversation, we had a fun round of rapid-fire question and answers; Hilary’s answers were fun and honest and left me – and hopefully, you – with a smile on my face. I hope you’ll tune into listening to this podcast, it’s so informative. Hilary is another example of women taking control of their life and well-being and empowering other women, especially those of us over 50, with the tools to take better care of ourselves.

About Hilary Morse, Co-Founder H. Hemp Company

Hilary co-founded the H. Hemp Company™ after I struggling with calming her mind for years.  After serving as Vice President of Communications for CW Hemp, Morse co-founded the H. Hemp Company which uses premium hemp genetics grown in the US and third-party tested. Morse lives in Topanga Canyon, CA with her husband, Mike and their son, Luka.  Visit The H. Hemp Company online at their website or follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

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