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Honey Good Interviews: Chef AJ

Honey Good Podcast

Welcome Back to My Podcast, My Darlings!

If you are just tuning into my podcast, start at the first episode. If you’ve been listening since the beginning, I have a very exciting guest for you this week!

In this new episode, my darlings I had the great pleasure to interview Chef AJ. She is an expert and influencer who is devoted to the lifestyle philosophy of a plant-based diet.

Chef AJ is also a culinary instructor, professional public speaker, and an author. She holds certificates from Cornell University and is a member of the College of Lifestyle Medicine and–she is also my new neighbor. Isn’t that wonderful, my darlings? I love that life can bring amazing people right into our backyard!

Chef AJ’s Philosophy  

One of the reasons I brought Chef AJ to the podcast is because she is committed to sharing her knowledge of not only a healthy vegan diet but also a diet that is free of any kind of processed food. AJ believes that your diet is a personal choice. There is nothing wrong with choosing to eat meat if you want to eat meat. That is a life choice that only you can decide. AJ wants the world to know, however, that one should never touch processed man-made food.

Look to Nature for the Answer

Chef AJ explains, my darlings, that one should follow the wonderful motto of “Look to nature for the answer.”

I found this very helpful in learning how to stay away from the processed foods she speaks of. If nature did not make it, one should not be eating it. By eating whole foods that Mother Earth has given us instead of food that has been manufactured in a factory, we can both lose weight and be healthier too.

Women and the Foods Issues We Face

I asked Chef AJ about many issues that women face with food and their bodies, specifically weight loss, emotional eating and eating disorders.

Chef AJ herself has not only overcome eating disorders, but her journey has also led her on the current path she is on now. She is helping others become healthier and inspiring those around her through her beautiful energy and wisdom. It’s really quite a story my darlings, but I’ll let Chef AJ tell her story herself when you listen to our podcast!

Healthy Food Groups

A particular conversation AJ and I had during our time together was so very enlightening, my darlings and it focused on olive oil and the myths surrounding oils in general.

In our discussion on how to eat a whole food diet, one that does not contain sugar, flour or oil, I asked Chef AJ about cooking with olive oil. My darlings, I use it all the time and was under the impression that it was good for you and your body.

This is what Chef AJ had to say:

“I would really recommend you and your listeners watch the 87-minute documentary on Netflix called “Forks Over Knives” to understand that olive oil, even though it is reported to have many health benefits is not a whole food. If there is anything healthy in olive oil it came from the olive. So, the idea is to eat the olive, not the olive oil. You eat the avocado, not the avocado oil. You eat the almond, not the almond oil. We are designed to eat our foods whole and unprocessed. When you take olives, which are about 500 calories a pound and process them into olive oil you now have a product that’s 4,000 calories per pound. You’ve taken away all the micronutrients, you’ve taken away all the fiber, the water, the satiety; there is no oil in nature.”

Wow, my sweet readers! Isn’t that something? And that is not all Chef AJ had to teach us about whole foods and oil.

Did you know?

Chef AJ explained that the most micronutrient dense food groups are:

  1. Fruits
  2. Vegetables
  3. Whole grains
  4. Legumes
  5. Nuts and Seeds

She also told me that there are over 18,000 different types of legumes on this planet and almost as many fruits and veggies and whole grains. How wonderful!

When I asked her how we can cook yummy, easy and healthy plant-based recipes based on her philosophy, specifically how to cook without oil, Chef AJ gave us some delightful tips. First, you can watch many videos not only of her advice but also many delicious recipes on her YouTube Channel.

Then Chef AJ explained that cooking without oil is easy. It’s as simple as using a liquid such as broth or water. She even goes on to tell us how she worked at a successful Los Angeles restaurant for years without ever using oil, even in desserts–guess what, darlings? Nobody ever noticed the missing oil! It was just as yummy.

Listen to Find Out More

My sweet readers, I could tell you all of Chef AJ’s wonderful bits of advice and life lessons, but I want you to hear the words from her very own lips. I encourage you to listen to our conversation in its entirety. It will definitely be worth an hour of your time. Not only is Chef AJ a positive light and very talented, but I believe her wisdom about food will teach you many new ways to eat whole foods and become healthier while doing so.

Grab your favorite drink, my darlings and enjoy listening and learning! Click here or listen below.

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May 22, 2019

Advice, Podcast

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