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I’ve been imagining…

Life without Elsewhere. 

Unfortunately, it is still the plague. I fear the fallout of trauma from living under its conditions. For over the past two years, it has left a permanent stain on every individual in the world, save the elites. 

I was walking home from a very pleasant shopping experience. Unfortunately, my thoughts of Elsewhere’s effects on my once beautiful Chicago tainted the joy. I could not help but be reminded because of the potholes and thieves to watch out for. 

As I entered the charming park across the street from our condo-in-the-sky, my feeling of despair switched as I took note of the blooming trees in the park. “Elsewhere cannot destroy the beauty of nature,” I thought to myself.  

I began to imagine a place on this earth that is still untouched by Elsewhere. And all I could think of was Liberty Island, the home of the Statue of Liberty. I imagine…


Essence is the first word that comes to mind when I think of what it means to be a lady. It is an indispensable quality and that is why I was reminded of the Statue of Liberty. In her left hand, she carries a book of laws. This represents rules to live by. And in her right hand, she carries a torch. This illuminates for all to see, her absolute awareness of who she is. She sets the example for other women, men, and countries to follow. 


A brief description of today’s lady is a blend of the past and the present. She can wear pearls and smash glass ceilings. She can be a fierce cook in her kitchen and a fierce CEO in the boardroom. This woman is polite but no longer apologizes for her opinions. 

Today’s woman is a hostess and lover in the evening and a Professor of Economics during the day. In other words, darling, a woman’s place in society has progressed. However, the character of a real lady is the same today as it has been from the beginning of time. Her essence is her empowerment. 

Statue of Liberty and the lessons I've learned


The thing is, we cannot escape the fact that we are all products of our upbrings. 

As a woman over fifty, I know a lady when I meet her. Her mother, grandmother, peers, and her experiences shaped her. She has matured into the woman they’ve molded her into. Are you aware that the Statue of Liberty’s face is modeled after the artist’s mother? 

A woman of today can call herself fierce for smashing the glass ceiling. But without a strong inner substance of positive behavior, she cannot call herself a lady. A lady has ingrained high standards and principles that set her apart from others. The Statue of Liberty was patterned after a Roman Goddess and though we are not Goddesses, we can aspire.  


We never stop blooming, darling. Blooming is a feeling of self-awareness and it is intoxicating. It opens up every door to self-improvement. 

And, what better time to consider new needs and feelings than in April? This is when the beginning of spring is in the air. 

Springtime is our time to come alive with new thoughts for self-improvement. I can’t help thinking of the Statue of Liberty standing tall. 


We are all products of our upbringing. As grandmothers, we have an opportunity to leave our granddaughters wisdom. You have the opportunity to educate them on the importance of being a woman of quality … a lady. Use the Statue of Liberty as an example.

The Statue of Liberty has the finest of principles that set her apart from other women. She shows confidence. Lady Liberty is welcoming. She is honorable. Lady Liberty is wise. Her inner and outer beauty radiate to the world. She is a woman of substance. I would love to put a strand of pearls around her neck that would signify her pearls of wisdom. 

Above all, a woman is not a lady because of her superior social status or income. A lady does not represent superficiality. Instead, her posture is regal, her values are clear and she knows who she is. She is the Statue of Liberty, welcoming all women of every background into her life. 

To this day, I dream of taking my granddaughter to visit the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island. I imagine you want to do the same with your granddaughters.


Now I will break down what being a lady means. One thing about a lady, she is never defined by material possessions. But rather by her character. 

A lady …

  1. Knows right from wrong
  2. Is courteous, not curt
  3. Is warm, not aloof
  4. Knows her value 
  5. Is empathetic, not thoughtless
  6. Is a woman of her word
  7. Has impeccable manners
  8. Is soft, not tough.
  9. Is a good listener.
  10. Showers love, not scorn.
  11. Is respectful
  12. Is genuine, she does not wear a mask.
  13. Empowers and enlightens, she does not wilt.
  14. Stands tall, like the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island. She always believes in her core principles. 


To conclude, the longer I inhabit the land of Elsewhere, the more I realize what I can and cannot control. We can always control what we choose. We can choose to be a lady of worth. We can choose to enlighten ourselves. Most of all, we can choose the legacy we leave to our granddaughters. 

What will you choose?

How will you show your granddaughters what it is to be a lady? Please let me know in the comments. 

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April 21, 2022


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  1. Lynne Clarke (Grandma Honey) says:

    Hi Honey,
    This touched my heart. My grandmother came to this country from Italy as a baby. She grew into a lovely, gracious woman, married my grandfather and had four children (my father was her only son). She welcomed everyone into her home and was a fabulous cook. Her life wasn’t easy because of my grandfather’s mental health problems, but she kept the family together working as a talented seamstress.
    At some point she was given a small replica of the Statue of Liberty. It reminded her to stand tall and to be strong. Many years later, after she died, my aunt gave it to me when I was going through a difficult time. Maybe it’s time for me to pass it on to my only granddaughter.

    • Honey Good says:

      Follow your heart. It will know when the time is appropriate. Until then keep it close to your heart. Your story is very heartfelt. I love it. Warmly, Honey

  2. Theresa says:

    What a great uplifting article. A true reminder to always aspire to a Lady….

    • Honey Good says:

      I am so glad you enjoyed the article. I agree we should aspire to be like ‘Liberty.’ Warmly, Honey

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