Explore Honey’s thoughts on inner and outer beauty and how to be a visible, beautiful older woman who carries herself confidently. Get tips and trends on makeup and skincare over 50, how to style your nails, caring for aging hair, and the best hair colors and hairstyles for older women.

5 Best Sunscreens

The 5 Best Sunscreens

This week, I’ve rounded up some of the very best sunscreens on the market. Just throw them in your bag and be prepared everywhere you go!


Save Your Skin

Save Your Skin

Here are a few tips to keep those sunspots and wrinkles from showing up prematurely — or hopefully at all…



Turning Empty Nesters Into Full Lifers with Procter & Gamble

What do you think of the term “empty nester?”


Strange Beauty Hacks That Work!

This week, I put some strange beauty hacks to the test to share unique beauty tips and tricks that work unexpectedly well. Are you as curious as I was?


Spa Secrets of 5 Celebrities Over 50

These celebrity women over 50 are sharing their secret beauty treats that are spa-worthy any day of the week!


Beauty Dos and Don’ts for Women Over 50

Instead of banning the use of magnifying mirrors (which, let’s face it, some of us really need), I challenge you to embrace aging gracefully while taking advantage of simple and subtle beauty tips that can help you look younger, healthier and happier no matter your age. Here are my top beauty dos and don’ts for women over 50.


Is Oil What’s Missing In Your After 50 Skincare Routine?

Oil has gotten a bad rap when it comes to beauty, but the truth is that oil may be just what’s missing from your beauty routine, especially as we age…


My Perfume Professor: My Mother

My mom, now in her nineties, was really my professor on everything womanly, as most mothers are for their daughters. She educated me, giving me the tools to be a fabulously feminine woman.


How to Wear Red Lipstick After 50

Who is red-y to embrace red lipstick at our age? Some say women over 50 should eschew red lipstick but I say women over 50 should eschew being told what to do! Guidelines are fine but rules are meant to be broken, darlings!

Best Skin Bronzers After 50

The Secret to a Healthy, Youthful Glow

The sun is starting to make a more regular appearance, darlings! Today, I’m sharing a list of the best bronzers you can use to appear beautifully bronzed, minus the very real risk of skin cancer…

Reclaiming Your Confidence

Having Fun With Style After 50: 6 Ways to Love How You Look

Have you fallen into a style rut? Do you no longer feel confident about how you look or how you present yourself to the world? Let’s change that right now…

Sleeping Tips Over 50

9 Sleeping Tips For Women Over 50

You’re spending adequate time in bed but typically wake up tired and unrested. Does this sound like you? 


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