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How You Can Wear Beautiful Blue Nails as a Woman Over 50

Honey Good standing in the road in Chicago, reinventing herself with blue nail polish

I love changing up my accessories, and that includes my nails! Though I’ve always loved a bold red polish on my nails (not to mention on my lips!), it’s time to try some blue nail polish.

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Let’s talk about blue nail polish, darling. You know, the one that seems to be gracing fingertips everywhere lately, from fashion week runways to your favorite niece’s Instagram feed. But here’s the thing: just because something is trendy doesn’t mean it’s off-limits to us as we gracefully navigate our older years. In fact, embracing trends like this cool, calming hue can be a beautiful way to express ourselves and defy outdated stereotypes.

I love red on my nails and my lips, always have, but I confess seeing this blue nail trend has made me shade-curious!

The fact is, it’s still winter and I’m still wearing winter white — blue polish looks great with white! Ready to wear some blue on your fingertips, regardless of your age? Let’s debunk the myths and dive into the world of blue nail polish, discovering why it’s a timeless (and ageless) choice for every woman.


Why Blue Belongs on Your Beautiful Hands

1. It’s Surprisingly Versatile

Blue isn’t just for bold statements. From baby blues whispering elegance to deep indigos exuding sophistication, there’s a shade for every mood and occasion. Think calming periwinkle for a spa day, chic navy for a power meeting, or playful sky blue for a summer afternoon.

2. It Boosts Confidence

Don’t underestimate the power of a fresh manicure. That vibrant blue peeking out from your fingers can work wonders for your self-esteem. Confidence shines through, regardless of age, and rocking a color you love is a surefire way to feel your most radiant.

3. It Defies Stereotypes

Who says certain colors are reserved for certain ages? Owning your style choices, regardless of trends, is a powerful statement. Embrace the blue revolution and show the world that age is just a number, and style is an ever-evolving journey.

4. It Complements Many Skin Tones

The beauty of blue lies in its adaptability. Fair skin finds harmony with soft pastels, while deeper complexions can rock bolder blues or even jewel tones. Experiment and find your perfect shade – the possibilities are endless!


Now, Let’s Talk Technique

1. Choose the Right Formula

Consider your lifestyle and preferences (you can read my best nail tips for women after 50, here). Regular polish offers a quick application and easy removal, while gel polish ensures long-lasting wear and chip-free perfection. Just remember, gel removal usually requires a salon visit or some YouTube University know-how, so factor that in.

2. Embrace Minimalism or Get Creative

There’s no single rule for rocking blue. Keep it simple with a classic, single-shade manicure, or explore fun nail art designs. Geometric patterns, or French tips with a blue twist – let your creativity flow!

3. Prep is Key

For a flawless finish, always start with clean, dry nails. Buff away any ridges and gently push back your cuticles. Base coat is crucial for protecting your nails and ensuring smooth polish application.

4. Apply Like a Pro

 Thin coats are your friend! Apply two to three thin coats instead of one thick one for even color and easier drying. Use a clean-up brush or cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to correct any mistakes.

5. Top It Off

Top coat seals the deal, preventing chipping and adding shine. Look for formulas enriched with ingredients like titanium dioxide for UV protection and added durability.

Would you try blue on your nails? Please let me know in the comments!

Product Picks for Your Perfect Blue

graphic with blue nail polish for at home manicures

Which of these blue nail polishes speak to you?

For the Minimalist:

For the Creative Soul:

Remember, these are just suggestions! Explore different brands and colors to find your perfect match.

My Secret Tip for Gel Nails Without the Salon

blue nails at home with gel led and polish

Have you tried doing your mani at home?

UV LED Nail Lamp

Modelones Gel Nail Polish Top Coat

Seche Vive Gel Effect Top Coat – This stuff is INCREDIBLE if you’d rather not bother with a UV lamp and curing your gel manicure. It’s holds up amazingly well.

If you like doing your nails at home, which saves both time and money, try this tip! My editor does her nails at home and swears by adding a gel top coat and using a UV light to cure. They come out looking amazing and are just as durable as they would be if you had them done in a salon.

Here’s the tip! You don’t have to buy expensive gel nail polish. I, for one, love Essie’s colors or sometimes I’ll find other brands (like above) where you just find the perfect color. It turns out, you can simply use your favorite nail polish/color and top it with a gel top coat and cure it under the UV lamp.

Please note that I cannot guarantee that every brand will work with every gel top coat but my editor assures me she has done it with several different brands and has never had any issues. Of course, the alternative would simply be to purchase a gel polish, base coat, and top coat and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Here are the steps the a perfect at home manicure:

Gather Your Tools:

  • Your favorite nail polish (any brand should work!)
  • UV lamp: Ensure it’s compatible with your chosen gel topcoat brand and offers enough wattage for proper curing.
  • Nail file, buffer, cuticle pusher/trimmer.
  • Paper towels, cuticle oil.
  • Optional: Gel polish remover, lint-free wipes, nail art tools.

How to Pull Off Bold, Red Lipstick After 50

Prep Your Nails:

  1. Remove any existing polish thoroughly: Use polish remover and ensure no residue remains. Push back cuticles gently with a pusher or trimmer.
  2. File and buff your nails: Shape them as desired. Buff lightly to remove shine and create a smooth surface for better polish adhesion.
  3. Cleanse and dehydrate: Wipe each nail with a lint-free wipe soaked in isopropyl alcohol (70% or higher) to remove oils and dust. This is key for a long lasting manicure!

Apply the Gel Polish:

  1. First coat: Apply a thin, even layer of your chosen nail polish and allow to dry.
  2. Second coat: Apply another thin coats of your chosen color, allowing each coat to dry completely. Avoid touching your skin or cuticles.
  3. Top coat: Apply a thin layer of a gel top coat and cure under the lamp for the recommended time. This seals the polish and adds shine. Look for no-wipe top coats. But if you accidentally buy a wipe top coat (as I have!), you’ll need to wipe over it with with 70% alcohol on a cotton pad.

Finishing Touches:

  1. Clean up: If you get topcoat on your skin, use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to gently remove it before curing (after curing, it will be harder to remove).
  2. Hydrate: Apply cuticle oil around your nails to nourish and prevent dryness.
  3. Moisturize: Apply a generous amount of your favorite hand cream all over your hands and wrists.

Beyond Blue Nail Polish

Finally, a note on ingredients. While most nail polishes are generally safe, some contain harsh chemicals like ethyl acetate, which can cause irritation or dryness. Look for formulas free of these harsher ingredients and enriched with nourishing components like biotin and keratin.

So, darlings, embrace the blue! It’s more than just a trend. It’s a symbol of your confidence, your creativity, and your defiance of limitations. Let your fingertips be a canvas, expressing your unique beauty and reminding the world that style knows no age. Feel joy, own your blue, own your beauty, and continue to sparkle, because you, my dear, are agelessly dazzling!

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February 16, 2024

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