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Black Cowboy Boots for Women and How to Wear Them

black cowboy boots for women showing how you can wear this style or change it up with any cowboy boots for women

I love boots in general but this cowboy boots for women trend is so fun, darlings!

Black cowboy boots, well, every color cowboy boots, darling, are more than just a footwear trend – they’re a timeless statement piece, a symbol of empowerment and effortless cool. Forget the dusty stereotypes of saloons and rodeos; these boots are strutting down city streets, gracing music festivals, and adding a touch of Western sass to everyday outfits. And much like the blue nail trend, and red lipstick, cowboy boots look great on all of us, no matter our age (it’s just a number, darling!)

But where do you even begin, especially if you’re new to the boot scene? Fear not! This guide will have you twirling and twirling in your boot-y beauties like a seasoned cowgirl in no time.

Why Black Boots?

Think of black cowboy boots as your little black dress for your feet. They’re versatile, chic, and can be dressed up or down with ease. They add an instant edge to any outfit, whether you’re wearing a flowy maxi dress or a pair of ripped jeans and a sophisticated tee. 

Plus, let’s face it, darling, black goes with everything. From denim to leather, florals to solids. It’s a fashion chameleon, ready to adapt to your unique style.

Black cowboy boots are very trendy, but so are some other fun colors and styles.

Boot Basics – How to Choose Your Perfect Pair

Before you head to the nearest boot store, let’s talk about the different types of black cowboy boots for women:

  1. The Classic Western – Think iconic pointed toes, maybe some fancy stitching, and a mid-calf height. These are your go-to boots for a traditional Western look, perfect for pairing with jeans, skirts, or even dresses. Brands like Ariat and Lucchese offer a variety of classic styles to choose from.
  2. The Ankle Bootie – This shorter version of the classic Western is ideal for warmer weather or a more casual vibe. They pair well with skinny jeans, leggings, or even shorts. Check out brands like Frye and Corral for trendy ankle booties with a Western twist.
  3. The Dressy Boot – Think sleek silhouettes, embellishments like embroidery or studs, and maybe even a bit of heel. These boots are perfect for elevating your evening look or adding a touch of Western flair to a special occasion. Brands like Tony Lama and Dingo offer stunning dressy boot options.
  4. The Unexpected – Don’t be afraid to experiment beyond black cowboy boots! There are cowboy boots with unique details like fringe, cutouts, or even metallic accents. These boots are for the fashion risk-takers who want to make a bold statement. Brands like Jeffrey Campbell and Bed Stu offer unique and edgy cowboy boot designs.

Cowboy Boot Style Tips

Now that you know your boot types, let’s explore some styling inspiration. There’s something for everyone:

For a night out 

Dress up your black boots with a sleek leather skirt, a silk blouse, and a statement necklace. You’ll be the most stylish gal at the party, hands down. You could even pull it off with certain cocktail dresses for women over 50!

Don’t be afraid of color 

While black is versatile, don’t shy away from experimenting with colored boots. A deep red or a dusty rose can add a pop of personality to your outfit.

Product Picks for Your Perfect Pair

Classic Western Cowboy Boots

  • Ariat Heritage Western Boot: This timeless boot features a classic silhouette, beautiful stitching, and a comfortable fit.
  • Stella McCartney Cowboy Cloudy Slip-On Boots: These boots are made in Italy and are a true investment piece, made with intricate details.

Ankle Bootie Cowboy Boot Styles

  • Frye Veronica Shortie: A stylish and versatile bootie with a stacked heel and Western-inspired details.
  • Corral Ankle Boot: This playful boot features fringe detailing and a comfortable block heel.

Dressy Boots

  • Paris TexasRosario Mixed Media Western Boots: These stunning boots feature a beautiful juxtaposition of fabric and crocodile-embossed leather.
  • Dingo Neon Moon Rhinestone Western Boot These boots sparkle and shine with their all-over rhinestone embellishments.

Unexpected Cowboy Boots

  • Jeffrey Campbell Studded Westerner Boot: This edgy boot features a unique cutout design and plenty of studs for a bold statement.
  • Bed Stu Lennox Boot: These black boots have a distressed leather look and a unique buckle detail, perfect for the fashion standout.

Remember, darlings, the most important rule is to wear your colorful or black cowboy boots with confidence! Let your personality shine through, embrace your inner sass, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Just have fun with it!



February 23, 2024

Fashion, Style

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  1. What a fun and terrific article!!

  2. Joyce Penny says:

    And to think I put a pair of hand-made, hand fitted seal skin boots in the op shop years ago!

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