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“Oh, your boots are so beautiful,” said an acquaintance of mine, as we entered the room of a party. “I wish I could wear boots like yours.  I have bunions.” “I have bunions, too,” I replied as I looked down at the flat shoes she was wearing and my satin boots with diamond stones on the heels.  Her reply, “I wish I had asked you years ago.”   Well, darlings, I’m not going to make you wait years. Here’s how to wear stylish boots while having bad feet.

How to choose the right shoe salesperson

I’m just a girl who can’t say no to fabulous boots even with bad feet. Determined to wear all types of boots with heels, I invite in the advice of shoe salesmen who, of course, want to sell me the boots of the season. Remember darlings, not all salesman have learned the skills to work with women with bad feet. After you explain your foot situation ask your salesmen if he or she is knowledgeable. Don’t be bashful. Put him or her on the spot in a ladylike manner. Look into his or her eyes as they answer your question. When in doubt be very matter-of-fact. “I have bunions. Please introduce me to a salesman who understands that my five toes have to get along with my one bunion.”  I am smiling.

Early on when my bunions began to bother me, I decided I was not going to let my bunions rule my style. Darlings, we all have “our look.” Some of us love flats, some of us love heels. And there are some of you reading my musings that love heels and wear flats because your feet hurt. Cease and desist. I have awful bunions and I wear them.

Your boots are an extension of the woman you are

Our style of dress is an extension of our personality. And, boots and shoes are no exception. They are as important as the jeans we wear, the dress we wear, or the slacks and sweaters we wear. My friend who mentioned my boots did not comment on my dress, darlings. It was my dazzling boots.

Nothing is easy but most things are attainable. If you miss seeing a closet full of boots and shoes with heels, put on your determination hat and search until you find the right salesperson who knows the right brand for your foot problem.

How I buy my boots with heels

When I walk into a shoe department, as an older and visible grand dame over 50, my eyes immediately dart to two brands. I learned from a knowledgeable salesperson, I have to wear a boot with a wide toe boxNaturally, I leave my mind open to other brands that have respect for older women with older feet. When I was a younger woman, under 55, my eyes darted here, there and everywhere to all the brands. I could wear every shoe out there. It is easier now as I hone in on brands that I know will accomplish two things: My boots will show my personality and my bunions will get along with them.

So, darlings, for you who miss your boots with a heel, find that knowledgeable salesperson who knows the best brands wherever you shop. Pointed shoes are out if you have bunions. Look for brands that have a wide toe box. 

When the salesperson asks your size this is my advice. Always buy your boots and shoes a size or two larger. You will not feel the difference. Your foot will not slide and if by chance it does, a  good salesman or shoemaker can make an adjustment.

Every gal with bad feet needs a good shoemaker. Find one who cares. Make a relationship. He will learn the shape of your foot. He will have product in his arsenal to make your feet feel comfy. He can stretch your boot. He can stop your foot from sliding. He can cut the heel down a tad, he can keep your boots looking like new for years. He is almost a podiatrist. And speaking of podiatrists, find one to take care of your feet and a good pedicurist, too. You only have one set of feet, darlings.

Platforms are good for bad feet

I am veering off message but I have to mention high-heeled shoes. I love high heels so I found a style just right for my look and my bunions…platforms, darlings, platforms. Platforms keep your foot level, no matter the height of the heel, so your big toe doesn’t bend or feel pinched.

So here are the takeaway tips on buying boots if you have bad feet:

  1. Find a knowledgeable salesperson to teach you about your needy feet.
  2. Find a brand(s) that your bunion or other foot problem will love and stick with it.
  3. Buy your boots with a wide toe box.
  4. Buy your boots a size or two larger.
  5. Find a good shoemaker so if the shoe isn’t perfectly comfy it can be perfected.
  6. Visit your podiatrist.
  7. Pamper your feet with delicious pedicures. You only have one set of feet so take care of them.

In a woman’s closet shoes seem to rule the day. It is a statistic. Women have more shoes than any other item in their wardrobe. Of course, she dreams, as her eyes scan her shoe stash, of still wearing her full salon of shoes.

I had this problem after I healed from my broken ankle — I could no longer wear some of my shoes. I had a resale shop come over and go through my closet. They packed up what they thought would sell. Darlings, I was shocked at how many shoes were bought by other women.

Of course, customers want certain brands and shoes must be in very good shape, but for many of you if there are shoes you can no longer wear that may prove an option. Then…you can replace the old with the new. How fun.




December 15, 2021


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  1. Nancy says:

    Meet Christmas to you and your family .
    Was wondering what the two brand names that work for you ?
    I to share Bunions .
    Buying larger shoes has also proven helpful .
    love the platforms .
    But for the life of me I can’t bend my toes and get them in a pair of hills .

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Mui Mui and Prada. I have a suggestion: Ask Google what shoe brands have the widest toe box. I bet there are others, too. Happy holidays. Warmly, Honey

  2. Jeanne Snowa says:

    Please give us the brand recommendation of boots/shoes you have found that work for you. I also need a wide toe box and would love new suggestions of brands.. thank you for your great ideas.
    Jeanne Snowa

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Mui Mui.Prada. I know they are expensive but I can walk tall with no pain from my bunions. Google: brands that have the widest toe box. I am sure there are others. And, then let me know!!! I am smiling. Happy holidays.

  3. Julie Garza says:

    Bunion surgery, ladies! I had a bunion on my left foot and had the surgery 8 years ago. It was day surgery, so no hospital overnight. The first five days were rough; I had to keep the foot elevated and put no pressure on it whatsoever. Crutches were the order of the day. But after my five-day appointment, I was told I could start walking with my surgical boot and after eight weeks, in tennis shoes. I wore tennis shoes exclusively for about four weeks.

    Today the foot is perfect and I no longer have to choose shoes or boots to keep my bunion happy! I celebrated with a pedicure, of course!

    Honey, I love your blog. Your cheerful, positive “voice” makes my day! If I lived in Chicago, I just know we’d be good friends!

  4. Pauline says:

    I feel so blessed. I don’t have bunions. At least not yet. I’m 81 so maybe I will be spared them. My youngest daughter had to have surgery for one of hers because it was so painful. My oldest daughter is blessed like me. My mom had them. I understand they can be inherited..

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