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“God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things that should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.”

—Reinhold Niebuhr, The Serenity Prayer (1943)


What a gift to know a woman at every age; under or over 50+ who can discern what she can and cannot change and know the difference. I believe, at this time in Elsewhere, this is the sensible way to move forward. You must use your strong backbone and take charge of your life. It is up to you to seek out the real from the unreal facts and guide your family. 

You must value yourself and throw intimidation out the window replacing it with your wisdom and strength. Never again permit any destructive system or person through fear or intimidation to uproot your values or undermine and destroy your need for a life of serenity, hope, and joy.  

Let’s be honest with one another, darling. Elsewhere robbed us of normalcy. Fear was the tactic used and it worked. Never again, but I fear it will happen. Don’t let scare tactics destroy your sense of well-being. Nor your beautiful democratic America or the lives of thousands of wonderful Americans.  

Moms started the positive ball rolling when they took up verbal arms against school boards. Those moms deserve the title, heroes. It was because of their outrage that our nation began to  finally open up her eyes, and say, “No more!” No more Masks, no more intimidation, no more closing down our businesses, no more isolation, no more killing our population with opioids, no more picking on the weak. No more injustices. 

For too long you and I allowed ourselves to be led by fear. There was so much pressure. Some of the pressures have stopped but rest assured until there is a positive change in our government there will be more of the same intimidation coming down the pipeline.

Understanding the principles behind word-of-mouth ideas is more important than ever. Here is the idea I am spreading; “I will never be isolated or intimidated again.” What will be yours?


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I rode down the elevator with two other couples. It was 7:45 am. I was on my way to pilates. I was maskless. Casually, I took note of the couples. In each set one was maskless and one wore a mask. I made a comment. “ Well,” I said in an endearing manner, “ I know how you all think!’ I saw all of their sleepy eyes open wide! 

And, then one of the women wearing a mask, a school teacher, tore her mask off and said, “I hate this mask and I am never going to wear it again! I don’t care what anyone thinks!” And, she smiled. And, I smiled back and her maskless husband smiled and thanked me!!!!  

It is up to you, darling, in your own manner to take your stand with your ideas that will give you joy and hope, and serenity. They say March comes in like a Lion… You are a lioness and it’s your responsibility to roar. That morning in the elevator I had no idea that I would spark off such a conversation. I did so in an understated way though obviously, they knew where the maskless Honey Good stood. I empowered a school teacher to be the ‘real her.’ I am smiling.


So many women feel safe to stay the same. Are you one of those women? Admit it to yourself if you are. And, if you are, when are you going to grow? When are you going to acknowledge how marvelous you are?  At what age are you going to decide to bloom and roar? 

I can tell you. 

It will be when you accomplish a difficult mission. Or call a person or a group to attention for what you believe is wrong. When you decide to displace your ‘fear’ with ‘risk’ and let the chips fall where they fall. Because you know it is important to you to let others know what you stand for — who you are.  

Trust in yourself will give you serenity, peace, and hope. Your age doesn’t matter. It is never too early or too late to spread your wings and fly. Whether you are a woman over 50+ or a younger woman, believing in yourself is mandatory.       

As you continue to challenge yourself, to speak your mind on all types of issues you will gain self-esteem. And with your success, you will become more and more empowered, strong, and self-confident. 


A few years ago I learned that a religious person and his history class, not religious class, were being intimidated. I wrote a story of the ordeal that you can find in my archives. I was so irate I took on a club of over 300 people. No, I am anything but a bully. I am for justice to all. 

The religious person gave his weekly class at this club and it was decided that his class could not be viewed on the weekly calendar television screen along with the other classes. Why? Because the board wanted new members to join that were members of other religions and did not want it known. 

There was an uproar. But, a few weeks later and now two years later, the religious leader’s name and his class are on the weekly calendar on the club television. 


My experience in taking that stand had a personal impact on my inner being. I became a Lioness…hear me roar! I became enlightened and empowered and I can honestly say that I  luxuriate in my inner strength to portray who I am. 

Learn to believe in yourself, darling. There is always a risk. Take it. The risk is worth it because it stops fear and fear is hopelessness. Fear has no joy. Fear brings no serenity.  

How do you maintain joy, hope, and serenity? Please share with me in the comments. 

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  1. You are so wrong about the pandemic. Mother’s screaming and threatening school board members with gun violence. Really? Not EVER acceptable! Masks NEVER hurt anyone. Doctors and nurses wear masks for hours and hours. Have you ever heard of one dying? No you haven’t. Parents, mothers in particular want to be friends with their children instead of a parent and they push their very sad agenda on others including teachers, principals or school board members. I it sounds like you condone this behavior!! I will be removing your blog from my emails!!!

  2. I am so meek. I will try to be a LIONESS! I let fear rule me with COVID. IT was horrible, I don’t want to be like this. I love
    Your articles. Thank you

    1. Fear is a great inhibitor. It stops people from going to the doctor, leaving a job they abhor because they fear not getting a better one, staying in a marriage or going back to school for a degree or fear of Covid, etc. My point is: if you do not try to put fear behind you, you will never know the outcome. And, it could be great I say, be an adventurer. Warmly, Honey

  3. Thank you for bravely writing on behalf of mothers and those of us who threw our masks aside long ago. Our great country was founded upon free speech. It is time we exercise it, even if our voice quivers. I pray we all, regardless of opinions of any topic, listen to learn rather than be right or “cancel” another person. Keep stating your truths.

    1. I will keep stating my opinion. I would like to be stronger!!! What is happening is frightening madness and very serious. We need a leader and fast. Finger’s crossed. Warmly, Honey

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