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how to have joy with honey good, whether it's by praising god, feeling the power of the holy spirit

If you aren’t sure how to have joy in your life, especially if you experience hardship, this story’s for you, darlings!

“God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things that should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.”

—Reinhold Niebuhr, The Serenity Prayer (1943)

How to Find Joy When Starting a New Phase in Our Lives

What a gift to know a woman at every age; under or over 50+ who can discern what she can and cannot change and know the difference. In the quiet moments of the morning, as the sun’s gentle rays fill the room, I contemplate the art of living joyfully. It’s a pursuit that we all yearn for.

There’s an epiphany, a sudden revelation, that each of us must come to if we are to find the ultimate joy, hope, and serenity as we start a new phase in our lives. We learn how to project joy and authenticity.

Change, a constant in the tapestry of life, becomes a focal point as we contemplate what it means to evolve, to embrace something new. For some of some, these thoughts have been our quiet companions for far too long, lingering like an unfinished poem. We are seekers of change, driven by an innate desire for more. We’ve walked the path of transformation, even if it took us a while to see the light.

Time, our silent companion, doesn’t judge, it is a patient ally. It grants us the luxury of contemplation, making mistakes, and, most importantly, rejuvenating with a new plan. But the real journey begins when we choose to live into our answers, igniting the engines that propel us toward our unique goals. Whether it is reinventing yourself after 50 and gowing into new friendships, or coming to a decision.

Change, I’ve discovered, is akin to taking the stairs instead of the elevator. It’s the gradual ascent that offers a more profound understanding of the journey we’re on, a journey infused with joy and hope.

Embracing Change to Find Serenity

honey good finding joy as a butterfly after 50

When you learn that you can bloom and spread your wings and find joy at any age, you unlock your true happiness!

A new beginning unfurls before us, a fresh canvas that holds the promise of change and growth. As we reflect upon the experiences that jolted us to sit back, take pause, and think, we unearth the valuable lessons that have given rise to moments of contemplation and transformation.

In the ebb and flow of life, we’ve weathered our personal storms, perhaps not always with grace, but with a relentless spirit that whispers “I can do this” even when the path seems daunting and hardships seem overwhelming.

These experiences, both challenging and awe-inspiring, trigger the ‘ah-ha’ moments that shift our thoughts, our perspectives, and our lives. Positive realizations emerge, like a sudden clearing of the clouds after a storm.

Yet, we must acknowledge that embracing change can be an uphill journey, it requires us to change not only our habits but also our thoughts. Both changes are challenging and require a level of commitment and authenticity that you may have never encountered.

Change, as previously noted, compels us to take the stairs. It challenges us to venture outside our comfort zones. It demands work, courage, and the willingness to reveal our vulnerabilities, to be unapologetically ourselves. This openness may be met with criticism, but it is precisely this authenticity that lead to finding joy in personal growth.

Nurturing the Free Spirit

Our quest to become free spirits after 50 is not a whimsical endeavor. It’s a profound transformation rooted in self-belief and a willingness to defy the status quo. We’re drawn to those who live with a free spirit, unburdened by the constraints of societal expectations, radiating warmth, and offering sound advice when needed.

We must remember that, as women, we have a unique power that often lies dormant. In our youth, saying “NO” to others came naturally, a testament to our unfiltered authenticity. Yet, as adults, we’ve become overly guarded, our voices stifled by the expectations of society. To find joy, we must rekindle that fearless spirit, the one that danced to the beat of its own drum in the innocence of childhood.

The path to personal transformation begins with gratitude, an acknowledgment of the positive aspects of our lives. It’s clinging on to joy, even one moment of supreme happiness. It’s a reminder to refrain from comparing ourselves to others, as it blinds us to our unique circumstances.

Criticism, we must understand, often reflects the insecurities of the critic. The sweat of our efforts will drive change, and we cannot let fear or rigid belief systems hold us back. The woman we may compare ourselves to has her own ‘stuff’ (good things and bad) to grapple with. We must commit to climbing the stairs rather than riding the elevator, for it is the journey that leads to our free spirit and the joy we seek.

Seeking Joy and Serenity

The pursuit of more joy, hope, and serenity is a personal journey, a path that requires us to delve deep into our inner landscapes. We must take ownership of our thoughts and our projections, for the mind is a powerful instrument. Joy is not something to wait for but to seek out actively.

Our friends and inner circles can offer guidance even though the true journey takes place within ourselves. To find joy, we must relinquish the role of victim, for setbacks are an intrinsic part of life. Joy lies in embracing the network of women friends who feed our souls with positivity, wisdom, and love.

Not long ago, through my own journey, I’ve learned that mourning every type of loss is essential. It took years of tears, sleepless nights, and unbearable grief to reach a place of acceptance. I discovered that my heart has four chambers: denial, anger, depression, and, ultimately, acceptance. It’s a journey that everyone must embark on.

The answer, I’ve realized, is to never give up when faced with challenges that threaten our joy and free spirit. We have the wisdom and strength, especially after 50, to seek until we find our answers.

Roaring Must Begin Within Us

So many women feel safe to stay the same. Are you one of those women? Admit it to yourself if you are. And, if you are, when are you going to grow? When are you going to acknowledge how marvelous you are?  At what age are you going to decide to bloom and roar

Trust in yourself will give you serenity, peace, and hope. Your age doesn’t matter. It is never too early or too late to spread your wings and fly. Whether you are a woman over 50+ or a younger woman, believing in yourself is mandatory.       

As you continue to challenge yourself, to speak your mind on all types of issues you will gain self-esteem. And with your success, you will become more and more empowered, strong, and self-confident. 

A True Story

A few years ago I learned that a religious person and his history class, not religious class, were being intimidated. I wrote a story of the ordeal that you can find in my archives. I was so irate I took on a club of over 300 people. No, I am anything but a bully. I am for justice to all. 

The religious person gave his weekly class at this club and it was decided that his class could not be viewed on the weekly calendar television screen along with the other classes. Why? Because the board wanted new members to join that were members of other religions and did not want it known. 

There was an uproar. But, a few weeks later and now years later, the religious leader’s name and his class are on the weekly calendar on the club television. 


My experience in taking that stand had a personal impact on my inner being. I became a Lioness…hear me roar! I became enlightened and empowered and I can honestly say that I  luxuriate in my inner strength to portray who I am. 

Learn to believe in yourself, darling. There is always a risk. Take it. The risk is worth it because it stops fear and fear is hopelessness. Fear has no joy. Fear brings no serenity.  

How do you maintain joy, hope, and serenity? Please share with me in the comments. 




October 25, 2023

Advice, Passages After 50

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  1. VICKI says:

    You are so wrong about the pandemic. Mother’s screaming and threatening school board members with gun violence. Really? Not EVER acceptable! Masks NEVER hurt anyone. Doctors and nurses wear masks for hours and hours. Have you ever heard of one dying? No you haven’t. Parents, mothers in particular want to be friends with their children instead of a parent and they push their very sad agenda on others including teachers, principals or school board members. I it sounds like you condone this behavior!! I will be removing your blog from my emails!!!

  2. Carolyn Palenscar says:

    I am so meek. I will try to be a LIONESS! I let fear rule me with COVID. IT was horrible, I don’t want to be like this. I love
    Your articles. Thank you

    • Honey Good says:

      Fear is a great inhibitor. It stops people from going to the doctor, leaving a job they abhor because they fear not getting a better one, staying in a marriage or going back to school for a degree or fear of Covid, etc. My point is: if you do not try to put fear behind you, you will never know the outcome. And, it could be great I say, be an adventurer. Warmly, Honey

  3. Cory Carpenter says:

    Thank you for bravely writing on behalf of mothers and those of us who threw our masks aside long ago. Our great country was founded upon free speech. It is time we exercise it, even if our voice quivers. I pray we all, regardless of opinions of any topic, listen to learn rather than be right or “cancel” another person. Keep stating your truths.

    • Honey Good says:

      I will keep stating my opinion. I would like to be stronger!!! What is happening is frightening madness and very serious. We need a leader and fast. Finger’s crossed. Warmly, Honey

  4. Dawn Foster says:

    Good morning honey i do share that change is a rich tapestry of life ups and downs and in order to heal you need to feel peace within our selves On Friday i had to evacuate our home due to extensive rainwater climate change and blocked drains when i return i hope the sunwill be shinning Sending you and your readers love and peace Dawn Foster

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