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Honey and women in her life
Me and My Girlfriends

Worldly Lessons Learned From Women in My Life

This week was International Women’s Week and it got me thinking about the priceless lessons I have learned from the many women in my life. These are lessons that have improved me and shaped me into the woman I am today.

I have friends from all walks of life and from all over the world and I have no desire to be in a clique. Special girlfriends have given me useful information. My interest in welcoming new people into my life, my travels, and my years spent living in Honolulu opened the door to these fascinating, worldly women. They are all wise in different ways and I wanted to share their worldly tips with you. Each lesson I have learned from them has become important in my life.

Lessons from women

“Live Your Northern Lifestyle as a Southern Belle.”

We were checking into a hotel in Vienna, Austria years ago and I overheard my husband say to the receptionist with a twinkle in his eye, “Please show my wife a beautiful room with a view for her first time here.” She looked up, smiled, checked the assigned room list on the computer, and changed our room! Listening to my husband I thought of my girlfriend, Norma Jean, from Richmond, Virginia — my southern friend who taught me to live my northern lifestyle as a Southern Belle. Those were her words! Now you can use these words when checking into a hotel and see what happens.

“American Women Wear Matching Shoes With Their Suits.
Don’t Do That, Honey. It is Boring.”

My French girlfriend taught me to accessorize with panache. I looked at Florence Levet, my beautiful Parisian friend, wearing a light grey pinstriped suit with pink heels and a pink Hermes Kelly bag. Enough said! Ladies, update your fashion thinking. The French encourage it and so do I.

“I Don’t Want to Talk About Her When She is Not Here to Defend Herself.”

This next lesson was from my girlfriend, Vera De Alemada, from San Paulo, Brazil. She speaks six languages and she taught me this one sentence worth a thousand words. This one is a keeper!

“Keep a Journal for Three Months and You Will Find Your Voice.”

One of my American friends from California, Gayle, a writer, gave me this advice. I followed it and was born. If you are seeking a new purpose, now you know what to do! Keep a journal and see what happens.

“Susan, You Want to be Able to Participate —Not Sit on the Sidelines.”

Two girlfriends from London, Liz Taylor and Cary Grant (can you believe their names through marriage!) taught me the importance of learning to play games. One is a champion Scrabble player and the other a master point Bridge player. Think about learning something new to enhance your life.

“Just Delete.”

Unfortunately, like all of you, I have been surprisingly disappointed by some women’s actions. Never fear! I have my Greek girlfriend, Maria, who taught me a very valuable lesson: “Just delete.” Think of the delete key on your keyboard and how easy it is to hit delete and how good it feels. Give it a try sometime. It’s both refreshing and liberating.

I’ve Learned So Many Wonderful Lessons From Women

A Korean friend taught me to eat Kimchi. A Chinese friend showed me how to eat with chopsticks. A Hawaiian friend taught me the true meaning of the Aloha spirit. My sweet, Jewish girlfriend, Barbara, who recently passed, explained the meaning of the Kabbalah Red String that I wear around my wrist. I now treasure it more than ever.

My young American girlfriend, Madison, taught me to, “Simply be.” My girlfriend from New York, Susan, showed me through her actions the importance of true grit. My girlfriend, Sue, from Los Angeles is my role model for charity. And my girlfriend from Rome, Sophia, taught me that it takes hard work to bond with another woman — friendships just don’t happen.

My Mother is a woman who taught me many lessons
My Mother and I

Laughter is the Best Medicine

As mothers and grandmothers, teach your children and grandchildren to expand their horizons, to reach out and make friends that are not their clones. Teach them to be cliques-less! They will lead a far more enlightened life.

I cannot close this blog without mentioning the most important woman and teacher in my life. My mother. My mother taught me countless lessons in life, but the one that sticks with me day in and day out is this: Laughter is the best medicine!

What lesson have you learned from a woman in your life? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Honey,
    I appreciate you sharing all the sage advice you’ve received from the women in your life! My late mother was always my cheerleader in life and she was a wonderful model of living a full and rewarding life. She always said “ there’s no room in this life for lazy or selfish people”. She was a giver and a doer and expected and modeled that type of behavior for her children and grandchildren. I’m so grateful to God for the family I was born into!

    1. You are blessed in two ways. You had a wonderful mother and family and you listened to her adviced and are passing it down. Warmly, Honey

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