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7 habits of confident women


Everyone has at least one confident woman in her life. You know the type, right?  They leave a mark wherever they go. A bold and lasting impression. They have that je ne sais quoi. 

No matter their age or body type, they have a style that you want to emulate. If you ask me, confidence is a style. A way of holding yourself. Confidence can make anything look good. Confidence is sexy. 

Are you that woman? Do people flock to your conversation?

If your answer is no, worry not. You can become the best version of yourself. Even if you are shy or introverted, you can have confidence. First, consider the traits and habits that all confident women share. Next, examine what habits you share and which you might want to work on. 



In my mind, the best trait someone can have is to understand that no matter how old they are or how educated, there is always more to learn. A confident woman understands this and seeks to learn and improve herself. 

Easy ways to work toward self-improvement:



The next hallmark of a confident woman is that she can admit mistakes. She knows what she knows and, more importantly, what she doesn’t. When she sees the error of her ways, she does not bury her head in the sand and pretend all is well. A confident woman will admit her mistake, without transferring blame, and make amends if possible. 



Firstly, a confident woman knows that she is not the only one with something to say. She listens with the intention of taking in what her friend is saying. She does not only think of forming her response. A confident woman responds thoughtfully and seeks to add to a conversation, not just turn attention back on herself. 

Secondly, a confident woman is open to changing her opinion. Confidence does not mean doubling down on a previously held notion. She can take in new information and apply it as needed — or not. This does not make her indecisive. On the contrary, it makes her purposeful. 



The next habit that confident women share is setting boundaries. She understands that her time is valuable and will not waver when someone tries to take advantage. This does not mean she is selfish or uncaring. She gives her time freely to the people and things that she cares about. However, she understands that her time is limited and she will not push herself for unworthy reasons. 

This woman understands that in protecting her time, she is able to give herself wholly and with full attention when she is in the moment.



Another habit of confident women? They try new things. Confident women will not only stick to things that they are already good at. She is open to possibilities outside of what she knows. When an opportunity presents itself, she takes chances. Make a habit of saying yes to things that encourage growth.



“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”

– Coco Chanel

Although a woman with confidence is open-minded and is willing to see things from all sides, she always stays true to herself. She has strong convictions and will not waver. She will not change sides simply because of what is in fashion or in the moment. This woman will only change her mind if she sees a new view as an improvement of a thought she previously held. If she learns a new better way. However, she will never flow with the current just because others are. 

A woman who is authentic to herself: 

  • Looks for meaningful connection 
  • Seeks to understand herself further through exploration and learning
  • Leads by example
  • Walks the walk
  • Speaks well of others
  • Compliments others authentically



When you are in the habit of practicing self-care, you understand that it makes you a better mother, daughter, friend, and wife. You cannot give from an empty vessel. If you do not care for yourself, it is difficult to be steadfast in your convictions. It will be harder to set boundaries, to have the energy to explore new things. Simply put, it will make all of the other habits on this list harder to maintain. 

Simple ways to practice self-care:

  • Take a technology break
  • Take a social media break (and/or set firm daily limits)
  • Read books on self-care
  • Get outside/ take a walk
  • Dance to your favorite music
  • Move your body (even if only for a few minutes)
  • Have coffee with a friend

Above all, a confident woman understands that tearing others down does not build her up. She is in the habit of giving compliments authentically and freely. A confident woman is there for other women, understanding that women need women. 


What habit of a confident woman stands out to you the most? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Hello Honey! Yes! I am feeling so confident after coming to a realization this past week. Different than what is in your blog, but meaningful discovery to me. I had fully immersed myself in the trend/belief that we should rid ourselves of unnecessary material things. Did we really need all this “stuff” that we hold on to? Was it adding stress to my life? Was it even a moral disgrace that I placed value in these things? I was putting myself down and feeling as though I had somehow failed. Then my mother died in November 2021. My sisters and I are cleaning out her house and I brought so many of her beautiful things home. I wear a piece of her jewelry every day and it makes me feel connected and pretty at the same time! Some of them were handed down from my grandmother, which is even more special. I could go on, but it has made me realize that “things” ARE IMPORTANT! They are the only things that can link me to all the love I had for her . . . or things that were bought on a special day and time. So, no more guilt and self hatred for me. I stand tall and confident with my things! Much love, Lynn

    1. I love your comment.I have my sentimental treasures in every room of our home, in my closet, drawers and jewelry drawer! They are gifts from those I love or treasure. My grandmother, my aunts, my children, grandchildren and friends and of course my ultimate concierge. Those gifts of the heart that I wear remind me of a time we spent together, a special occasion and of course most importantly, the person. Without them my life would not be as enriched because I would have no memories. My mother is living. Her gifts to me are treasures. In my opinion material possessions do have value and bring a woman different types of joys. Sentimental joys, loving joy and ‘being a woman joy’…shows our famine style, our personality.Continue to enjoy… Warmly, Honey

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