Women Who Make Me Happy After 50

Women Who Make You Happy After 50

The pilot says, “We will be landing in 25 minutes.”  I think to myself, “I am going home. There is no place like home.”

Our American Airlines flight from California circles the city, and as it dips under the low hanging clouds, a gorgeous view of my beautiful Chicago appears. I am mesmerized by its stunning landscape. I can see the building where I have lived for the past 27 years with my ultimate concierge, and a feeling of contentment wraps itself around me.  The pièce de résistance is that my mother lives in the building, too.

The plane gradually banks over Lake Michigan and then sweeps left, leaving behind the city as it heads toward O’Hare. As the plane shifts, my thoughts turn to my busy, but exciting, schedule over the next four days. I am truly looking forward to spending time with my co-workers; women who make me happy.

Women Who Make Me Happy After 50

My Schedule

Over the next week, I have a conference call with the editor of Abrams Books to discuss the first draft of my book, as well as a two-hour photo shoot, a Facebook Live event, and meetings with my honey bees.

In addition, I have a fun lunch date with a close friend, brunch with my family, and nightly dinners with my mother and husband, Shelly. One night, we also plan to go out with friends.

Why I Have Chosen These Friends

I am looking forward to interacting with these women, some on a professional level and some on a social level and, happily, all on a friendship level. I would rather be a little stressed, a little late, a little disorganized, and a little unknowing than spend time with any women who do not mirror my values.

These women do, which means that I have it all. I hope you feel the same about the women in your life. If you are having problems with a woman, take a realistic look at her, and if she does not mirror your values, remember, there are plenty of women out there who share your attributes and interests. It’s okay to walk away.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

I think women who have lived through a crisis have a higher consciousness than other women. I know my mind shifted to a higher level after my first husband’s sudden death. I gained a more profound sense of awareness in everything, including natural beauty and the positive and negative actions of others.

I think about Carolyn, Ines, and Susan. They are my co-workers. Then there is Gail, Emilie, and Kay, my close friends. All six of these women have suffered, as I have, or are enduring a major life misfortune. On the other hand, my mother lived her life with my father like a Queen, never being touched by tragedy until my father passed away in his nineties. There is a difference; these six have a higher consciousness of awareness than my mother.

I will never stop stressing to you, darlings, that we should have friends who mirror our values and add “spice” to our lives. You want to learn from your friends. You don’t want to be their clone.

These six women mirror my values and add a bit of spice. They have brought so much to ‘my table.’

Why I Adore Them All

Carolyn, my Manager of Content and Social Media, is in charge of photography and live advertising at Honey Good. She is a younger version of me, but with Internet skills. She always makes me smile, and I trust her judgment.

Ines is my Administrative Assistant. She is powerful and so intelligent, forging into everything with positivity and foresight. I know I can always count on her.

Susan is always calm, level-headed, very bright and the Manager of PR and the Sisterhood. She dots her I’s and crosses her t’s and is a graduate of the Kellogg School of Journalism at Northwestern. She has been with me since day one, five years ago, and I know she will always be there for me.

Sheila is the editor who brought my name to the attention of the board of Abrams Books (1949), a well-known publishing company in New York that hired me to write a book. I will always be grateful for her. She read my stories and knew I was the one. Therefore, we are in sync.

Gail is my first childhood friend, a businesswoman who is full of soul.

Emilie is a non-practicing attorney who makes no bones about speaking her mind.

And finally, Kay has a Ph.D. and runs a Capitol Management Money Fund.

The Importance of Diversification in Friendships

These six women have quite different careers, and I find that very special because I embrace their diversification.

I love to listen to Kay talk about the investment business and Emilie with her ‘what you see, is what you get’ attitude, which has sparked a cord within me to ‘say no.’ Ines is a student in whatever she decides to do and quickly becomes an expert! Carolyn always appears to walk on the sunny side of the street, as do I and Susan has the discipline to show constant calmness, that is something that I am trying to learn.

Their characters mirror my own, a definite necessity in friends.

It is now a week later, and we are back in Rancho Mirage with Orchid. It’s amazing how my week flew by. It was a happy, productive and loving time. I am counting the days until I return to my beautiful Chicago and to these lovely women and a lifestyle I love. 

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