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Strange Beauty Hacks That Work!

Strange Beauty Hacks

Do you ever hear about some unusual beauty or skin care tricks and think to yourself, “that sounds fascinating but… does it work?!”

Me too!

That’s why, this week, I put some strange beauty hacks to the test to share unique beauty tips and tricks that work unexpectedly well.

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Strange Beauty Hacks That Work

Pantry Essentials That Beautify Skin

From grape seed oil to coconut oil, “shopping” for skincare in your pantry is one trick that I genuinely approve of.

As I mentioned in a previous Facebook Live event, every day, depending on the climate I am in, I work grape seed oil and organic coconut oil into my skincare routine.

Why grape seed oil? Grape seed oil is easily absorbed, gentle and used in a variety of high-priced cosmetics; however, you can also apply this oil directly from the bottle and enjoy its benefits on the cheap.

Frownies: Grandma’s Secret to Stopping Wrinkles

Admittedly, this is no hack. Frownies is a company founded and run by women since 1889. A woman named Margaret Kroesen discovered that her daughter, Alice, a concert pianist, had developed frown lines. Mrs. Kroesen created B & P Company (Beauty and Personality) and launched her beauty line.

However, Frownies Facial Patches remained a relatively well-kept beauty secret for years. Following her mother and grandmother in business, Margaret Wright redesigned and updated the packaging for Frownies, but never altering the formula, which had proven so effective. Now, Naturopath, Nutritional Consultant, Author and Wellness Educator, Kat Wright, is acting CEO/General Manager of B & P Company. Four-generations of women have built this company, and as a female entrepreneur, I love it!

(Psst… This week we’re giving away a set of Frownies best products, including their neck treatment gel mask, to one lucky reader. Enter to win here.)

Soap Brows

A girlfriend brought this strange beauty hack to my attention, and I think it’s fascinating! So many of you complain about sparse brows, but what if you could fix that without spending a lot of money on expensive brow products?

Enter the #soapbrows — I included the hashtag because it’s an online craze at the moment. It’s a strange beauty hack that was popularized by a video from Anastasia Soare, founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Here’s how it works: wet a spoolie brow brush with warm water, rub it onto your bar of soap, and brush up your brow hairs. Just like that, brows look instantly fuller. It works! Do you dare try it?

Mayonnaise for Healthy Hair

Here’s a strange beauty hack that I also shared during a recent Facebook Live event covering beauty. Put a dollop of mayonnaise in your hair and just let it sit in your hair while you walk around the house for a few hours. This hack is helpful for sealing in moisture and adding a wonderful shine!

I wondered if anyone else uses this trick, so I googled it and it turns out, I’m not the only one who loves this strange beauty hack. Here’s a useful article about how to use mayonnaise to condition hair:

 So, are you ready to make these strange beauty hacks a part of your daily routine? 

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