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Weekly wrap up: Be grateful, take chances and look fabulous

The Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching darlings! I hope you are enjoying this time of family, friends and holiday, but also being sure to take care of yourself. It is so enjoyable to be in hustle and bustle mode, but it’s easy to get worn out. Remember to take time, relax, and think about what the holiday and the season are all about.

I have been thinking about some of the relationships in my life lately. There are so very many people I am grateful for and this week I talked about several. First was my daughter-in-law Jami. We have a very very special relationship, but it was not always that way. I recounted the very challenging and sad circumstances that brought us together. I am so grateful for her. If you missed it you can read the story here.


There are so many people who do not necessarily fall into the friends or family categories in my life but are so important to me. I think you have these people in your life too, dear readers, and I think sometimes we forget to thank them. I asked you to contemplate these special people and tell them how much they are appreciated. Click here to read the story if you missed it. contributor Akaisha Kaderli and I had complementary pieces of advice for you this week about taking chances. Akaisha wrote about the value of taking risks and she talked about what she learned from some of her own personal risks. You can read her story and advice here. I have a different experience with taking chances but really arrived at a similar conclusion.

Most my chances were taken later in life. I have done so many things, darlings! And I have so many experiences all because I took these chances. So I’ve come to the conclusion that after 50 is the time to explore life and find what makes your heart sing. Read my story here.

This week in style I shared with you how to achieve my winter white look from a recent photoshoot. I really believe winter white is an underrated look for the season. In a time when everything can appear so drab winter white can breath fresh life into a look. You can check out my look and how to get it here.

This week I also went over so faux pas that women over 50 tend to commit when it comes to their style. These tips will help you look more polished. We don’t need to look younger, darlings. We just need to look fabulous! You can read the tips here.

This week on Facebook it seems you were all very confident in your age and enjoying life since this saying got a lot of “likes.” I am smiling.

Focus on what's important!

Posted by Honey Good on Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I wish you all a beautiful weekend.

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Honey! We will be driving from Madison to Chicago to celebrate with friends. We have been doing this almost every year. Love the city at the holidays!!

  2. Honey….I’m wearing classic black pants with a beautiful hunter green sweater to a holiday party..should my shoes match my pants or sweater? I have black sequins flats or hunter green leather flats…help.

  3. Hi Honey, I want to wear a red riding style skirt at Christmas. What type of top is best with this? I have worn a white blouse with black jacket, but hoped you would have a better idea.
    Thanks in advance for your help. Love reading all your articles.

  4. Hi Honey, Was teaching ESl as a second language and became friendly with two twins. They are now 24 years old. My daughter is 32 and my grandchild is 4. These are the blessings in my life. So happy I am divorced for about 15 years or more. Enjoy life and love to travel. My philosophy keep the positivity going. I only do positives. Do not judge or say nasty things, not even to road rage. The positivity has kept me happy and healthy. Power to the women. I am woman hear me roar. Song my Helen Reddy.

    1. Positivity is infectious to all around us. We are fortunate that we walk on the sunny side of the street. Warmly, Honey

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